Fike Swim Signs Drew Loy

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August 13th, 2020 Gear, Industry, News

Fike Swim is excited to announce Drew Loy as the newest member of its growing team of brand ambassadors.  The former Ohio State University standout recently moved to Gainesville to train with Gregg Troy’s pro group.

Drew Loy wearing the Fike Swim LAVA suit.

“I am so excited to be a part of the Fike Swim team!  Getting the chance to work with a dynamic and innovative company has me looking forward to the future!” said Drew.  

Like so many swimmers this past spring, Drew was denied his chance for a championship meet due to NCAAs being cancelled shortly after Big 10 Championships.  At that meet, though, Drew showed a glimpse of his potential, picking up 1st in the 200IM with a 1:41 and 1st in the 200 Free with a 1:31.  Those times rank him 24th and 22nd all-time, respectively, in those events.  But just as impressive as his times is his work outside of the pool for suicide awareness and prevention through a group called Grantspeed R.A.K., which stands for Random Acts of Kindness.  After losing his best friend to suicide in high school, Drew has been a strong advocate for mental health, which is needed now more than ever.  

“We’re lucky to have Drew on our team.  Not only is he an incredible swimmer who has Olympic potential, but he’s also a great person.  He’s selfless, hard-working, down to Earth.  He fits very well with who we are.” said Fike Swim founder, James Fike.

Drew joins an impressive Fike Swim ambassador team that includes:

Maddy Banic

Ali DeLoof

Emily Escobedo

Aly Tetzloff

You can support Drew on his journey to Tokyo by following him on social:


INSTAGRAM @little_loy

And get all the latest from Fike Swim: 



INSTAGRAM @fikeswim

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Q&A with Drew Loy

Here’s a short Q&A with Drew.  The complete Q&A with post-workout meals, season and practice goals, and more can be found by visiting Fike Swim’s ambassador page.

Q: What are your practice goals to help you reach your race goals?

A: “Lately one of the things I’ve been working on is getting stronger outside of the pool.  Right now there aren’t a lot of upcoming competitions so it’s a really good time to work on…read more

Q: How many yards per week do you usually swim?

A: “The amount of yards that I do really depends on the time of year.  When I’m training for aerobic capacity I’m usually in the range of 7-8 thousand a practice. Once I get farther into the season it’ll drop a few thousand.”

Q: What is one of your favorite sets?

A: “As a mid-distance swimmer, I did a lot of pace sets in college to train for the 200 Free and 200 IM.  Typically I would hold…read more

Q: How did you get into swimming?

A: “I started swimming competitively when I was 4 years old.  My first meet ever was a LCM meet in Illinois.  At first my parents put me in swimming to keep me from bouncing off the walls with my endless energy.”

Q: What is something most people probably don’t know about you?

A: “I come from a very large family! I am the youngest of 7, and I have 8 nieces and nephews!”

About Fike Swim

“We design products exclusively for the toughest athletes in the world.  We unapologetically place swimmers on a pedestal.  The rigors they embrace on a daily basis can only be understood by another swimmer and they deserve a company focused 100% on helping them succeed.  Whether you’re just starting out or training for Tokyo, we stand behind you.”

-James Fike, Founder

Fike Swim Products was born when founder James Fike put a brick on top of a kickboard and transformed just another legs-only kick set into a total body workout felt into the next day.  Since then it’s been our mission to create unique swim equipment with the single-minded goal of making you faster.  We don’t sell toys.  We create tools to help you reach your potential.

Swimming news is courtesy of Fike Swim, a SwimSwam partner. 

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