Brazilian Court Denies Lochte’s Petition, Case Continues

Now more than two years after the fact, the Brazilian legal proceedings continue against Ryan Lochteas a Minister has rejected a habeas corpus petition by Lochte.

The case stems from an incident during the 2016 Rio Olympics in which Lochte and three other American swimmers were involved in an altercation at a gas station bathroom in Rio. Lochte originally told media he and the other three were robbed at gunpoint. Later, Brazilian police told media that the swimmers had damaged the bathroom and were asked by security to pay for the damages. Lochte later admitted that he “exaggerated” the story, though he and police still disagree as to whether a gun was pointed at the swimmers during the ordeal.

Lochte ultimately served a 10-month suspension from competition, but Brazilian officials have since made clear they viewed his comments to media as a false reporting of a crime. They’ve continued to prosecute Lochte over the past two years.

The latest move from Lochte’s camp was to petition for the case to be dropped via the argument that he didn’t report a crime to police, only alleged one in comments to media. But Minister Lius Roberto Barroso denied that petition this week, per Globo’s SporTV, and the case will continue in Brazil.

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Joel Lin
1 year ago

This is a clownish look for Brazilian prosecutors.

Coach Josh
1 year ago

Let it go Brazil….you’re like a bitter ex that can’t get over it….

1 year ago

are there positive news about Brazilian Police finding and prosecuting the criminals for robbery cases against other Olympic athletes reported? Are they going to call those “false reporting of a crime” and go after those athletes too?

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