Canadian Jr Worlds Coach Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault Of Teen

Matt Bell, a member of Canada’s 2015 Junior World Championships coaching staff, has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and luring of a minor.

Bell is the high performance coach and CEO of Ajax Aquatic Club in Ajax, Ontario. He put an Ajax athlete onto Canada’s Junior World Championships team this past summer and was selected as a coach for that team at the meet in Singapore.

The Durham Regional Police report that the 35-year-old Bell was arrested Tuesday for an alleged sexual assault  from 2011.

DRP reports that the accuser, who was a teenage girl, reported the sexual assault, leading to an investigation being launched by the DRPS Sexual Assault Unite. The alleged victim was a member of the Ajax Swimming club where Bell coached.

Bell will be hit with three different charges:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Luring a Person Under 18 Years

Based on the DRP report, it appears he will be charged with one count each of sexual assault and sexual exploitation along with four counts of the luring a person under 18 years charge (which is listed with “x4” after it in the report).

You can learn more in the DRP report here.

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4 years ago

Whether he’s convicted or not I hope the club will survive this.
The athletes and parents deserve better.

Captain Ontario
Reply to  DS
4 years ago

Matt Bell is Ajax Swimming. He is the owner and CEO. If he is found guilty of these charges I don’t see any way forward for Ajax unless he was to sell the club, in which case it would be Ajax swimming in name only. Even were he to be cleared of the charges it will be difficult to convince parents of young swimmers to trust him with their kids, especially in the GTA, where there are many of the best age group clubs in the country.

Athlete First
4 years ago

Lets hope the athlete gets the help she needs; she deserves better!

Reply to  Athlete First
4 years ago

Maybe he is innocent.

4 years ago

As a fellow coach I find what Matt has done as a coach and growing the club to be absolutely amazing so in that sense I hope these charges are false because he is an amazing coach.

Now as a father of a young girl if there is merit to these charges (which I have no idea one way or another) I hope he in punished to the full extend of the law. It will be interesting to see how the AJAX club deals with this and their comments on the matter

David Berkoff
Reply to  swimIIwin
4 years ago

Amazing coaches don’t sexually assault minor children.

David Berkoff
Reply to  swimIIwin
4 years ago

Amazing coaches don’t sexually assault children.

Reply to  David Berkoff
4 years ago

Please let the courts decide.

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