Case Adjourned For Canadian Coach Accused Of Sexual Assault

The trial of former Ajax Swimming coach and CEO Matt Bell, who was arrested in November under three different charges which included sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and four counts of luring a person under 18-years, was adjourned once again.

According to, it’s been expected that Bell would plead guilty to some of the charges against him however a plea has not been answered. also reported that a person with knowledge of the case, who they didn’t name in the post, said discussions on a resolution were continuing.

Court records indicate that Bell will once again be back in court on July 25th.

This is the third time that an expected plea from Bell was postponed. On May 9th the case was adjourned for three weeks until May 30th where once again it was adjourned to the most recent date.

Bell was a coach on Canada’s world junior championship team prior to his arrest. Following the announcement of his arrest however, he was suspended from Swimming Canada and disallowed from being on deck.

On May 30th lawyer Justin Guile, who appeared on behalf of Bell’s lawyer Bernie O’Brien, said “I do believe a plea will be entered.”

This is an ongoing story.



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going to court sessions

He is just delaying eventual Jail time.


And spending a bucket load on legal fees!


I have heard for every hour a Lawyer spends in court they bill 6 hours of prep. time.


Is anyone able to show up to the court sessions? How do you find the info?

going to court sessions

Most of the content of the court sessions is under a Publication Ban. Now is the time for the Bell supporters to provide reference letters to show what a great guy he is! Granted this case is Under Mandatory Sentencing guidelines.


Maybe a good fit for the Super Coach is Oakville Dolphins? Oh Wait that is assuming he will ever be able to coach again, which he Never will be. Soon his Fair weather friends and parents can visit him in JAIL.

following the case

And dont forget once he is a convicted sex offender he will have to register on the Ontario Sex Offender Registry. There are requirements and restrictions on a person who is on the Registry.


Agree! And The sad part is that there are still parents out in the community who will still support him.

Going to Court sessions

For all the Bell supporters who want “FACTS” Go to the court sessions & especially the Sentencing after his Plea of GUILT.
The Time commitment to go to court is a fraction of the time a lot of parents spend being at or travelling to a pool!

Following the Case

Bell supporters do not want facts. They will continue to blame the victim and will not believe that Matt has done anything wrong. However yes…go to the sentencing hearing and you will hear the facts of the case as well as the victim impact statement.


I agree with your Comment . Bell’s supporters don’t want to Hear the Facts. And in some cases they think he will Coach again. When the Reality is he will never be Coaching Swimming Again. And when in some
cases an Individual is convicted, or in his case when he Pleads Guilty, of the charges in front of him he very easily will be on the Sex Offender Registry for 20 years, That is the REALITY.

Following the Case

Yes, when the conviction is registered he will automatically be put on the Ontario Sex Offender Registry as well as the National Registry. And the minimum amount of time that he will be on there for is 10 years, or it could be 20 or it could be for life. His supporters need to realize the gravity of the offence. That he did commit it and that the victim is not at fault. He is. He will NEVER coach again.

Go for it

Interesting how a lot of the posts have made valid points about this coach. But they get negatives from the Trolls or Bell supporters who don’t have the guts to state anything in support of this coach, or even have
the courage to state their own position in support of this nut job.


Sexually harassing people is shameful. Supporting pedophiles is shameful. Comparing these type of actions to someone who exhibited similar behaviour before committing a brutal assault is just observation.


The daily court list for Monday has the matter identied as “To be spoken to” which is different from “To enter a plea”. This might suggest that this matter is not as close to being over as many think. It could have also be a simple typo, as I can’t imagine that there is anything left for the parties to discuss. I guess time will tell.

Another swim coach

I was going to comment the same thing, as I also noticed that his case was marked “to be spoken to”… This waiting period is overwhelming…

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