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11 years ago

I agree that the US has limited coverage of the Olympics, but you have to realize, that our Olympic Team is NOT funded by the Government. Our team is funded by sponsors and individuals. The American People help fund the Olympic Team DIRECTLY, not just through taxes and then the Federal Gov. funding the team. Because of this, sponsors have a lot of say on the coverage. NBC broadcasting is a tradition for the Olympics in the US and Nike is a HUGE sponsor and they have say on who and what to show when. I really do wish we had more coverage though.

11 years ago

To tell the truth, I think part of why Ye Shiwen’s time seems so out of this world today is because she really underperformed in this event in Shanghai last summer. She was 4:33 in 2010 when she was a 2:09.3 swimmers, and despite improving that at worlds, she tanked the 400im. If we had seen her swim to her potential in that swim, would we have seen a 431 or lower? Perhaps, in which case, it would make the drop to 428 less suspicious.

It was insane that her closing 50 was stronger than her closing 50 in the 200im last summer. But she definitely goes in a HEAVY favorite, in which she could go 207. That swim was… Read more »

11 years ago

Hey Braden, if Peng Wu or Yin Chen turn level with Phelps in the 200 fly, is he done?

Jean Michel
11 years ago

NBC must be ruled by a few reptilians or something like that ??? anybody knows anyhting aobut that or ruled by the Bush Family …. stupidity has no limits specially in terms of copyrights or protection . I will send some prayers to the owners of that channel to wake them up . ” Total Shame ” NBC should be called ….who does agree ?
Apart from that , owesome first day ;;; can’t wait to see Missy be the Missile on 100 back .
Ryan , u are the King of the 400 IM . 4 years of monster training did pay completely .

Reply to  Jean Michel
11 years ago

I agree re: Ryan

Congrats to him and his hard work. 400 IM is the race you cannot fake.

Even missing few days training in 4 years time would show.

Just ask Phelps and Rice.

TX Swimmer
11 years ago

Trying to watch the finals replay on NBC. They are not saying what time they are gonna show swimming so we are now all forced to watch gymnastics and beach volley ball!!! This is absolutely ridiculous.

Reply to  TX Swimmer
11 years ago

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp. Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s Live Stream! will actually work.

I’ve had pirated feeds of pay-per-view (boxing, MMA) and non-US (soccer) events work better than NBC’s official feed. You’d think they’d want people to, ya know, watch the stuff they spent four billion dollars on.

Reply to  TX Swimmer
11 years ago

They show finals on tape delay but cannot/unwilling to tell what time it shows????????

I’m surprised americans have not revolted yet

Reply to  aswimfan
11 years ago

They are not showing replays of swimming finals – even long after the prime time showing. They are showing replays of other sport finals. Obviously something crooked going on here.

11 years ago

I agree with Garrett and BK: It was a GREAT first day!

It has everything: drama, shocks, upsets, unbelievable swims, etc

Also, if not for the suit-era, the first day would have witnessed four world records! (w100fly, m400IM, w400IM, w4x100free)

11 years ago

The “Suit Era” is an overused excuse. And it is over in just two years.

11 years ago

If you’re waiting to watch the NBC broadcast on delay

Reading this makes me actually fell even sorry for the US.. HOW CAN US has SUCH A MEDIOCRE coverage?? In brazil we have tons of options.. I think any country has more options than the US..

Reply to  Rafael
11 years ago

well, maybe north Korea has less.

Seriously if we brasil had the potential that america has in the games, it would be crazy. Brazil has an amazing coverage.

e o povo reclama da Record

Reply to  CMA
11 years ago

Well, apparently north Korea has no Olympic coverage but is dominating the Olympics. Go figure!

Reply to  Rafael
11 years ago

It is on free to air tv here but I went to the other room & switched it off. General sportsbroadcasting is crazytown.

this time I am preferring to let it all happen over there & check in on the just looking at results.

Silence is golden.

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