Barcelona Bound: The 2013 World Championship Roster

Amanda Smith is a former swimmer at USC, and contributed this report. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @Amandakay_s

Heading into the final night of World Championship Trials, 18 women & 19 men had secured roster spots. The women had eleven doubles, while the men had ten.


Think of doubles like this:

4 doubles allowed all second place Olympic events to Worlds

8 doubles allowed all Non-Olympic event winners to Worlds

12 doubles allowed all relay alternates a trip to Barcelona


As a reminder, here was the new USA Swimming selection criterion for World Championship Trials:

1.The top 4 in the 100 & 200 freestyles and then the winner of each Olympic event will make the team
2. The second place finisher in the Olympic events will make the team
3. The winner of the NON-Olympic events will make the team (50s of the strokes, plus the W1500m FR & M800m FR) – if room
4. The 5th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room
5. The 6th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room


Katie Ledecky’s win the 1500m freestyle clinched the twelve double for the women’s team. Natalie Coughlin, who went on to win the 50 freestyle, would get to swim the 50 free individually and 100 freestyle as a relay alternate; plus, Chelsea Chenault would earn her 200 freestyle relay spot as well.


Connor Jaeger swept the distance races as well, earning the distance double at Worlds. It is most likely that Chloe Sutton & Michael McBroom, who finished second to Ledecky & Jaeger in the Non-Olympic distances will be the second USA representative at Worlds – this is NOT guaranteed though until the meet.


Caitlin Leverenz earned her spot on the team with a win in the 200 individual medley. Elizabeth Beisel, with her second place finish in the 200 IM, will give her two IM swims on her ticket to Barcelona.


Ryan Lochte’s wire-to-wire win in the 200 IM secured the eleventh double, and when Conor Dwyer finished second, that created the twelfth double needed for the relay swimmers. That clinched Ricky Berens’s spot on both the 400 & 800 freestyle relays.


16-year-old Simone Manuel secured her second swim and first individual swim next month with a second place finish to Natalie in the 50 freestyle. California Aquatic’s training teammates Nathan Adrian & Anthony Ervin finished one-two in the men’s 50.


Once the official roster was announced, there was one additional swimmer added to the men’s team. Michael Klueh, who finished 7th in the 200 freestyle, earned a spot on the team on the men’s 4×200 FR-R. He will be taking Connor Jaeger’s alternate spot he earned from finishing 6th in the 200 freestyle night two.


Very feew of the winners of the 100s of strokes (aka, fly, back, and breast) won the 50s at this meet (David Plummer in the men’s backstroke and Eugene Godsoe in the men’s butterfly are the two exceptions). It is most likely that at Worlds those swimmers will earn that swim as the second USA swimmer (Matt Grever’s then for the 50 backstroke). Like the distance events, this is NOT guaranteed until the meet.


Totally separate from the pool 26 roster numbers, Sean Ryan (5/10k), Alex Meyer (10/25k), Andrew Gemmell (5k), Christine Jennings (10/25k), Becca Mann (5/10k), Haley Anderson (5k), Eva Fabian (25k) are the Open Water World swimmers for Team USA.


21 women & 21 men will represent the USA in the pool, plus 6 women & 6 men in the open water events at the World Championships next month in Barcelona.


Finally, here is your official roster:


Swimmer Event & Place
Cammile Adams W 200 Butterfly
Maya Dirado W 200 Butterfly, W 4×200 FR-R, W 400 IM
Tom Luchsinger M 200 Butterfly
Tyler Clary M 200 Butterfly, M 200 Backstroke, M 400 IM
Shannon Vreeland W 100 Freestyle, W 4×100 FR-R, W 4×200 FR-R
Simone Manuel W 4×100 FR-R, W 50 Freestyle
Megan Romano W 4×100 FR-R
Natalie Coughlin W 4×100 FR-R, W 50 Freestyle
Liz Pelton W 4×100 FR-R, W 200 Backstroke, W 100 Backstroke
Nathan Adrian M 100 Freestyle, M 4×100 FR-R, M 50 Freestyle
Jimmy Feigen M 100 Freestyle, M 4×100 FR-R
Anthony Ervin M 4×100 FR-R, M 50 Freestyle
Ryan Lochte M 4×100 FR-R, M 200 Backstroke, M 200 Freestyle, M 4×200 FR-R, M 100 Butterfly, M 200 IM
Ricky Berens M 4×100 FR-R, M 4×200 FR-R
Katie Ledecky W 800 Freestyle, W 200 Freestyle, W 4×200 FR-R, W 400 Freestyle, W 1500 Freestyle
Chloe Sutton W 800 Freestyle, W 400 Freestyle
Connor Jaeger M 1500 Freestyle, M 400 Freestyle, M 800 Freestyle
Michael McBroom M 1500 Freestyle
Missy Franklin W 100 Freestyle, W 4×100 FR-R W 200 Freestyle, W 4×200 FR-R, W 200 Backstroke, W 100 Backstroke
Jordan Mattern W 4×200 FR-R
Chelsea Chenault W 4×200 FR-R
Conor Dwyer M 200 Freestyle, M 4×200 FR-R, M 200 IM
Matt McLean M 4×200 FR-R, M 400 Freestyle
Charlie Houchin M 4×200 FR-R
Breeja Larson W 200 Breaststroke, W 100 Breaststroke
Micah Lawrence W 200 Breaststroke
Kevin Cordes M 200 Breaststroke, M 100 Breaststroke
BJ Johnson M 200 Breaststroke
Christine Magnuson W 50 Butterfly
Eugene Godsoe M 50 Butterfly, M 100 Butterfly
Elizabeth Beisel W 400 IM, W 200 IM
Chase Kalisz M 400 IM
Dana Vollmer W 100 Butterfly
Claire Donahue W 100 Butterfly
Jessica Hardy W 50 Breaststroke, W 100 Breaststroke
Kevin Steel M 50 Breaststroke
Rachel Bootsma W 50 Backstroke
David Plummer M 50 Backstroke, M 100 Backstroke
Nic Fink M 100 Breaststroke
Matt Grevers M 100 Backstroke, M 4×100 FR-R
Caitlin Leverenz W 200 IM
Michael Klueh M 4×200 FR-R
Haley Anderson W 5K
Becca Mann W 10K, W 5K
Joradn Willimovsky M 25k
Christine Jennings W 10K, W 25K
Eva Fabian W 25K
Alex Meyer M 10K, M 25K
Andrew Gemmell M 5K
Sean Ryan M 5K, M 10K


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Sean Virden

Hmm…I guess they didn’t push the 26 mark after all. Were there more doubles than expected?

Sean – I think nobody really knew much of what to expect this year. I think that fewer swimmers being at the meet meant fewer swimmers surprised, and those that did surprise (Godsoe?) sometimes did so in multiple events. The distance races being sweeps for Jaeger/Ledecky was probably the biggest factor in the rosters filling up. That’s something we haven’t seen a whole lot of in the U.S. in the past, though it’s not really a surprise that it happened given how hot those two are right now. Will be interesting to see what USA Swimming does going forward for 2015 based on what they saw in this meet, especially with regard to those 50’s. It’s pretty clear that the… Read more »


What about Nathan Adrian with his win in both the 50m and 100m freestyle?

Katherine, I’m not sure I understand your question. Nathan is listed above in both races. Is there anything specific you wanted to know? Let me know and I’m sure I can track down an answer!



You mentioned that “None of the winners of the 100s of stroke won the 50s at this meet”, but didn’t Nathan win both of those strokes?

Oh, I gotcha. Usually in swimming when people refer to “stroke” races, it means “other than freestyle”. That’s what she meant here, referencing specifically the 50 meter races that aren’t swum at the Olympics. Recognizing that everyone might not refer to these races in the same way, I’ll go back and clarify. Thanks for bringing that up Katherine!


Got it. Thank you for the explanation. Still a novice understanding all of the swimming terminology 🙂


Didn’t Eugene win the 50 and 100 fly?


Braden, I have a question. For the 2nd place finishers in non-Olympic events who are already on the team for other events, e.g. McBroom, Sutton, Grevers, etc. why would they not just be added automatically for those events, since it wouldn’t increase the roster size and they are going to be there already??

Also could someone like Kendyl Stewart go for the 50 fly if there were enough doubles and Vollmer/Donahue didn’t want to swim it, or is she out of luck? Thanks.

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