Ever Wonder Why Swim Parkas are Only Available in Unisex Styling?

High school swimmers Niki and Becca did, and they concluded the unisex (aka made for boys) swim parka symbolized long overlooked compromise for the female athlete.

This compromise has a real cost for girls, who leave swimming at twice the rate of boys by the time they graduate from high school.  Further evidence of the disparity is that there is only one female coach to every 3 male coaches on deck.

WOTTER Cofounder, Becca Segal stated, “When you look at the statistics and really listen to girls, you see how this kind of compromise has been sending a subliminal message that girls are secondary in the sport.”

She continued, “It’s so clear to both Niki and me that what we gained from swimming was the foundation that allowed us to tackle some really huge challenges, WAY beyond the water.  We think every girl should feel confident and strong on deck because that translates into every facet of your life.”

WOTTER Cofounder, Niki Vilas Boas said, “WOTTER is about making choices available that celebrate and validate female swimmers.  This is not “Pink It and Shrink It”, WOTTER is a FOR HER BY HER movement that stands for the freedom of choice girls deserve so they feel powerful on deck, in the water and beyond.  We want our parka, and everything else we hope to bring to female swimmers, to be symbolic of a new era for girls in our sport.”

WOTTER launched on Kickstarter in November of 2017 and successfully attained its funding goal of $36K, achieving backing by 3 decorated swim Olympians.  The funding allowed the girls to further develop their prototype and deliver on their first orders last Fall.

Since that time, Niki and Becca have been named in business.org’s 50 Youngest Entrepreneurs in America, enjoyed counsel through a world class Y-Combinator-like accelerator and been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s nationally televised “Elevator Pitch”.

Meanwhile, their first product, the World’s Only Female Swim Parka has met with high praise from swimHERs around the globe.  With features no other parka can boast like larger hoodroom for ponytails and top knots, female forward tailoring, heat sheet window sleeve, and a handy wrap and snap feature for ready storage, the WOTTER parka is best in class for Power On Deck.

The girls are now entering their second season with parkas available for order on their website www.wottergear.com.  Parkas are on sale now at a limited time promotional price of $139.

You can follow WOTTER on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for updates.

Courtesy: WOTTER, a SwimSwam sponsor. 

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1 year ago

the otter is cute

Reply to  anonymoose
1 year ago

ok lmao LUL

Title 9 and feelin fine
1 year ago

Good for these girls, but are we really supposed to believe women are secondary in this sport? I don’t see women’s programs getting cut left and right because of Title IX. It’s mens programs that get eliminated: Clemson, Maryland, UCLA and so many other smaller schools. Why the feminist-victim undertones when it can simply be a great new product for female swimmers to wear?

Brian M
Reply to  Title 9 and feelin fine
1 year ago

They are using it as an angle to sell more parkas. Create an issue where there isin’t one so you can piggyback on a social cause. It’s good business sense, but it comes across as contrived. If you ask me, we have a boy problem in swimming. My son is in a 13-14 group with a pretty large swim team, and there are days where he is the only male at practice.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Title 9 and feelin fine
1 year ago

“Feminist-victim overtones.” smh. A fraction of female age group and HS swimmers make it to college programs, especially the D1 programs. I think they should make all age group and HS boys wear those skimpy volleyball shorts the girls wear. Make that the unisex uniform. Let’s see what the drop out rate is from volleyball for men then.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

I think the fraction of males making to D1 programs is equally small. D1 sports isn’t for everyone

I don’t believe parkas are made for men. In my experience as a swimmer and coach they fit everyone badly. I find it very hard to believe that the fit of a parka contributes to anyone leaving the sport

m d e
1 year ago

I mean if this fits a market that is great.

But since when have unisex swim parkas been made for boys? I find it hard to believe (given the majority of age group competitive swimmers are female) that this would be the case.

Cheatin Vlad
Reply to  m d e
1 year ago

The market will answer the question. If it’s a real problem then the new parkas will sell.