Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #36 – Climb the Ladder

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April 28th, 2020 News

For the past few months, SwimSwam has been posting a daily swimming workout to help inspire swim coaches around the world who are looking for new ideas to try with their swimmers. Since most of the world’s pools are currently closed for business, we wanted to give swimmers and coaches an alternative set of dryland workouts to use to stay fit during the quarantine. These workouts will be designed to be done around the house. Some will use basic equipment, like medicine balls or stretch cords, while others will be all body-weight exercises.

These workouts are provided for informational purposes only.

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The Ladder

Among my favorite workouts in the pool are ladder sets. There’s a certain satisfaction to building up to a peak, knowing that when you get past the top, it’s downhill from there. That burst of energy can really up the intensity, for me, of the backside of the set.

This workout will try to capture that same concept on dryland. When you get down to the last few low-rep sets, really push yourself for perfect form and powerful moves.


Always warmup. If you’ve got a good full-body warmup, use it. If not, try this one:

Main Set

The way this set works is that you’ll start with 1 rep of each move, build up to 10 reps, and then work your way down to 1. After each round, take 10 seconds x the round number. So, if you’re on round 4, you’ll do 4 reps of each exercise, and take 40 seconds rest (4 x 10 seconds).

When you’re done, you’ll have done 100 reps of each exercise.

If you get to round 6 or 7 on the way up, and find that you’re running short on steam, take an extra few seconds rest. I’d rather you take that rest on the way up then on the way back down.


  • Air Squats (drive through your heels)
  • Burpee
  • Pushup
  • Situp (use good form, focus on engaging your abs)
  • Lunge (once on each leg)

Set 2

Finish off your day with a good ab blast:

3 rounds of:

  • 40 seconds flutter kicks
  • 20 seconds rest
  • 40 seconds V ups
  • 20 seconds flutter kicks
  • 40 seconds on your stomach, arms and legs extended and off the ground
  • 60 seconds rest

Cool Down

Use a good yoga, walk, or stretch to cool down.

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