Australia Announces Roster for 2015 BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series

The first BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series was run in 2013 in Perth and included Australia, China and South Africa. The second year saw Australia, Japan, China, South Africa and Brazil included in the competition. This year’s events in Perth, which will run January 30th-February 1st, will include Australia, the United States, Japan and China.

The CEO of Swimming Australia is extremely excited to see the American involved in the third year of the competition, “Team USA is an incredible addition to the 2015 BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series,” said Mark Anderson.

“It demonstrates the great appeal of this event to the best swimming nations and provides further expansion of the meet which will ensure that this event will become entrenched in the international swimming calendar.”

There is a lot of incentive for increased participation as swimmers will be competing for a share of $400,000 in prize money.

“The 2015 BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series is a great way to kick off the year, it gives our team a chance to get some international racing experience in before we go into the National Championships in April and then the FINA World Championships in August,” said National Team Head Coach Jacco Verhaeren.

“We don’t often get the opportunity to race such strong competitors on home soil so I’m sure we will see some world class swimming over the two days, especially with a number of our swimmers with world number one times for 2014 coming up against swimmers from Japan and China and now the USA who have joined the line-up for 2015.”

Program of events for the two day competition are as follows:

Day 1 Friday 30 January 2015
Time of Day Event No. Program
5:30pm LIVE 1 200m freestyle Womens
AEDST 2 100m freestyle Mens
3 100m breaststroke Womens
4 100m backstroke Mens
5 100m butterfly Womens
6 200m butterfly Mens
7 200m individual medley Womens
8 400m freestyle Mens
9 50m freestyle Womens
10 200m breaststroke Mens
11 200m backstroke Womens
12 800m freestyle Womens
13 400m individual medley Mens
14 4x50m freestyle Womens
15 4x50m individual medley Mens
Approx 8:30pm Womens water polo > Austarlia v China
Day 2 Saturday 31 January 2015
Approx 3:45pm Mens water polo > Australia v United States of America
5:30pm LIVE 16 200m freestyle Mens
AEDST 17 100m freestyle Womens
18 100m breaststroke Mens
19 100m backstroke Womens
20 100m butterfly Mens
21 200m butterfly Womens
22 200m individual medley Mens
23 400m freestyle Womens
24 50m freestyle Mens
25 200m breaststroke Womens
26 200m backstroke Mens
27 1500m freestyle Mens
28 400m individual medley Womens
29 4x50m freestyle Mens
30 4x50m individual medley Womens


Australia has announced their team for the event which includes Cate Campbell, Emily Seebohm, Thomas Fraser-Holmes and James Magnussen as well as Pan Pacific Championship gold medallist Cameron McEvoy, four-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist Emma McKeon.

The other three teams involved in the competition have not announced their rosters for the event, but in the past Japan has sent swimmers such as Kosuke Hagino, Ryosuke Irie and Daiya Seto while the Chinese have included Fu Yuanhui and Ye Shiwen.

The full of the Australian team will include:

MEN: Tommaso D’Orsogna, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Jayden Hadler, Mack Horton, Grant Irvine, Mitchell Larkin, James Magnussen, Travis Mahoney, Cameron McEvoy, David McKeon, Jake Packard and Buster Sykes
WOMEN: Jessica Ashwood, Bronte Barratt, Cate Campbell, Bronte Campbell, Brittany Elmslie, Madeline Groves, Emma McKeon, Taylor McKeown, Keryn McMaster, Emily Seebohm, Lorna Tonks and Madison Wilson

The official meet website can be found here.

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7 years ago
7 years ago

The BHP Super Swim Series web page had an Australian team already listed prior to Swimming Australia announcing the team. The team published on the BHP site was pretty much identical to the one published by Swimming Australia. Only differences were: BHP had Alicia Coutts listed and no Brittany Elmslie, and no breaststroke boys (Packard and Sykes).

I wonder if Coutts had withdrawn and was suitably replaced by Elmslie? Plus, we needed some breaststroke boys on the team for the 4x50m medley.

lane 0
7 years ago

The important thing for the Australian men is which young Butterflier will step up for the relay. They need someone at 51 low at least to keep it close with USA going into freestyle.

Reply to  lane 0
7 years ago

Exactly , The Us like Japan France or Brazil have allready very tough butterfliers . Australia has to bring one very good butterflier to content for a medal in the 400 Medley relay , or in general in the butterfly events for men . It will come …..

7 years ago

Has anyone seen USA roster for this meet?

Reply to  Weirdo
7 years ago

As far as i can remember , Us swimmers don’t usually go to this Australian big first meet on the year .

Braden Keith(@braden)
7 years ago

Ervinforthewin – the Americans are actually attending this year – first time! Should make an already-great meet even better.

Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

That’s very smart and interesting to follow . The more they can swim in other meets away from home , the more experience can be gained for the whole year , in this case at least .

Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

It is an invitation event . This is the first year the US was invited . I had been wondering why ( BHP Billiton bases every action trade advantages.)

Now with my in depth look at US politics , I can tell you all why . Read on if anyone is interested…….

Hidden in Congress’s funding bill for 2015 is news of BHP Billitons’ getting the go ahead for a massive copper mine in Arizona . Whilst it has been known as a copper deposit for up to a century. It was under a Presidential conservation order . BHP convinced MCCain that they had the technology & funds to bring world leading deep extraction methods. They had been buying up… Read more »

Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

The US roster was released on December 15 but you were too busy here defending phelps


Reply to  Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago


Reply to  Weirdo
7 years ago

Yeah I saw the US roster in an online article from The West Australian. I’ve tried looking on USA Swimming homepage, but nothing appears. Here is the “roster” I found online:
Team USA: *Cammile Adams, Kathleen Baker, Elizabeth Beisel, Tyler Clary, Maya DiRado, Conor Dwyer, BJ Johnson, Cullen Jones, Madison Kennedy, Micah Lawrence, Felicia Lee, Ryan Lochte, Becca Mann, Michael McBroom, Cody Miller, Tim Phillips, Allison Schmitt, Shannon Vreeland, Margo Geer, Josh Schneider, Eugene Godsoe.

Reply to  petriasfan
7 years ago

Pretty huge roaster !!!!! Lochte , Dwyer , Miller , Clary ( will battle Mitch Larkin on 200 back for sure ) , Dirado , ………… solid level for super swims .

7 years ago

Cate Campbell? Should be interesting to see how she goes so soon after surgery.

Great to see Buster Sykes get a gig.

Our men’s team is starting to look quite strong compared to the last few years. Fraser-Holmes, McEvoy, Horton and Larkin really coming along well.

Reply to  AussieCoach
7 years ago

Campbell Mk1’s surgery was not long after Pan Pacs so there has been a few month’s recovery. Clearly things must’ve gone smoothly both in and out of the pool for the OK to have been given to “give it a hit out”. Will be interesting to see what events she may enter; little sister and McKeon would still have “distance” on the likely field over 100 so they may just look at 50 & 4×50 relay.

Sykes has been around the scene for some time but despite the pedigree of his parents, he has never really threatened major intl qualifying times. One suspects his selection is due to the wish to have an entrant in the 200brs.

Larkin DID have… Read more »

Reply to  AussieCoach
7 years ago

She’ll also be competing at the Victorian Open State Championships from 16-18 January – 2 weeks before the BHP super swim series.

7 years ago

I seem to remember seeing home video of Suki’s breaststroke from when she swam in Calgary…

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  bo
7 years ago

Nice list . I see Jim Fowlie – whose son is alicia coutts’ coach .

Reply to  Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

And Jim’s swimmer Deb (then Amstead) was one of my coaches.

7 years ago

Cate Campbell? I thought she was out for the year?

Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

For our brit friends Buster ( his first oz team) is the son of Suki Brownsdon & Gareth Sykes.

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