CSCAA Announces Junior College All-American Teams

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The Collegiate Swimming Coaches Association of American (CSCAA) has announced their 2013-2014 National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) All-American teams.

Specifically, these lists recognize the top 8 in each individual or a relay event at the 2014 NJCAA Championship meet as first-team All-Americans, and those who finish in places 9-16 as Honorable Mention All-Americans.

The list below pares the matter down just to those who are on the First Team and the Honorable Mention team, without deference to number of honors. We’ve also included a list of the number of All-Americans per school.

You’ll notice that there are relatively few Honorable Mention All-Americans. That’s by function of the was JuCo swimming shakes out, where a lack of depth means that it’s highly unlikely for a swimmer to be in 9th-16th in one event and not have placed in the top 8 in another (especially a relay).

Per Team

InstitutionFirst TeamHonorable MentionTotal
Indian River36036
South Georgia17724
Iowa Lakes16723
Darton College21223
Ocean County14115
Fashion Institute112

List of All-Americans

Alberts, HeinrichIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Azevedo, CaioIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Bacon, BrianIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Barcia, DravenDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Barnes, CoryLincolnMenNJCAAFirst Team
Benson, TrevorMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Berry, CrawfordDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Bishop, ReeseIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Blair, AdryanDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Bliesner, DevanIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Bruechner, FrankDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Carvajal, DavidLincolnMenNJCAAFirst Team
Clark, WilliamIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Domanoski, AnthonyOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Downey, GabeDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Els, JohnnyDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Ferraro, RyanSUNY-DelhiMenNJCAAFirst Team
Getrouw, TariqMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Graber, BrandonIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Hailer, ZacharyMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Hinojosa, RyanSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Hogan, DanielSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Ihnken, MatthewOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Jacob, EvanIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Johnston, JohannesSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Jones, RiangeloMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
King, NathanSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Klugo, MichaelMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Leitz, RyanOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Maley, AndrewSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Marchione, ChristianSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Marshall, BenSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Martell, DonnySUNY-DelhiMenNJCAAFirst Team
Martin, MattDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Masood, EricJamestownMenNJCAAFirst Team
McCollough, AustinSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
McGraw, MarkJamestownMenNJCAAFirst Team
Moore, EricIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Munajj, AmirSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAFirst Team
Nakano, ShotaIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Neese, MichaelDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Newman, RaymondOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Newman, RobertOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Oathout, JoshuaIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
O’Connell, SeanSUNY-DelhiMenNJCAAFirst Team
Olano, JuanIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Peterson, StoneDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Popp, JustinGeneseeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Porterfield, ReedJamestownMenNJCAAFirst Team
Poti, QuinnIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Ragan, MichaelIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Ramos Dos Santos, GustavoMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Rojas, MarcIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Rousseau, JDDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Rudnik, RandiGeneseeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Salle, MattSUNY-DelhiMenNJCAAFirst Team
Santos, RonaldIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Scott, AlecIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Siggins, TianIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Spink, DakotaGeneseeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Stanley, KyleOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Stojmenovic, StefanIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Suhushin, DimaIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Szakovits, DanIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Thoman, BrandonIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Thomas, KyleIowa LakesMenNJCAAFirst Team
Timonera, BryceIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Trasky, RandallOcean CountyMenNJCAAFirst Team
Tubbs, PhilJamestownMenNJCAAFirst Team
Wagner, TristanMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Wall, BrynDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Walters, SheldonMonroeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Weiss, MattDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Williams, JasonGeneseeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Williams, SpencerIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Wise, AdamIndian RiverMenNJCAAFirst Team
Wofford, TerryLincolnMenNJCAAFirst Team
Wolovick, EthanDarton CollegeMenNJCAAFirst Team
Dent, ScottDarton CollegeMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Garrett, AllenSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Halligan, TylerIowa LakesMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Harding, TylerSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Harris, GiordanIowa LakesMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Harrison, EvanMonroeMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Kofke, WyattSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Lara, AngelSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Mahnke, VictorLincolnMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Maruca, AnthonyOcean CountyMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Menke, JakeIowa LakesMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Metts, TylerSouth GeorgiaMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Scribner, JoeLincolnMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Tona, JackDarton CollegeMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Young, TylerMonroeMenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Agnew, DevereauxIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Allin, GeorginaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Aycart, VanessaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Bagaoisan, LeanneSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Berntsen, ToriOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Brown, BonnieSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Brown, VanessaSUNY-DelhiWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Caraballo, BarbaraIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Carillo, RachelDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Carniglia, KelseyDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Casellas, PatriciaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Conlon, GraceIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Cronen, HannahIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Davis, ElizabethOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Delgado, AshleyDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Derogatis, RebeccaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Earley, BrittanyOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Flores, BrianaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Follman, CamilleJamestownWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Gardner, CarolineMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Getrouw, XiomaraMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Graziano, JacquelinSUNY-DelhiWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Green, BrittanyJamestownWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Grieco, RonnieOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Guercio, LorenaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Guerrero, SandraDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Halfast, RebeccaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Harding, MeganSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Hippi, JosefineIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Hoop, SarahDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Hughes, KaylaDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Hutchison, ErinHerkimerWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Jones, BredaOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Jordan, SorcaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Knudson, KariSUNY-DelhiWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Kopunek, KristenMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Leever, LaurenSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Leonard, ShelbyIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Louk, RosalynMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Mack, SarahMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Maier, ElizabethMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Mance, EmilyFashion InstituteWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Matteson, VictoriaJamestownWomenNJCAAFirst Team
McEnaney, LilySUNY-DelhiWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Melendez, KaitlyinDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Milliner, AbbeyJamestownWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Moody, ClaraSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Nakano, YurieIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Nelson, MeghanIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Pillipow, ArielSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Priest, HannahIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Ramirez, EmilyIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Reyes, DashleyIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Reynolds, KristinaHerkimerWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Rova, CheyenneIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Ryan, KelliOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Safarian, AlexandraOcean CountyWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Sims, OliviaIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Siwiec, KarolinaLincolnWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Steuerman, LauraMonroeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Stiggers, JordanIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Taff, HunterIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Taliaferro, KelseySouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Tanzy, LauraSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Wagner, KiaDarton CollegeWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Whalen, AlexHerkimerWomenNJCAAFirst Team
White, HannahIowa LakesWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Winnie, KaitinHerkimerWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Wright, AshleyIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Yearout, KaitlynIndian RiverWomenNJCAAFirst Team
Cooper, CarrieSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Herzog, LizzyLincolnWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Jonas, RoyneceIowa LakesWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Morgan, AndreaMercyhurstWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Novak, AshleyIowa LakesWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Rushe, JessicaSouth GeorgiaWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Sampson, SierraIowa LakesWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Stevens, MiahGeneseeWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
Tomasek, KaylaIowa LakesWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention
vanBeek, KatieFashion InstituteWomenNJCAAHonorable Mention

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2 years 4 months ago

It looks like no california school is represented in this list any thoughts on why?

2 years 4 months ago

CCCAA – California Community College Athletic Association has their State Championship May 1-3.

2 years 4 months ago

California is weird. I know a swimmer who placed in the State meet spot 9-16 but was told by the coach that the results for all-American were merged with the NJCAA results, therefore, the swimmer didn’t receive the honor.

I found this peculiar, especially since the events are not the same. In California, the women swim 50’s and 100’s of strokes (back, breast, fly) while the men swim 100’s and 200’s. The women swim 100 and 200 IM’s while the men swim 200 and 400 IM’s. Both men and women swim 100’s and 200’s and 200/400 IM’s at the NJCAA’s.

This set-up was kind of shocking, especially for the club swimmers who hadn’t done 50’s and 100 IM’s since they were 12. It actually seems archaic and sexist – women aren’t strong enough to swim 200’s and 400’s?


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