Eve and Candace at Golden Goggles: Katie Ledecky, Kevin Cordes, Emily Brunnemann & Michael Kleuh

Video is courtesy of Eve and Candace with a lot of help from Kelly McCommons.

Eve and Candace interview Katie Ledecky, Kevin Cordes, Emily Brunnemann & Michael Kleuh on the Golden Goggles Red Carpet.

Eve and Candace, Swimming's #1 Lifestyle Reporters

Eve and Candace, Swimming’s #1 Lifestyle Reporters

Eve and Candace are the world’s number one swimming fans and reporters on all aspect of swim lifestyle content. Brought together by their obsession with the 2008 Olympic Games, a questionably unhealthy love for Michael Phelps and subsequent interest in swimming, Eve and Candace have been providing the unsuspecting world with their humorous take on everything relating to competitive swimming for over 4 years via YouTube. With vlog topics ranging from Speedo design to magazine covers, Eve and Candace offer a unique view of the swimming community through the lens of pop culture.

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