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Yoga for Swimmers: Keys to a Strong, Safe and Effective Practice

When starting a yoga practice for swimmers the most important aspect to know is how to make your yoga practice, strong safe and effective…

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Yoga for Masters Swimmers – Preventing Injuries with the Help of Yoga

Learn how a yoga for masters swimmers practice can help you prevent injury by enhancing body awareness, balance and recovery…

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Yoga for Masters Swimmers – Working with Your Breath

Yoga is a great way to train your breathing efficiency, which is an essential element to achieving success as a masters swimmer.

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Yoga for Masters Swimmers – Working with Your Range of Motion

Yoga is an incredible and accessible way for masters swimmers to address their mobility through the practice of mindful movement


Yoga for Swimmers: Three Ways to Develop Greater Body Awareness

Developing greater body awareness is one of the advantages of incorporating a swimming-specific yoga practice into your training plan.

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7 Reasons Why Yoga Can Take Your Swimming to the Next Level

Implementing a yoga practice designed for the unique needs of swimmers is an effective way to enhance your dry land training and your performance…


Swimming-Specific Yoga Launches New Online Platform

After speaking with swimmers and coaches many are finding yoga to be an integral part of their training programs and plan on utilizing it moving forward

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts Day #74 – Recovery Day

It is time to recover from another week of hard training. This recovery day workout will allow you to relax and restore with greater ease.

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #67 – Recovery Day

A little relaxation combined with a little bit of work to get your heart rate up is a good way to finish off another week of drylands.

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Yoga for Swimming: Increase Your Mobility with Yoga

Yoga is an effective way for swimmers to improve their mobility, which can enhance swimming performance and prevent injuries

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #60 – Recovery Day

This active recovery workout will help stretch out the kinks from a hard week of dryland workouts while still elevating your heartrate a little.

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Swimming Specific Yoga Practice – Increasing Shoulder Mobility

This swimming specific yoga shoulder mobility practice will help you feel greater freedom of movement and stability in your shoulders…


Kevin Thorburn: My Friend, My Mentor, My Coach

Throughout my swimming career I had many excellent coaches, but when I utter the words “my coach” you are the person I am referring to.


Yoga for Swimmers Strength Practice: Core Stability

This yoga for swimmers class will help you develop core stability, which can improve your efficiency in the water and prevent injury…

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Yoga for Swimmers Mobility Practice: Thoracic Spine Mobility

This yoga for swimmers practice focuses on increasing thoracic spine mobility, which can help improve both technique and shoulder health

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