Black&White Swim Talk: Michael Andrew on a TeeterTotter

In the latest episode of Black&White Swim Talk, Elvis takes a field trip to a local playground to interview 80-time National Age Group Record breaker Michael Andrew.

Also, Elvis and JMax recap the NCAA championships, and Elvis rants about the spread of performance enhancing drug use in the swimming.

Justin Max and Elvis Burrows were teammates at the University of Kentucky from 2006 through 2010. Since graduating from UK, each has continued to be involved in the swimming world. JMax has coached both club and high school swimming for the past 5 years, and has had state champions at each level, as well as Junior and Senior National qualifiers.  He is currently serving as the Head Coach for a club team in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Elvis has continued his swimming career professionally and internationally. He is a Bahamian national record holder in 4 different events, and has represented the Bahamas at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and many other international competitions, most notably World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He is currently training for the 2016 Rio games.
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USRPT advocate here. I liked that Andrew Sr. admitted the inconclusive research on strength training, but I was dissapointed with his explanation to the theoretical basis behind whether to apply it or not. He tried to explain it properly, but I must admit that lacking the appropriate terminology displayed some inadequacy. I expected more from an advocate of “science-backed practice”, who is supposed to at least know how to explain principles of physics and anatomy.


I always thought that weight lifting would not work very well with USRPT. I’m not surprised that MA had trouble trying to hold race pace after being fatigued from lifting. I believe that weight lifting helps swimming but if you can’t hit your USRPT pace for a couple days after every time you lift then you are just going to plateau or move backwards. I have been training USRPT for a while and have not attempted lifting weights with it but I have thought a lot about how to possibly work in some weight lifting without getting too fatigue to do the USRPT sets. I think one possible way to make it work would be to just do legs one… Read more »


what happened to him at NCSA? Good first day but thereafter was not good for his standards.


I’m sorry, but we can’t take your question seriously until you change your username. There’s only room for 1 “JMan” on this page.

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