Brazil Announces 40-Person Committee at Sette Colli, Including Olympic Roster

The 58th annual Sette Colli Trophy will take place at the sports complex Foro Itálico in Rome on June 25th-27th.

The Brazilian Confederation of Aquatic Sports (CBDA) announced on Tuesday that there will be a delegation of 40 people: 25 out of the 26 members of their Tokyo Olympic team, breaststroke specialist Jhennifer Conceição and open water star Bettina Lorscheitter alongside 13 technical committee members.

One Tokyo 2020 team member, Viviane Jungblut, chose not to attend the delegation and she will keep training for the 2024 Olympics with coach Kiko Klaser. Conceição and Lorscheitter were included in the 40 people because they participated in a training program for the 2024 Olympics.

The CBDA hoped to invite the coaches of all the athletes as well, but there was a 40-person limit established by the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN.) There was no specification as to what purpose the delegation serves, but this does reveal the rest Brazil’s Olympic roster. In April, we reported on their initial Olympic roster of 18 spots.

The Sette Coli Trophy organizing committee has confirmed there will be 30 participating countries. This will be the last competition of the Brazilian Olympic swimming team before the Tokyo Olympics.

40 People Invited to CBDA Delegation:

  1. Aline Da Silva Rodrigues
  2. Ana Carolina Veira
  3. Beatriz Dizotti
  4. Betina Lorscheitter (not on Olympic roster)
  5. Breno Correia
  6. Bruno Fratus
  7. Caio Pumputis
  8. Etiene Pires de Medeiros
  9. Felipe Lima
  10. Fernando Scheffer
  11. Gabriel Santos
  12. Gabrielle Goncalves Roncatto
  13. Giovanna Tomanik Diamanye
  14. Guilherme Guido
  15. Guilherme Basseto
  16. Guilherme Pereira Da Costa
  17. Jhennifer Alves da Conceicao (not on Olympic roster)
  18. Larissa Martins de oliveira
  19. Leonardo De Deus
  20. Luiz Altamir 
  21. Marcelo Chierighini
  22. Matheus Gonche
  23. Murilo Sartori
  24. Nathalia Siqueira Almeida
  25. Pedro Spajari
  26. Stephanie Balduccini
  27. Vinicius Lanza
  28. Alberto Pinto da Silva (technical committee) 
  29. Andre Luis Simoes Ferreira ((technical committee) 
  30. Felipe Vaz Domingues (technical committee) 
  31. Fernando Antonio Vanzella (technical committee) 
  32. Julia Canali (technical committee) 
  33. Marina Canetti (technical committee) 
  34. Michelle Lenhardt (technical committee) 
  35. Rogerio Henrique Decat Kafunkelstein’ (technical committee) 
  36. Samie Elias (technical committee) 
  37. Sergio Ponha Marques (technical committee) 
  38. Tatiana Moreira Dos Santos Ribeiro (technical committee) 
  39. Tiago De Campos Cosenza (technical committee) 
  40. Tiago Moreno Da Silva (technical committee) 

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