Dear Santa: A Last-Minute Swimmer Plea

Retta Race
by Retta Race 2

December 23rd, 2018 Lifestyle

Santa’s sleigh doesn’t leave the North Pole until the clock strikes midnight on December 24th, which means you still have time to get a letter out to the big man and make one final plea for that special gift. Here’s a swimming-specific Santa message you can use as a template if you’re stuck on what to send just days out from the special Holiday!

Dear Santa,

I have been a (pretty) good swimmer this year. I only pulled on the lane line a few times (per week), chose easy-to-find hiding places for my teammate’s goggles (at least I thought so) and listened to my coach intently every practice (while humming ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ in my head).

My dedication to my favorite sport included plenty of naps, carb-loading and SwimSwam-reading, plus I even made sure to say ‘thank you’ to my ever-dependable swimming taxi driver (aka, Mom).

All I ask is that you bring me a pair of new shoulders, abs of steel and the mental fortitude of Michael Phelps (his flexibility and big feet would be nice, too).

I humbly request that you also bring me good luck for the 2019 swim year and help my teammates and I carry a positive spirit during the darkest days of practice when times get really tough.

If you also bring me one of those new white racing suits, I promise I’ll leave cookies and milk out for you in return.

Yours in Swimming!!

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2 years ago

🏊‍♂️ Merry Christmas 🏊‍♀️

2 years ago

My letter to Santa came back. It was marked INSUFFICIENT YARDAGE.

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