Britain’s Swimming Teachers Association under investigation on financial concerns

British-based Swimming Teachers Association (STA) is under investigation as questions about finances have arisen, The Independent reports.

Britain’s charities watchdog is investigating the STA, which has charitable status on the income it generates. STA is the world’s largest independent swimming teaching organization, according to The Independent, and has been around since 1932.

STA has 8,000 members worldwide, and brings in over £2 million ($3.1 million in U.S. dollars) each year.

But the organization is working towards an internal reordering that would transfer some of its assets to a private company. STA submitted a report to Great Britain’s Charity Commission on its proposed restructuring plans last month, and now the Charity Commission has started looking into STA’s books.

The Independent reports that the Charity Commission will be investigating “STA’s trustees oversight, its recruitment processes and the remuneration of staff.”

The last of those financial concerns comes from some eyebrow-raising numbers in the organization’s payroll. According to The Independent, STA paid its chief executive £210,000 ($320,00 U.S.), and paid large sums to trustees as well, including £8500 ($13,000) to one for contributions to swimming manuals.

That chief executive salary belongs to Theo Millward, who just took over operation of the organization after his father retired. His father Roger had been in charge of STA for the past 20 years.

You can read The Independent‘s full story here.

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