Cameron McEvoy Makes Unexpected Choice For New Training Home

In a bold training move, the fastest 100m freestyler ever in a textile suit, Cameron McEvoy of Australia, has joined Southport’s TSS Aquatics to see out the remainder of his Olympic quad training. The Olympic finalist is now listed among the roster of the club’s high performance squad.

As reported back in June, the recently off-form McEvoy decided to make a big change in his training less than 2 years out from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. McEvoy had long trained under storied Aussie coach Richard Scarce at Bond Swimming Club, moving to Bond with the coach from Palm Beach. Eventually joining McEvoy and helping Bond become a formidable force were several emerging athletes in the form of 2017 World Championship breakout teen Elijah WinningtonAlex Graham and Brayden McCarthy.

Since announcing his Bond departure, as well as his withdrawal from the Australian Pan Pac Trials, the 24-year-old has trialed 3 different swimming clubs, including Michael Bohl’s program at Griffith University, David Lush’s squad at Brisbane Grammar and Chris Nesbit’s team at TSS Aquatics. Much like Mitch Larkin did post-Rio, McEvoy spent 1-2 weeks at each club before finally deciding on TSS Aquatics.

Open water standout and Commonwealth Games 800m free bronze medalist Kiah Melverton calls TSS Aquatics home, as does 200m fly Commonwealth silver medalist Laura Taylor and 1500m Pan Pacs qualifier Maddy Gough. Given McEvoy’s sprint background, which includes becoming Australia’s first-ever freestyle treble national champion in 2016 winning national titles across the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle, this distance-centric program is an unexpected choice.

TSS Aquatics in Southport is just about 20-minute drive from Bond and still in the Gold Coast, Queensland. SwimSwam has reached out to McEvoy for comment.

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Just a note about mady gough who you mentioned. She’ll be headed to the states after pan pacs and swim ncaa.


At what university?

Steve Nolan

Given McEvoy’s sprint background, which includes becoming Australia’s first-ever freestyle treble national champion in 2016 winning national titles across the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle

Treble? At first I thought it was just a typo of “triple” but like…Ian Thorpe never did that?

And I mean, this doesn’t seem *that* unexpected. It’s still in Australia. If he’d turned up in like, Guatemala I’d be way more surprised.

SumTing Wong

Treble is a thing . Maybe they were thinking of the treble sprint which is rare . Free mid distance is common to treble at national level .Becoz it’s basically the same .
At TSS I’d expect him to be doing a heavier load not less which is a brave move for a finely built sprinter .


Thorpe 2001 must have done a free treble. He was Australia’s best in 100/200/400/800


Pretty sure Klim won the 100 Free


Yeah based on the headline I thought he was going to end up in a different country.

Mini Bus

As sprinters get older they need to train smarter which means less volume more race specific and better land work. Unfortunately many swimmers can’t let go of the volume. It’s the old one step back to go two steps forward scenario. He would be better of with cusak or callus or Hawke.


Is Cusak the one that ruined Larkin?

SumTing Wong

No .You might be thinking of Platinum . Once a girl has a horse , no man comes close . Sorry .


Seebohm always had the horse. What a rude comment.



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