Engine Gear Up for Grabs in the SwimSwam Trials Pick ‘Em

  7 Braden Keith | June 23rd, 2012 | National, News, U.S. Olympic Trials

As of this posting, we are rolling past 500 entries in the 2012 SwimSwam Pick ‘Em Contest. For those of you who aren’t driven enough by proving their supreme powers of prediction and their obsession with the sport we all love, we can now announce the prizes, provided by our Olympic Trials sponsors Engine!

Daily Winners – receive an Engine cap or goggles, plus a SwimSwam t-shirt.
Grand Prize Winner – the overall will receive an Engine prize-pack that includes an Engine cap, Engine goggles, a SwimSwam T-Shirt, and the big-daddy an Engine Armour Wingskin suit, their elite performance racing suit.

And you’ll never know what other prizes we might come up with, so stay tuned! Full full coverage of trials, check out our page here, and to enter the Pick ‘Em Contest, go here. The contest will be upon until tomorrow morning, so don’t miss out on your chace.

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QUESTION! Are you guys gonna publish all our predictions once the entries close?

I may have already forgotten my picks and obviously need to be reminded of whom to root for.

yes i agree with junker, some of us may need a little help jogging our memories on our picks

Jean Michel

If u all guys are fans fo swimming and know pretty well Usa swimming swimmers , it may not be so difficult to remember your picks ! just sayin ….. Good luck ! i loved doing this prediction contest ! Great idea SWIMSWAM ! u rock guys . Love to the whole team and to Team Usa for London .

I mean, yeah, I probably should’ve print-screened it.


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