Celebrity Big Brother Season 2: Episode 2 Live Recap


  • January 21 – February 13, 2019
  • Channel: CBS
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET (Sunday, January 27th will be at 10)
  • Primer / Full Cast

After an eventful episode one, six-time Olympic champion Ryan Lochte will be back on episode two of the second season of Celebrity Big Brother tonight on CBS.

Lochte, partnered with actor Jonathan Bennett, won the first Head of Household challenge last night, but found out afterwards the two of them will battle head-to-head to find out who will actually become the first HOH. Whoever loses will instantly be nominated for eviction.


  • Lochte and Bennett, both surprised they’ll have to battle head-to-head, meet to discuss a potential alliance. They’re planning a seven-person alliance to make sure neither of them go home this week. Jonathan says he’ll be the brains of the operation, making Ryan the brawn.
  • The alliance, which looks to be coming together, is shut down by actor Joey Lawrence. Joining Lochte and Bennett in the potential alliance of what is now six: Olympian Lolo Jones, reality TV star Tamar Braxton, former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie, and singer Kandi Burruss. After hearing Joey didn’t want to join an alliance, Jonathan goes “…then he’s out!”.
  • Lochte hops in the endless pool in the backyard and busts out some freestyle and butterfly. Some are in awe, some are throwing out chirps. Upon seeing his speedo, “do they have any in men’s?”.
  • Jonathan, Lolo, and Natalie opt to form a final four alliance with Ryan, though Lolo and Natalie commit as each other’s ride-or-die. Ryan is expected to bring athleticism to the group, leaving the brains to the others.
  • Lolo and Natalie also jump in a four person alliance with Tamar and Kandi.
  • Ryan and Jonathan have to swing on a zipline and knock down billboards to see who becomes HOH. Ryan yells ‘BOOM!’ as he takes down most of his, and looks well on his way to becoming the first Head of Household. He now has one of the two completely down.
  • “I didn’t win twelve Olympic medals to lose this competition to Jonathan…who hosts cupcake shows”.
  • Lochte wins the competition and becomes the first Head of Household of the season. “I didn’t mean to get this much blood on my hands..BUT I can’t help it I’m a strong competitor”.
  • Ryan will nominate two additional houseguests for eviction, so it will be a total of three along with Jonathan.
  • Ryan and Jonathan try to discuss who he’s going to nominate, but both Tom and Kato barge in and things get awkward. He won’t give anyone a straight answer when they ask him, claiming he’s ‘going to wing it’.
  • These two nominations will be his first real game moves of the season, and could prove crucial down the road. No matter what, whoever he puts up will likely hold a grudge. Many didn’t seem impressed when he wouldn’t tell them who was getting nominated.
  • Ryan is now targeting Dina and Anthony. Jonathan is against nominating Dina, who he knows as she’s Lindsay Lohan’s mother (and he was on Mean Girls with Lindsay).
  • After saying he has no idea what to do…Ryan says “Julie said with great power comes great responsibility…and I TOTALLY understand what she was talking about”. Ryan then tells Jonathan he’s gonna wing it again.
  • Ryan nominates Anthony Scaramucci, former political consultant, first, and then comedian Tom Green second. He really did wing it.
  • The female members of his alliance are confused by his picks, Jonathan is happy he left Dina off the block.
  • Lochte has undoubtedly been the star of the show thus far, and has likely appeared as the alpha male in the house as the first head of household and such an athletic threat. This could very well make him a target as soon as next week.

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Woke Stasi

This is exciting. Go Ryan, go!

I’d love to be on this program pitting my skills against Bobo Gigi. I’d even race him a 400 to force him off the show! That would be so sweet!

Love to Swim

Bobo can swim??

bobo gigi

I have a certificate of swimming! In elementary school we had to swim a 400 breast under 20 minutes. I did it. 🙂
Not sure I could do it today. My thing is cycling right now.

bobo gigi

Me in that pathetic show?
I’d even prefer eating spinach than being enclosed 10 minutes with the gangster and big fraud Scaramucci! And you can’t imagine how much I hate spinach!


I love how there is now a Live Recap for a tv show Lochte is on. This is the closest I’ll get to ever watching the show.


Brains rotting across America. I will be reading some Faulkner tonight to balance out the karmic stupidity. Ommmm.

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