Canada Team Off to Training Camp, Ruck Going to Camp, But Not Worlds

The Canadian World Championships team is currently headed off to their Worlds training camp in Ostia, Rome. The team will stay in Italy until July 19th, when they will travel to Budapest, Hungary for the 2017 FINA World Championships.

You can see the Canadian 2017 Worlds team roster here.

Joining the Worlds team will be Canadian swimmers Taylor RuckColin Gilbert, and Alex Perreault. According to a spokesperson for Swimming Canada, the group of younger swimmers was invited to the staging camp as a development opportunity. Ruck, a 17-year-old double Olympic bronze medalist, was expected to play a key role on Canada’s relays this summer in Budapest. However, she missed the World Championships team at Canadian Trials in April. She ended up eighth in the 200 free (2:00.63), fourth in the 100 back (1:00.78), and eighth in the 100 free (55.37).

Something similar happened last year for Ruck, when she failed to make the team but then was added by Swimming Canada’s High Performance Director at the end of the meet. The decision paid off, as she brought Canada a pair of bronze medals in the 400 and 800 free relays. However, she still will not be on this year’s squad.

Ruck and the other two junior swimmers will return home on the 19th, when the rest of the team goes on to Hungary.

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Colin Gilbert from the University of Denver!


How hard would it be to quietly sneak Ruck into the 4×200 relay? Lots of moving parts on that deck and no one would be looking for it.


Yeah I bet she’ll still swim relays in prelims


Don’t think that would be fair to the people who beat her at trials!


They do that in China all the time lol @Ye shiwen

Coach John

while you are correct… China definitely does not set the precedent for how Canada should follow.


She’s not going to compete. They come back to Canada after the staging camp to get ready for summer nationals


And the World Juniors after that.

Bo swims

Then Jr Worlds. She can qualify for Gold Coast with fast swims at either.


A country can enter any swimmers any way they want, but if a swimmer is assigned as a relay only swimmer and they do not swim on the relay they were a relay only swimmer for, that relay will be disqualified unless the swimmer swims on another relay during the meet (prelim or finals). I don’t know how they heck they will really do this rule because if someone is assigned as a 4×100 Free Relay swimmer (day one, for the women) and is sick and then do not swim on any other relay, is there anything in the rules that say that FINA will not disqualify that relay after the last day of competition? This is why I would… Read more »


Swim Canada always finds a way for Ben’s kids to be on a team. This is one of the reasons why swimming Canada needs to change their rules. They should be true and fair. But I guess they never will be


Funny…. the article clearly states she was given a bye previously (she is not Ben tittley’s athlete) and not this time.


I thought she’d moved to train with Ben?

Coach John

I thought it starts with the new school year in September?

Bo swims

Has been in Toronto for a while now.


And the reason she got the bye is that she was sick with bronchitis last time. She wasn’t sick this time.

northern light

Last year she came close to making the team, but missed due to having bronchitis. This year she had a bad meet, and was nowhere near making the team. Home she stays.


What are you talking about? She wasn’t swimming with Titley when they made the discretionary call to add her to the team for relays in Rio. There were no special calls made to add his kids to the team. They made it fair and square.

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