California governor moves to curb water usage, private pools already being restricted

As California continues to face a drought that’s entering its fourth year, pools are beginning to feel the squeeze of water-conserving measures.

Already, various cities and communities have started to restrict water usage for private, in-home pools, and some have tried to slow down construction of new residential pools, according to NBC News.

Those conservation measures haven’t yet appeared to affect public pools, which would in turn affect swim clubs, particularly in Southern California, which is the largest LSC currently in USA Swimming’s membership.

California governor Jerry Brown announced yesterday that the state as a whole would be adding additional restrictions to help conserve water. This is the first time a California governor has ordered mandatory water reductions for the entire state, according to the Washington Post.

So Cal Swimming’s Mary Jo Swalley told SwimSwam that she hasn’t heard of any restrictions on public pools as of yet, but that more restrictions are likely coming soon.

The biggest issue for California currently is a lack of snow runoff after a relatively dry winter. The state typically gets 30% of its water from snow runoff as spring hits and snow in the higher elevations melts, according to the Washington Post. But this year, the runoff amount will be significantly less.

So Cal Swimming, as mentioned above, is the largest LSC in USA Swimming currently, and is a hotbed for swimming at the age group, college and professional levels. It’s still important to point out that current conservation efforts don’t appear to be affecting public pools, and by proxy, swim programs. But with water restrictions continuing to go up in the state, California’s drought is certainly worth keeping a wary eye on for both swimmers and swimming fans.

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Aaannnd it begins…

Elizabeth Wickham

Golf courses use more water than pools in So Cal. I live in an area of more than 120 golf courses that use 37 billion gallons of water annually, according to the LA Times — enough water to fill 56,000 50-meter pools. Hopefully, no one will target pool use.


Wow, that’s an amazing statistic!


And yet, people can get more exercise in ONE 50 meter pool than 120 golf courses combined!


I’m willing to give up almonds, golf, my lawn, and fracking, if we can save swimming….

Justin Thompson

I haven’t used bottled water in years– both because half of it is just treated tap water you can do at home with a Brita filter, and because of the plastic disposal problem.

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