“Coaches are more organized and engaged. Swimmers are more engaged.”

Courtesy: Commit Swimming, a SwimSwam partner. 

Thousands of coaches have migrated away from using paper and pencil to plan workouts and turned to Commit Swimming over the past 4 years.

And today, Commit Swimming just got even better. You can now format your workouts in Commit – bold, underline, change font size, etc.

When you print your workouts (without the running metrics option turned off), you will see all of your formattings on the PDF printout.

Check out the demo video below to see it in action:

Who uses Commit Swimming?

  • Coaches from 89 different countries write, on average 6 workouts per week in Commit.
  • >80% of teams using Commit say Commit’s customer service is “significantly better” than the other swimming software companies.
  • 9 out of 10 coaches using Commit are “highly likely” to recommend it to other coaches.


Constantly feel like you have no time as a swim coach?

Commit won’t do your laundry or get you a beer. But, it will help you save time writing workouts.


What benefits have you noticed since starting to use Commit?

Recently, we asked Commit users what benefits they have seen since using Commit. Here is a small subset of the responses from coaches all over the world:

  • “It has been easier to address weaknesses in the training program”
  • “Makes workout management with a staff much easier.”
  • “It saves time”
  • “Having used TeamUnify in the past I like the simplicity of Commit, while still having powerful features”
  • “I need less time to write workouts”
  • “The program broke 17 school records this season, and the top 4 most “talented” in the program amassed more than 40 lifetime bests between them so I believe commit allows me to see the big picture while writing a workout and make the workout challenging mentally, physically and also social.”
  • “It is much easier for me to write practices.”
  • “Saves me time”
  • “I’m definitely more organized”
  • “Workouts often don’t repeat, yardage is more consistent, tapers seems to work better.”
  • “More organized, better practice structure and variety”
  • ”It’s easy to write workouts and be able to have all our coaches access them.”
  • “It holds me more accountable to my season plan. It also has helped significantly with rest and taper by providing the stress score of the workouts. The stress score has definitely played a big role in our rest meets.”
  • “Our staff is more organized and the seasons run more smoothly when they can not only see their season planned out but also track it daily.”
  • “My seasons have become much more analytical, in that I am better able to track yardages and efforts.”
  • “Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”
  • “Forces me to be more precise in my training plan.”
  • “Much easier to share workouts with other coaches, especially if you are off deck and have an assistant running the group.”
  • “Swimmers pay more attention to workouts”
  • “I just find the ease of writing workout much more conducive to my thought process and it’s just more enjoyable”
  • “With the whole coaching on commit really helps us streamline our workouts”
  • “Saves time by calculating practice time and yardage easily”
  • “Commit offers the ability to prep and organize for practice which in turn allows me more time to interact with and coach my athletes.’
  • “Great for athletes’ logbooks”
  • “Faster workout writing start to finish.”
  • “Ease of use between coaches and the ability to customize terminology.”
  • “More calm, more accurate”
  • “I am more organized and in control.”
  • “Much better use of time at practice.  My workouts are very efficient and I never feel like ‘I don’t know if we will get this all done.’”
  • “Easier to track sessions”
  • “Practice is more organized. Easy to write workouts with the amount of time in practice”
  • “Saves time!”
  • “Athletes are interested in workouts”
  • “Ability to log workouts has become a lot easier”
  • “My coaching staff at other sites can observe what I’m doing and vice versa”
  • “Workouts run more smoothly”
  • “Easier organization of work and implementation of the plan for our club”
  • “More comfort planning”
  • “Better planning and improved sessions”
  • “Easier to share ideas”
  • “Sharing of information between other coaches and with your athletes.”
  • “Workout sharing and the kids enjoy seeing the workouts. If out of town they can just pull up an old one they liked and do that.”
  • “The possibility to easy share and write programs”
  • “Easy to share”
  • “More consistent performances across multiple seasons. The ability to reflect on and adjust sets over time.”
  • “Easier to see the bigger picture”
  • “I write more specific sets for specific groups because it’s so easy”
  • “Better, more organized and timely workouts”
  • “I do save a lot of time writing and analyzing (dashboard) the workouts.”
  • “More spare time, easier sharing with swimmers and coaches, higher accuracy”
  • “It’s easy to share programs and it’s easy for new coaches to learn how to write programs.”
  • “I can control the season planning way much better”
  • “Faster, better management of intensities, organization of charts and cross-platform (was using iPad workouts before)”
  • “Ease of coach access. Simple sharing features for swimmers.”
  • “Coaching staff collaboration is much greater.”
  • “I’m not using any paper anymore – times of tests I write on the whiteboard and take a picture afterward. Attendance is just clicking off the names.”
  • “I’m sending the programs to my team within 30 seconds.”
  • “It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”
  • “I am more organized and less likely to repeat myself. Coaches are more organized and engaged. Swimmers are more engaged.”


Ditch the paper now

Don’t waste your coaching brain power on paper that won’t stand the test of time! Watch and learn how to stop writing workouts on paper.


How would you describe Commit to another coach?

Recently, we asked Commit users to describe Commit to a fellow swim coach. Here is a small subset of the responses from coaches all over the world:

  • “A program which adjusts to your coaching style and terminology, not one that you as a coach have to adjust for.”
  • “It is by far and away the best workout source that I have ever used”
  • “Makes me more effective to write and plan a practice”
  • “The easiest way to log workouts, track results and plan your season.”
  • “Workout writing software that easily adds up workout time and distance.”
  • “The best program of swimming coaches ever made, because it does all hard work to calculate the volume of the sets, sessions, periods.”
  • “Commit is like having an assistant who tracks everything you could imagine and want for your athletes training wise. It provides real-time data on your athletes’ training in a super clean interface which means no more excel sheets!”
  • “A simple, intuitive workout manager.”
  • “It’s easy, simple to use and extremely useful.  The new additions to writing workouts have helped immensely.”
  • “Like writing a workout by hand but it tracks all the metrics for you”
  • “A yellow pad for the computer. Stores my life work”
  • “Commit offers team management that makes me a stronger coach, and as a result, my team a stronger team.  It comes down to offering the most efficient way to prep and organize for practice which in turn allows me more time to interact with and coach my athletes.’
  • “Great, simple, workout writing program that works like a word document without the formatting. The program calculates how much of each type of swimming you put into each set and how long each set will take automatically in a simple and easy-to-use format.”
  • “Your dream workout organizer”
  • “You know, it‘s really simple to use, even in a club with multiple coaches and multiple groups”
  • “Great service that’s only getting better”
  • “Easy to use, time saver, gives you a history of your workouts”
  • “Very helpful app for my work it saves my time”
  • “Best software out there for what we do.”
  • “The best and easiest way to plan”
  • “Best tool for creating and tracking swim workouts, period.”
  • “The easiest way to create training programs with good statistics on every platform.”
  • “If you use Hy-Tek to write workouts, it’s much easier”
  • “The best program to write workouts in an easy way that is accessible on any device.”
  • “Instead of my swimmers writing a logbook – which I don’t get my swimmers to do- I keep theirs and still save time. All data available within 2 clicks. Saves a lot of paper by the way.”
  • “You just have to start using it….so easy to understand. “
  • “The most convenient software to write a workout and share it”
  • “Like it, it makes writing Workouts so much easier!”

Okay – So how do I try it?

If you are a swim coach and don’t know what Commit is or haven’t looked at Commit in a while, go to commitswimming.com and click “Try it Now”. It’s free to try and no credit card required. With your trial, you get swimming’s #1 workout manager on all of your devices. This state of the art software is built specifically for swim coaches and comes with 24/7 first-class customer support.

Commit Swimming puts you, the coach, in control. Save more time writing workouts with Commit. Say goodbye to notebooks and clunky software.

Contact Commit anytime at [email protected]. You can also follow them on Facebook, on Twitter, or on their blog.


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