Coleman McCreery on Committing to 2 Swim Programs That Got Cut, Taking Gap Year

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We sat down with North Carolina native and high school senior Coleman McCreery, who has had a bit of a bumpy road in terms of finding a swim program. He originally committed to East Carolina in April of 2020 (as a junior), about a month before the program was announced as getting cut. After dealing with that blow, McCreery got back into the recruiting pool and landed on Michigan State, signing in October 2020 (as a senior) just weeks before their program also announced it would be getting cut.

Taking more time to recover from this second blow, McCreery came around to the realization that he was on a good trajectory with his swimming, and reclassified to the high school class of 2022. Even though McCreery is hoping to have committed to a school by April-May of 2021, he’s hoping the gap year will give him more time to develop as a swimmer while taking community college courses from home.

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1 year ago

What are the eligibility implications of taking community college classes before a Freshman year for NCAA?

Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

I’m not an expert on eligibility, but as I understand, if he winds up going D1, if he’s a “full time” student at the community college, it essentially begins his 5-year clock. So barring injuries or otherwise, he’d still get 4 years to swim.

If he’s enrolled part time, it doesn’t impact his clock.

While D1 clock rules are slightly different than D2/D3 clock rules, part-time enrollment doesn’t trigger any of the clocks.

1 year ago

I can relate…just found out my high school is closing at the end of the school year because of Covid…after my previous school closed last august

Saw Guerra
1 year ago

56/2:02 BR ain’t cutting it bud for Power 5, barely making scoring teams at Mid Majors, don’t trash MidMajors.

Reply to  Saw Guerra
1 year ago

what did he say?

free D3s
Reply to  Saw Guerra
1 year ago

my man I’m pretty sure 2:02 is scoring in most mid major conferences, maybe even A final. Kid deserved his shot at both universities and will surely be under 2 his freshman year.

Saw Guerra
Reply to  free D3s
1 year ago

That’s one event…he wants to go party let’s be real.

Reply to  Saw Guerra
1 year ago

You really feel good bashing a 18 year old kid who has had the bad luck this young man has endured over his times?

We got a keyboard tough guy over here folks

1 year ago

Report: Gap Year Men’s Swimming and Diving Program Cut, AD Blames COVID Revenue Loss

1 year ago

Feel for young Mr McCreery

Seems like the lesson here is to try to get a line into the AD, and feel them out. If they’re non-committal re their program, that’d be a tell.

No idea how accessible an AD would be to a 15.x power index prospect, but given the cuts, coaches would understand a prospect asking to chat w the AD.

Hollar for the Hoos
1 year ago

Coleman is a great kid!!! I got to race against him plenty of times throughout high school swim and club swim. Hoping all the best for him and his future

1 year ago

3rd time will be a charm. Got my fingers crossed for ya

1 year ago

McCreery: I’d like to commit to your swim program.

Coach: NOOOO!!!!!

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