The Decalogue Of The Good Swimmer

Courtesy of Agustín Artiles Grijalba –Champi-

Reaping what you’ve sown in any sport is only possible with good training, great mental strength and an outstanding desire for self-improvement. With the following suggestions, my sole intention is to provide some ideas to help our young athletes and future champions improve their level and be more competitive.

  • Education is fundamental. The best swimmers usually achieve good academic results and are capable of combining them with their training
  • Attendance and punctuality in the training sessions are essential for success. Start your session at the established time and do your best. Carry out all the planned sessions and if a certain day it can’t be done, talk with your coach in order to find together a way to make up for it at some other time. There’s always a way when you truly want to do something.
  • Skipping exercises or making pauses in the training session is not the best option. Effort and perseverance are your best weapons to achieve your goals. Trust your possibilities and you’ll be strong.
  • Accept defeat with sportsmanship. Turn your mistakes into a unique opportunity for growth and improvement. Even the best athletes perform badly at times during their careers, but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying. If you make the most of your mistakes you will turn them into your best guide to achieve future success.
  • Plan your training sessions carefully. Optimize your resting and nutrition before, meanwhile and after your training session. Recovery is fundamental.
  • Warm up properly when competing and concentrate on your race. All your effort and work of several months can go down the drain because of a moment of carelessness. There’s always time for fun later on.
  • Be patient, success is not achieved in a single day. lots of hours of work and sacrifice are necessary. Getting there too early or burning stages in the process won’t do, you must reach your level of excellence at the right time.
  • Be tough with your training, but take into account that your challenges and goals should be as realistic as ambitious. If a certain competition doesn’t turn out as intended, don’t give up and go on fighting. Glory is not achieved by never falling, but rather by getting back on your feet when you fall
  • Those swimmers that train properly always get bigger rewards. Observe them carefully. Sometimes an athlete can attain an important record or time without training at their fullest. Those achievements are fleeting and won’t last. Remember: your best ally is proper and daily work.
  • Your coach is your best adviser. He or she will always be there for you and, together, you’ll achieve your goals.

“ Great deeds are forged in your heart”

Agustín Artiles GrijalbaAgustín has more than 35 years of experience as the Head Coach of some of the most important Spanish swimming teams. He has been the Coach of the Spanish Swimming Team from 2008 to 2012, and has trained the 50 breastroke Spanish national recordman, Hector Monteagudo Espinosa, from 2002 to 2013. Agustín has also trained several international swimmers from the Spanish National Team and from the european and world top ten, as well as paraolimpics athletes with medals and world records in all the different categories. He has also been accomplished with the award as the Best competition swimming coach in Spain 2006, as several recognition for professional merits.

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7 years ago

“Skipping exercises or making pauses in the training session is not the best option. Effort and perseverance are your best weapons to achieve your goals. Trust your possibilities and you’ll be strong.”

The real decalogue comes from God and requires no justification. This decalogue, on the other hand, is from man. As such, it would be useful to know what proof he has for the statement above. Many people believe that not taking pauses leads to becoming a better trainer, but a slower racer.

Bruno berheide
7 years ago

Great article from a great coach!!
I had the honor of being trained by him all through several years and not only as a coach but as a friend for the rest of my life.
A great coach is built not only by a deep knowledge of his job, but by his values of life, and both are what makes Champy a great asset as a swimming coach.