#FantasySwimming Day 4: BobsHat Back in the Fold Thanks to World Record Bonus

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August 10th, 2014 National, News

#FantasySwimming was developed by a team of Twitterers who love swimming, and were looking for a more creative way to pit their relative knowledge (or sometimes rabid fandom) against each other. Not only do these swim fans have deep insight into the sport, they have awesome team names. As with all week, Loretta Race has brought us another daily recap, and WeMissYouRicky (we really do) has broken away from the pack a little headed into day 5. Read more about the league here.

Holy World Record!  Ledecky’s legendary performance was certainly the highlight of the night; it was hard for anyone to recover from that phenomenal feat and pay attention to #FantasySwimming scores.  Especially, Team BobsHat who earned that extra 5-point bonus with that record-setting swim!

Point Standings going into Day 5:
WeMissYouRicky – 91pts
BobsHat – 78pts
Mrs.NathanAdrian – 73pts
RyanLochtesCamoShorts – 69pts
TheChlorinators – 69pts
SwimFit – 62pts
TylerClarysPitCrew – 60pts
JustKeepSwimming – 59pts
NathanAdriansChest – 48pts
SOGO – 46pts
SmileyRyanLochte – 46pts
Sharknado – 45pts
GatorGrabber – 44pts
BigTruck – 40pts
Point Shake-ups – After Day 4, SwimFit made up the most ground, moving up 6 spots in the rankings with point-earning swims by Hardy, Cordes, Mann, McLean, and Wells. We’ll see if SwimFit has got enough to keep his momentum going through Day 5!  Mrs. Nathan Adrian is slowly moving up in the rankings as well, with Mr. Grevers adding a big 8 points to her total.  Team WeMissYouRicky, however, is OUR NEW LEADER, earning points with a stacked line-up including Runge, McBroom, Larson, and Franklin.  This team was in 2nd place after Day 3, so it was only a matter of time until her roster pushed her up to 1st…but can she hang on moving into the last day??
Best TrashTalk – Once SwimFit started noticing his team was on the rise last night, the tweets started firing in full force.  There were no lack of reminders as to who SwimFit had on his roster before each race, or how each swimmer did afterwards!!!  Additionally, TeamRyanLochtesCamoShorts LOVES to remind us all that he has Nathan Adrian for the Men’s Splash N’ Dash today…..
Fan Notes – SwimMac positioned 3 swimmers in the W 100 Breast Final, so it was easy to have someone to root for even if a roster swimmer wasn’t in the mix.  The M 400 Free Final was also a #GoBlue fan’s dream, stacked with 3 Club Wolverine swimmers.
There are still a number of #FantasySwimming teams clumped together in the middle of the point rankings.  Day 5 will be a CLOSE finish, so everyone better bring their A Game!!


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