Dressel Sets Even Lower 100 Free 17-18 NAG Record During Finals of 2015 SEC Championships

Retta Race
by Retta Race 7

February 22nd, 2015 College, National, News, SEC

During tonight’s Finals session of the 2015 SEC Swimming & Diving Championships, Florida freshman Caeleb Dressel lowered his still-new 100 freestyle 17-18 National Age Group (NAG) record he set earlier today during prelims.

Dressel’s morning mark of 42.31 had taken over the previous record of 42.34 set by David Nolan back in 2011 and set him up as the number one seed going into tonight’s heated battle. Although Alabama’s Kristian Gkolomeev came away with tonight’s win (41.68) for the SEC title, Dressel blasted a 41.90, lowering his NAG record even further and into new territory.  Dressel’s performance signifies the first time a 17-18 year old has dipped under 42.0




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9 years ago

And the Lord sayeth unto him,

“Ye shall begat a son. And thine son shall be swift in rivers and seas. Like, super fast.

He shall make the fishes in the seas appear still, as if loaves of bread. Not actually turning fishes into loaves–that’s kind of My thing–but they will kind of look like them on account of relative speed.

Anyway, thine son shall be nonetheless fast.

And lo, for thine son shall see defeat at the hands of a Greek, Gregg of Troy will lead his army to victory.

Also, all peoples will be unbound by the actual meanings of words when describing thine son.

Ye know that story My homie Luke tells?… Read more »

9 years ago

Prodigious son?

9 years ago

MARKB You are looking at things too literally. I understand the parable of the ” The Prodigal Son” quite well.In fact I taught it in church last Sunday.

9 years ago

That is amazing… At 18 I was happy just to go 50.9

Reply to  Mcmflyguy
9 years ago

His dad Michael was an amazing swimmer in his own right and has always kept a caring and classy perspective on Caleb’s swimming career. So it is terrific to see the ” prodigal son ” continue to do so well .

Reply to  YorklynSwimmer
9 years ago

Unless Caeleb spends money recklessly, I think you may have used the word prodigal incorrectly.

Reply to  YorklynSwimmer
9 years ago

you know that makes me like dressel even more

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