Efimova Sets 100 Breast, 200 IM Russian Records At Moscow World Cup


Yulia Efimova made the FINA World Cup stop in her home nation a smashing success, setting new Russian records in the 100 breast and 200 IM.

The 24-year-old Russian swept all three breaststroke races in Moscow, going 1:02.91 to win the 100 and take the national record below 1:03 for the first time. Efimova had previously set the national record at 1:03.17 earlier in the week at the World Cup stop in Berlin.

Efimova was just 3rd in the 200 IM, but still managed to become the fastest Russian in history. Her 2:06.79 breaks another record she set at the Berlin World Cup stop. Efimova was 2:06.93 in Berlin.

It’s been an eventful and difficult few months for Efimova. Early in 2016, she failed a doping test for meldonium, a drug that had just become illegal in January of 2016. But as new information suggested the substance could stay in an athlete’s system longer than expected, and many of the athletes expected to serve suspensions were not banned from competition. That group included Efimova.

But the Russian still took plenty of heat at the Olympics, hearing boos prior to her races and taking some harsh words from other swimmers, most notably American Lilly King.

And while the Olympics weren’t an outstanding showing for Efimova, the breaststroker has been heating up through the World Cup’s first cluster and had an excellent meet in Moscow.

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The cheater strikes back.

Steven Latham

Agreed – nothing but a cheat. Well done FINA

A fan that actually reads more than headlines

You speak ignorantly, read into her 2 “doping scandals”

U Mad Bro?

The best breaststroker in the world! The haters are mad!


You’re a complete dumbass if you agree with them.

U Mad Bro?

Yuliya took the same drug tests other swimmers took at Rio. You still mad, bro?


Why are you always hating?



Scott Morgan

How so? In spite of her publicly embarrassing record in the context of fair play, the fact remains that she lost both breaststroke events in Rio. And she got completely walloped by the winner in each case. I would further suggest that she possesses none of the world records necessary for serious discussion of her potential inclusion in any breaststroke “greatest list.” Discounting her now un-ratified 200m scm WR, she held the 50 lcm for only a number of hours on Aug 3, 2013. Not even close to the best.


One could say she’s a contender from 50m-200m. No one else is over all the 3 distances. So you could argue at this point and time she’s the best out there.

Scott Morgan

Sure, one “could” say a lot of things. and invent a bunch of new categories, to make any number of swimmers the “best.” I’ll stand with actual Olympic gold medals (ie, the usual and only factual measure of “best”) and actual WRs as the standard.


Nothing was invented Scott. The 50, 100, 200 Breast events have been around for years. If Olympic Golds is the standard by which everyone is measured I guess we shouldn’t pay attention to the 4 years in between Olympic cycles. I’ll expect you to be quiet until 2020…thank god for that.

Scott Morgan

You can invoke any deity you wish, expect all you want of me, and pay attention to what ever you like. No matter, and no worries. I’ll set aside Efimova’s multiple PED infractions and give her credit for some World Champ success. I’ll also await 2018 with interest. As it stands, in the Olympic year of 2016, she is neither the best now nor is she in competition for being “one” of the best of all time.


Yulia is without doubt the best looking breastroker of all time . Thats something I like . Your preferences are just that – yours .

Scott Morgan

Not sure how my preferences determine the medal podium, or those who stand at the top of it. As for your more pressing concern, I prefer Rikke and Rebecca. 😉


She is gorgeous .


The best!!
And beautiful too.

Scott Morgan

Repeating words does not an argument make.

Stay Human

Better than Lily King and Rie Kaneto?


On some days yes. Look at the medley relay splits from Rio.


Congratulations, Yulia! I sincerely hope that the Russians aren’t in charge of the doping tests at this competition. She deserves the right to prove she is clean.


Well, she’s not.

U Mad Bro?

She is. HSwimmer is mad that he still hasn’t broken 3 minutes in his 100 breaststroke…and will never even be able to date a girl in the range of Yuliya.


Hahaha I’ve broken 3 minutes in 100 breast. What does my comment have to do with dating a girl in the range of her?


HSwimmer is not dating anyone. Imagine the conversation .


Ok lets keep it to swimming. Theres no way you could ascertain any information regarding the this person dating abilities by reading a comment. Come on we arent in middle school here…




Awwh H Swimmer .I’m sure you would be scintillating company like you are on SwSw.

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