Eating Out of a Swim Meet

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February 11th, 2016 Lifestyle, Opinion, Training

Courtesy of AthleticFoodieTM, a sports performance company that helps athletes unlock their potential

Written by Garrett Weber-Gale

Most of us are very lucky; we have the opportunity to eat every day, several times per day. At swim meets, it gets even crazier; food is everywhere. You definitely need fuel to perform, that’s one of our core beliefs at AthleticFoodieTM, but it’s critical that you don’t eat over-eat around competitions.

There’s a difference between fueling for performance, and eating to comfort your mind. Be careful, when you get nervous at a meet, over-eating can be a hidden danger.

Here are a few things to think that will help you stay fueled at your meet, but not over-filled:

  • Eat until you feel good, not until you feel full. You can come back for more food later. Being light and quick, is better than heavy and slow. You want a little bit of hunger inside of you, mentally and physically.
  • Take a moment to think about how much you’re consuming, at the meet, compared to your normal consumption. Race-day consumption is very similar to that of a normal training day, but you’ll generally want to eat a bit more frequently, and in smaller quantities.
  • Make sure to eat immediately after your race, as this will help replenish your glycogen stores, athlete’s primary fuel source. (AthleticFoodieTM energy chews and trail mixes are designed specifically for post-workout/race, to replace glycogen). Eating immediately post-race also helps prevent you from being super hungry two hours later, and completely gorging yourself at dinner, or worse, at lunch before finals.
  • Stick to the plan. Remember your goals, and don’t be lured in by nachos at the meet, candy bars, or the cake at dinner. Once you take care of business in the pool, you can have your treat.

As the championship season continues, remember that a huge key to your success is the fuel you put into your body. If you want to swim your best, eat like a true champion, and visit, to order AthleticFoodieTM snacks that are fueling many of the world’s fastest swimmers!

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AthleticFoodieTM is a sports performance company, founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Garrett Weber-Gale, which makes snacks that are specifically designed to help athletes perform. Please visit for more information about ordering AthleticFoodie snacks, and getting fuel that will help you swim fast.

About Garrett Weber-Gale, Founder of AthleticFoodieTM

Snack SwimSwam ShotIn 2005, Garrett was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure, and was almost forced to give up his Olympic dream. Luckily, a small dose of medication, and a total revamp in his diet saved his dream and put the Olympics back in sight. Garrett began to see the direct connection between what he put into his body, and what he could get out of it.

After his diagnosis with high blood pressure, Garrett made it his mission to learn how to make healthy food taste great. He’s traveled the world working in famous restaurant kitchens in Italy, France, Copenhagen, Spain, and New York City. Garrett has taken his knowledge and experience from all over the world, and shared it with others through speeches at the White House, to schools, sports teams, TEDx, universities, TV and radio appearance, cooking classes, authored articles and AthleticFoodie Events.

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8 years ago

I’m very interested in trying these products, but I’m not a fan of the open-ended subscription model, and the single-snack price seems prohibitively high. I’d buy a box today if I could buy a single box of 12 or 24 for the subscription price, or if I could even buy something like a closed-end three month subscription. I realize I can cancel at any time, but I don’t like the idea of cancelling after a month or two, and then having to resubscribe in a few months when I want to order some more.

In other words, I’d be a customer today if there were some purchase options other than an open-ended subscription or buying single snacks at double… Read more »

Reply to  Ferb
8 years ago

OK, I just looked at the website again, and it looks like there is an option to “pause” a subscription at any time. That’s a little better, but it still feels like the burden is on me to continue to monitor and manage my subscription after the initial purchase. Also, having options for closed-end 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions would make it more practical to give these products as gifts.

Garrett Weber-Gale
Reply to  Ferb
8 years ago


Great comments, thank you for the feedback. We actually confirm with every customer, before re-billing the next month. All it takes is 60 seconds on your part, to let us know that you would like to skip a month, or two. Our goal is to get athletes consistent fuel to help maximize their performance. We do understand that there are times when athletes want to go a month without receiving a box, so we make that an easy option for all of our subscribers.

Does this make sense?

Thank you for giving us a look!

Reply to  Garrett Weber-Gale
8 years ago

Garrett, I have a need for products like yours, and I want to give your company a try, so I went ahead and subscribed, with the intention of cancelling after a month or two. However, I really don’t like the open-ended subscription model. While it may be easy to cancel, pause, or opt out for a month or two, it still feels like I am signing up for a perpetual obligation to make a decision every month. It reminds me of the old Columbia Record Club, where I had to take action every month to avoid being billed for something I didn’t want.

I’d much prefer a “fruit-of-the-month club” model, where I can buy a 3-month or 6-month subscription,… Read more »

Garrett Weber-Gale
Reply to  Ferb
8 years ago


Great points. I sincerely appreciate your feedback, and your insight. Your points are definitely being taken into account, and we will try to figure out how to most successfully incorporate these into our plan moving forward. I look forward to your feedback on AthleticFoodie snacks!