Coach’s Intel: Casey Charles of the Freshly Minted East Carolina Gators Shares a Broken 400IM Set

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Casey Charles of the freshly minted East Carolina Gators shares a broken 400IM set  in today’s Coach’s Intel:

I used (and continue to use) set ideas like this for my former swimmer Matt Houser who was a 3:46 400 IMer coming out of HS.  We are also the home club of Olympic Gold Medalist Lauren Perdue. Our Carteret branch developed Open Water World Champion Chip Peterson under the banner of the Carteret Currents.

I love IM training and I love for my swimmers to swim at race pace at some point in nearly every practice. I try to stress speed, technique, and transitions during all main sets.

I believe in 25s at high rates of speed as well as FR swims at distance being held under that strokes goal time (if you can’t consistently do it FR in practice – it’s probably not going to happen stroke in a meet).

I have submitted short 18-20 min sets that can be combined or done in multiple RDs… Intervals can and will vary by ability level.  The intervals submitted are pretty general.

Broken 400 IM Set #1 [19 minutes per RD]

1 x 25 FL From a Dive – Strong – Establish technique and tempo @ :40

1 x 50 FL Build off of established tempo to fast @ 1:00

1 x 25 FL Maintain Fast @ :40

2 x 50 BK D1-2 @ 1:00

2 x 50 BR D1-2 @1:00

1 x 25 FR Best Effort – Strong kick – tempo up with the arms – control breathing @ :40

1 x 75 FR Finish @ 1:30


1 x 200 IM – Drill/Swim by 25 @ 4:00


16 x 25 IMO by 4s @ :30 – Best Average – Race all 25s


Broken 400 IM Set #2 [18 minutes per RD]

1 x 50 FL from the block

1 x 100 FL/BK by 50 – FL is Fast – Backstroke – establish technique – drive hand speed

1 x 100 Bk/BR by 50 – BK – Best effort, BR – establish technique – long up top finish kick

1 x 100 BR/FR by 50 – BR – Pick up tempo, FR – AO effort – fast feet and hands, fast low breaths

1 x 50 FR Best Effort

 [50s @ 1:00 and 100s @ 1:40]

6 x 25 IMO by 2s [No FR] @ :40 – Perfect Stroke/Recover

1 x 400 FR under 400 IM broken time from above @ 6:00


Broken 400 IM Set #3 [19 minutes per RD]

1 x 50 FL – Strong, good body position, but ultimately easy speed

1x 75 (50 FL/25 BK) – Fly is build, faster hands; BK – establish body position, 3 underwater dolphin kicks, catch as much water as possible

1 x 50 BK – Build Kick and hand speed, 3/4 kicks off of each wall

1 x 75 (25 BK/50 BR) – BK – 5 kicks or more off wall, fastest hand speed; BR – strong pull-outs, 5 strokes on the first 25, 6 strokes on the 2nd 25

1 x 50 BR – Continue building speed through stroke count, 7 stokes on the 1st 25, 8 on the 2nd 25

1 x 100 FR – Swim should be at 400 IM FR Goal Pace

[50s @ 1:00, 75s @ 1:20, and 100 @ 1:20]

1 x 200 IM D/K @ 4:00 – Reinforce body position and general feel

16 x 25 IMO by 4s @ :30 – Best Effort


Broken 400 IM Set #4 [19 minutes per RD]

3 x  RD1 – FL, RD2 – BK, RD3 – BR

1 x 25 Strong @ :30

1 x 50 Build @ 1:00

1 x 25 All-Out @ :30


After RD 3 – 1 x 100 FR best effort @ 1:30

1 x 100 EZ @ 2:00


3 x 25 FL D1-3 @ :40

1 x 50 FL/BK – FL – Best Effort, BK – Fast Hands @ 1:00

2 x 25 BK #1 – Fast Hands/Build Legs, #2 – AO BK @ :30

1 x 50 BK/BR – BK = AO, BR – Strong – think technique @ :50

3 x 25 BR D1-3 @ :25

1 x 50 FR AO @ :40

2 x 25 FR AO @ :20


1 x 100 EZ @ 2:00

Got a set that you would like to share with the swimming community? Send it on in to Olivier at [email protected]

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EC Swim Champ

Worst set I’ve ever seen, you can’t swim 400 yards by training 25’s and Matt was a much better swimmer at UVA. Who to my knowledge do a little more than just 25’s


All male athletes should get better in college.
UVA certainly used to train more than 25’s.
25’s beyond race pace can certainly help a 400im – we do sets like this and have athletes getting second swims at OT.


Matt Houser
Senior year hs 3:46.82
UVA best time 3:45.89
You can compare some of his other improvements at UVA by using a simple search on USA Swimming. There are many ways to reach a kids potential and you can argue that endlessly, but I would say coach Casey had a pretty significant role in Matt’s development.

Just sayin...

I’m pretty sure Houser was 346 in HS with his club coach and 345 with UVa… 422 in the 400 m IM in HS…. Didn’t get faster with UVa…. He was 147.0 in the 2IM in HS…. Considerable time drop with UVA to 144… And 2fl was 145 in HS and 144 with UVA…. Look up the career year he had with Charles in 2009… One of the best years by any prep swimmer ever in terms of versatility… They were obviously doing something right…


Clearly you’ve never seen a Dave Salo practice…

Why don’t you step up troll, sign your real name on a practice you’ve written and see how it stacks up.

Some of these sets seem like a real challenge, especially if you go multiple rounds. Shorter distances equals better technique, sustained over longer periods of time is far more productive then doing straight 400IMs in practice…

Not sure why I just wasted my time on you, but congrats. You’ve succeeded on your goal.

EC Swim Champ

Clearly you’ve never heard of Gregg Troy, who has more 400 IM’ers at the olympic level than anyone

Lochte isn’t doing 25’s!


Served! WWRLD!!!


You gotta train a lot harder than that to reach potential in the 400 IM. Sets likes these aren’t going to take you quite far enough. Houser was good, but why wasn’t he great?

Use your head

This is 4 sets. Surely there was much more going on. 346 and 20.3 in the 50 coming out of HS is pretty good… Not sure why you would bash a swimmer and fellow coach over 4 20 min sets… I guess you’re just so “hardcore”


But how talented is Houser? How fast could he have been if he was training a little harder? How fast could he have been if he and his coach were a little more hardcore? All I’m saying is that you’ve gotta train hard for the hardest event in swimming. You’re not training hard if you’re swimming 25s all the time.

Use your head

Does the article say all the time.I think it says something like speed is something implemented in every practice. Houser was not a huge kid. Maybe like 6’1″ 175 lbs in HS. Why am I responding, you’re obviously a troll.


So you’re saying you agree with me?

Use your head

No one agrees with you. This is getting absurd. No more for you.


I suppose you also think sprinters should rest several minutes at a time…noob!

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