Eddie Reese: “I never talk about winning an NCAA Championship” (Video)

Reported by Jared Anderson.


Texas held off a tough Cal charge to win its fourth-straight NCAA title – this one far, far closer than any of the previous three. Cal was second by just 11.5 points, with Indiana third, 27 back of Texas.

1. Texas                             449   2. California                      437.5
  3. Indiana                           422   4. NC State                          385
  5. Florida                           347   6. Southern California               253
  7. Stanford                          205   8. Michigan                        168.5
  9. Louisville                        156  10. Georgia                           129
 11. Tennessee                         123  12. Auburn                           98.5
 13. Alabama                            95  14. Texas A&M                          75
 15. Minnesota                          67  16. Arizona                            64
 17. South Carolina                     60  18. Harvard                            58
 19. Purdue                             54  20. Arizona St                         45
 21. Florida St                         42  22. Denver                             31
 23. Missouri                           29  23. Notre Dame                         29
 23. Lsu                                29  23. Cornell                            29
 27. Miami                              27  28. Ohio State                         25
 29. Virginia                           19  30. Penn State                         14
 31. Towson                             11  32. Utah                               10
 33. Duke                                9  33. Virginia Tech                       9
 35. Grand Canyon                        7  36. UNC                                 6
 36. Hawaii                              6  38. West Virginia                     2.5
 39. Iowa                                2  40. Wyoming                             1
 40. Southern Methodist University       1

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Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

With all due respect to Eddie (best coach out there), Cal won the swim meet. Only because of the unfair advantage of having divers did Texas win. That’s why Swimming and Diving need to be separated. It’s like keeping football and basketball in the same championship. There will be triggered people who will dislike this.


Sour Grapes – like taking out breast stroke because your arms never leave the water. Swimming and Diving is like peas and carrots. Indiana is rebuilding to COMPETE and I look forward to the competition in the diving well (a pool) just like the swimming lanes (a pool).

john Doe

No, that is an inequivalent argument. A closer to fair argument would be “Diving is equivalent to Steeplechase”. It is a specialized field that has nearly*** no impact on any other Track/Field event (similarly, what diver can score swimming points). *** I say “nearly” because I do not know the full history of TF well enough to blanket claim that particular event is as different from the other TF events as Diving is from the Swimming events.

As a person who only rarely follows or cares much for swimming, I must say, it is difficult to understand why Diving is included in a team total but Water Polo is considered to be a totally separate sport.

Steve Nolan

Steeplechase is much, much more similar to other track events than diving is to swimming.

It’s just a distance race with a couple hurdles in the way, generally the top guys there also are real good milers – 10k guys.


*figure skating and hockey

Randy walker

Football and marching band


Get over it. Hope Cal never puts any emphasis on diving. Indiana gets it – and scared everyone at this meet because of it.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

I’m not even a Cal fan. I just hate the unfairness.


Unfair implies not following the rules of a game or sport. How did Texas not follow the rules? How many years have the existing rules been in effect?


Both teams have 9.9 scholarships. Cal chose to utilize their 9.9 scholarships one way, Texas another. It’s swimming and diving. Maybe if it were just swimming, Texas would have put more emphasis on the swimming aspect.

You can be upset that the NCAA combines the two sports into one championship, but that’s what it is, and every school knows it. It’s not Texas’s fault they have better divers than Cal. Maybe instead of praising Cal for winning the swimming portion (which who really cares because they didn’t win the meet), get upset at Cal for not being better at diving and/or placing a bigger emphasis on it.

(G)olden Bear

Cal had divers at the meet. They just didn’t score.


I believe Texas uses two of their scholarships for diving, leaving Eddie with 7.9 for swimmers. The question is, if Texas dropped diving, would Eddie score more additional points with two additional swimming scholarships than Texas would lose by dropping diving? Texas diving has been very good, but I would argue that Texas would be even more dominant here if Eddie controlled all of the scholarships.


Anyone who believes TEXAS is fielding the teams it does on 7.9 swimming scholarships (using 2 for diving) is naive. Texas has MANY scholarship advantages (legal) over most other institutions. Coach Reese is very smart about not sharing with anyone how he manipulates (ethically) that advantage.

Brad Flood

He’s not doing anything differently than any other university that offers academic & athletic scholarships. I do know that they have a long(horn) tradition of upper classmen “giving back” parts of their athloetic scholarships to support the TEAM in being able to recruit the type of class they have coming in next season. It’s not hard to imagine a family deciding to foot a larger portion of the bill for their son’s SR season, in order to make it possible for him to be on another (4 in a row!!!) NCAA Championship Team. If you get a big financial break for the first three years of your college career, then “biting the bullet” for the last year is completely within… Read more »

2 cents

Think Cal has the same endowment for the coach & other programs


Lighten up Dude and pull your jammies down a bit. Coach Reese is OBVIOUSLY the best at manipulating with integrity academic, athletic and out of state waivers. There was no mention of “magic strategy”. It is fact that none of his assistant coaches ever have access to team scholarship numbers which is unique to Texas only.

Brad Flood

First of all, I don’t wear “jammies”, so nothing to pull down Sport 😉 Secondly, I’ve stated FACTS to support my knowledge of some of the methods I KNOW Texas may utilize in the distribution (manipulation) of their grants in aid (academic, athletic, etc.). You’ve stated vague innuendo to support yours, making it sound like he has some special “manipulative” abilities that no other coaches have. Re-read your post Sport, as written, not as you intended it to sound. Using the word “manipulates” and “manipulating” tends to imply shady doings, even when coupled with “integrity”…maybe not your intention, but the implication exists none the less. Thirdly, “It is fact that none of his assistant coaches ever have access to team… Read more »


Illogical reasoning to which I will not lower myself further engagement.


1. Coach Reese shared the information with me about holding exclusively scholarship information.
2. You “infer” from my use of language. There is no intent to imply on my part.
3. To know that I am 100% wrong is wonderful! As long as I turn my thoughts 180 degrees, I will then be 100% correct.( Applying your logic.) Admittedly it will take work but for any person to be 100% correct is certainly worth the effort! Thank you for the assessment.
4. No story her folks,I concur. Although there could be if Mr Flood were to purchase Christmas Jammies and pull them up around his ear lobes.


So track and field should be separated too?


Cry in your Cheerios cal fans, Texas keeps winning and you’re not as good. Cal quite possibly has more swim talent and Durdy can’t seem to do as much with it or should I say enough to be Texas, and by the looks of the Texas recruiting class it isn’t going to get an easier for Cal. Wahhh wahhh wahhh. It’s always been swimming and diving invest in diving or find a way to get the high school stars like Hoffer and Seliskar to swim to their talent level not under perform.


that was unnecessary


Wait what? What was unessary? Y’all keep being disrespectful to this meet and when texas fans defend themselves suddenly something is “unnessary”? It’s the truth. Do you not have a problem with Cal not being able to get a single win? It Does say something about individual grit and a coach’s ability to get the absolute most out of his guys. Let’s face it, when it comes to being impressive… texas had some of the best individual swims of the meet. Without a doubt, Towley with 2 wins… answering to Pieroni’s amazing relay swim, And Katz really stepped up huge as did Shebat. I thought Cal, although deep,, did not come through when they needed to. You want to blame… Read more »


Im a Texas Fan and very happy that they have won.

What was unnecessary? The effing toxicity in coachyings comment. The „Cry in your cheerios“, the „Durdy“, the „waah waah waah“ and the overall toxic under tone in the entire comment.

That was unnecessary. It was pathetic even, like it or not.
One more time, im a Texas Fan. I take no issue in diving and that it contributes to the end scores.

People, i swear…

Right Dude Here

Cause when I read the words “cry in your Cheerios,” the first word I would use to describe that phrase is definitely “toxic.”

These are people who are mad at Texas for competing in events that they arbitrarily say shouldn’t count.

“Cry in your Cheerios” toxic… To a kindergartener maybe.


Diving is as much a part of this sport at the NCAA level as any other element. Certain teams put resources there in terms of scholarships, coaching staff, technical equipment, and other elements of their team budget so as not to lose those points. If those points didn’t exist, then those resources could go back into swimmers themselves, both in the recruiting and training phase. Cal didn’t win this meet, though they did extremely well off the blocks, and we can’t just look at scores in swum events because we don’t know how those may have been different if programs such as IU/UT put their resources elsewhere. The conversation about diving and swimming being included together is different altogether, though… Read more »

Right Dude Here

Right now Cal uses all it’s scholarships on swimming, wheras Texas uses a significant amount on divers. If diving was removed and Texas could use it’s full scholarships on swimming, just imagine how ineffectively Cal would be able to compete with that.


I would go on to speculate that you would be very upset if one of the swimming programs was cut by the universities yet here, as a swimming fan, you advocate for separation of swimming and diving which would mean quick demise of most of the diving programs around the county. I am not a diving fan by any means, yet I truly enjoy watching divers completing during NCAA championships. It takes enormous amount of courage and skills to do what these young men and women divers do. Diving is part of the swimming and diving championships since 1937; Jim Patterson from Ohio State won One-meter diving and Ben Grady from Michigan won three-meter diving. I do know which team… Read more »

Swim Dawg

Cal just built a new facility and is still not producing scoring divers. Texas uses their 9.9 scholarships to get diving points. Cal does not… or maybe they do not have the know-how… Matt Scoggin knows

samuel huntington

this is the dumbest argument I have ever seen. Both Cal and Texas had divers at the meet, only the Texas divers performed well when it mattered. That is why Texas won.


Get over it! It’s the way it is! Quit being a poor sport! Cal chooses to utilize their scholarships for swimming and Texas chooses to utilize for swimming and diving. They won fair and square! If you think it’s not fair – then take away Cal’s two swimming scholarships. Texas uses one to one and half for their divers. I totally agree with ARTVANDELEGH10!

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

@Bevo I actually am a Longhorns fan. I simply think that Swimming and Diving should be separated.

samuel huntington

another thing, disagreeing with something doesn’t make you “triggered”. That has got to be the most annoying word to have come along these past few years


The name of the sport is “Swimming and Diving.” The young men who have helped Texas win, and who helped Indiana get really close this year are on their respective swimming and diving TEAMS. Removing diving from the mix reduces opportunities for athletes to compete. I thought we all supported opportunities for men in collegiate swimming? The three diving events are legitimate events at NCAA championships, same as the 100 fly or 200 free. If Cal HAD won the meet, I don’t believe the Longhorns (or their fans) would be bellyaching that they didn’t have scoring 200 breaststrokers. You wouldn’t hear “Texas was the best team in the meet if you don’t count the 200 breaststroke.”

Brad Flood

With NO DUE RESPECT towards you, your comment TOTALLY DISRESPECTS Eddie and the TEAM effort that the Longhorns put in this weekend…..YOU really should be referring to him as “Coach Reese”, “Eddie” is reserved for those who actually do Respect him and show it through their comments. As stated by me elsewhere (with some editing), where another WHINER was complaining about this MOOT point…. When the NCAA changes the Championship from Swimming & DIVING, to Swimming (which will be NEVER), your comment will hold water…until then, it’s just unattractive whining. Not to mention your not recognizing excellence under the parameters of the present Championship format and giving CREDIT where CREDIT was earned and deserved this past weekend. Accept the outcome…and… Read more »

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

+Brad Flood. Fanboy detected


I’d be fine with swimming and diving being separated, but as things stand now, the sport is swimming and diving. Texas was the best swim and dive team, so they won the meet. They were better prepared to compete within the full scope of the competition, period, so saying that there’s anything unfair about that is silly.


Also, adding “…and if you don’t agree with me, you’re triggered” just because you know it might be an unpopular opinion is childish. It’s fine to have an opinion, just accept that some people might disagree instead of trying to head it off with “and everyone who disagrees is a rotten egg!!!!!1”

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

@Sven Okay, never said you were a rotten egg.


Well I’m glad. That would hurt my feelings.


hahaha, unfair advantage? I don’t think that means what you think it means. I was rooting for IU but there was nothing unfair about UTs victory.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

@Joe Not unfair in the sense they cheated. I meant that I think it’s unfair to the swimmers and divers. Just keep it separate and let the best swimming team win and best diving team win.

Brad Flood

Unfair to the divers? WHAT??? Divers are fully aware that if diving were separated from swimming, the sport would likely perish at the NCAA level. Example – Where’s Clemson’s Women’s Diving (only) Team, that was kept after they dropped Men’s & Women’s Swimming? GONE. ( https://swimswam.com/clemson-drops-final-axe-cuts-womens-diving/ ) And sorry, I’m going to take away your “What about Miami’s Men’s Diving (only) Team?” argument. They still have a Women’s Swimming & Diving Team, so the Men’s Divers share the Coach (cost effective) and also have the reputation and talent to attract the talent to continually score major points at the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships…they are an anomaly, not a norm. Being in Miami doesn’t hurt either. And as has been… Read more »


So you think it’s unfair because Texas chose to use
Some valuable scholarship money for some high performing divers instead of some more high performing swimmers for a Swim and Dive NCAA Competition???


And he’s still classIer than you! I think you maybe triggered!


Every time I read and hear him say something I learn. He recently said: “When you are 12 and under, all you should be swimming (worrying about) is 200IM and 500 Free.” he should have added “…if you have decent technique” in each stroke, but I am sure he meant that, because swimming 200Im with bad technique does not help. Needless to say, our 11 year old will be swimming a lot of 400 LC FREE and 200 LC IM this season.


Thank you for living up to your username.



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