Charlotte Kay Hansen, a 12-12-12 Baby, Welcomed to the World

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 6

December 13th, 2012 National, News

Charlotte Kay Hansen was welcomed to the world on Wednesday, and is a lucky baby for more than one reason. The first is a bit obtuse as she was born on the infamous 12-12-12, which many view as a lucky day because of an arbitrary coincidence of the calendar.

The real reason she’s lucky is because she’s got two great parents: Martha Hansen, her mother, and Brendan Hansen, a 6-time Olympic medalist and former World Record holder.

Young Ms. Charlotte Kay shares a name with a great swimming city, where the Duke Energy Tower downtown, the second-tallest building in Charlotte at 54 floors high, was lit up blue and orange to celebrate the Junior National Championship of SwimMAC Carolina last week in Knoxville.

Ironically, this was a city where Hansen didn’t swim a whole lot. He was there for the Grand Prix in 2000 and 2001, and then didn’t go back to that best known meet of the Grand Prix series until 2012.

Brendan reports via Twitter that both baby and mom are doing very well, and also that he now has “dad strength”.

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Coach GB
11 years ago

Congratulations to a Philly swimmer (Havertown HS/ Suburban SC) good luck to you and your family.

11 years ago

Always good to welcome another Longhorn to the famliy! Congrats B-Hans!

Philip Johnson
11 years ago

Charlotte Hansen – Olympic gold medalist in 2032? maybe.

11 years ago

I’m guessing she was born in TX, home to the best swimming!

11 years ago

Very good news for Branden !! Congrats

11 years ago


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