Brock Turner’s Jail Sentence Could Only Be 3 Months, Per County Website

With his 6-month jail sentence already drawing criticism online, Brock Turner may only serve half that amount, based on the website of the local sheriff’s office.

The Santa Clara County website lists information on inmates in its jail, including booking and release dates, all of which is publicly available information.

In Turner’s case, the website lists his release date as September 2, 2016 – just three months after his official booking date:

sc county jail turner release date

Screenshot from the County of Santa Clara website.

The Washington Post reports that it’s typical for inmates to serve only half their sentences, according to Sergeant James Jensen of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office. If inmates disobey orders or fight while interred, their sentence can be extended up to the length of the original sentence.

Turner was sentenced last Thursday to 6 months in jail followed by probation. He was convicted earlier this spring of three sexual assault charges: assault with the intent to commit rape, sexual penetration of an intoxicated person and sexual penetration of an unconscious person.

That was the result of a January 2015 incident in which two grad students on bikes discovered Turner – then a member of the Stanford swimming & diving team – on top of a girl behind a dumpster late at night. The grad students confronted Turner, Turner ran, and the grad students detained him, finding the girl unconscious. Turner was arrested shortly thereafter and has since been removed from the Stanford swimming program, Stanford University and barred from setting foot on campus.

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If this kid was so good and graduated in 2014 from high school why can’t I find him in the results of the NCAA 2014-15? I read everywhere that he was an Olympic hopeful!?!


Because he was arrested in Jan 2015 and wasn’t on the team (he was immediately kicked out of Stanford)


No, he was on the team for the 2014-2015 season and was kicked off the team in January of the 2015 – 2016 season. He was starting his sophomore year


oops…never mind


Clearly you’re a swimming expert, do share more with us.


If you look at his times, he was nowhere close to having a legitimate shot at the Olympics. He was still very good at swimming, you need to be good to make it onto Stanford’s team, but he was never going to make it to Rio

Anon #2

i came across his times and they certainly werent earth shattering. actually slower than what i swam in the early 90’s.

that aside – change the color and change the social status and this certainly would have been a much different outcome.

The conspiracy theory in me says follow the money.


What a disgrace to the swimming community, great Olympian like missy franklin, locthe, phelps, and Cullen jones build up the sport so much and make progress to actually be seen as a real sport only to have it ruined by people like this, he should be in jail for years


Sure, his actions definitely call for a more harsh sentence. But let’s not forget that the true victim is the poor girl who was attacked, not our sport’s reputation. Swimming will move on, but her life is scarred forever.

Beware who you put on pedestals

Be careful of who you put up on a pedestal. Phelps won 8 medals in 2004, then got busted for a DUI shortly after the Olympics; he won 8 medals again in 2008, then got photographed smoking from a bong with “friends”; he won 6 medals, in 2012, then got busted for a second DUI driving 80+ mph in a 45 mph zone after a 8 hour gambling bender. He never applied himself to post-secondary education (other than in playing video games) despite access to numerous 4-year institutions in Baltimore and Ann Arbor where he trained. There are numerous seedy cocktail waitress stories out there about him, including a bizarre transvestite mess. Great swimmer, maybe not who you want to… Read more »

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