Coach’s Intel: UCONN head coach Bob Goldberg shares his favorite set

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Today’s Coach’s Intel comes from Bob Goldberg, head coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies men’s and women’s swim program. Goldberg is going into his 25th year as head coach at UCONN, and the swimming workout he submits is both simple, and on the back-half of the pyramid also presents an opportunity for swimmers to break out some serious speed.

Here it is:

A simple pyramid set. Fast repeats are as fast as possible. Intervals will depend on yards vs. meters and skill level of team.

Ez are recovery.

1 x 100 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

1 x 200 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

1 x 300 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

1 x 400 fast

1 x 100 ex 2:00

1 x 500 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

5 x 100 fast

1 x 100 ex 2:00

2 x 200 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

3 x 100 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

4 x 50 fast

1 x 100 ex 2:00

1 x 100 fast

1 x 100 ez 2:00

Got a workout that you would like to share with the swimming community? Submit it to Olivier at [email protected]

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Look out, this set won’t go over we’ll with the “ultra short race pace” crowd.


Looks like a great set for milers!


I’m all for yardage but I don’t see the point of this set. It’s literally let’s waste an hour where we sprint and then take a 100 easy.


I did this set my sophomore year on training trip with him, and it was the first and last time we did it. The point was to go AFAP (race effort) on the way up so you’re in pain coming back down–the 100s coming down were on short rest intervals, (1:15 LC for girls, and 1:10 LC for boys). It was a set to learn how to push through when you’re muscles’ are tired. Going short rest on the way down (for those who made it) helped to increase aerobic capacity training. It doesn’t look that bad on paper, but if you did it correctly it was pretty rough


I remember this set from our Key West Training Trip in 2003.

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