Athlete Protests Allowed At 2022 Commonwealth Games

Earlier this week, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) said that it would create an athlete group to examine its internal policies, including the right to protest. Now the Commonwealth Games Federation has now joined the list of sports governing bodies voicing policy on athlete protests.

This week Commonwealth Games chief executive David Grevemberg told reporters, “The movement is challenging all institutions to really look introspectively at what we can do to be more fair, more free, have better equality. Sport is no different.

“We are comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation and we need to embrace it. We maybe have more responsibility because of the shared history of the Commonwealth so we need to find solutions that don’t build walls but rather build bridges.”

In “People say, ‘Aren’t you opening up the Pandora’s box?’ Well no, I think we’re respecting people’s rights to voice their opinions,” Grevemberg said. (Reuters)

Athletes can take a knee, for example, at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, although Grevemberg said it would be “presumptuous of me to say, this is how it’s going to look.”

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2 years ago


Justin Thompson
2 years ago

They should also respect their right to loot, vandalize and occupy the place too if they really want to support all their rights.

Reply to  Justin Thompson
2 years ago

Let’s stay focused now. The issue is the right to voice opinion.

But somehow your imagination is conflating to that with many unrelated items.

Corn Pop
Reply to  SwimShark
2 years ago

Not really . I knew Some o n e who was baptised in a village just out s ide of Birmingham with great cellebration.Just weeks before they had found the original font that had been thrown in the river during Henry 8 ‘s anti Catholic rampage.

So , t’s been done before but they also left a lot probably from fear of God .or it was fiercely protected. . One ceiling painting they were likely too scared to touch was a panorama of The Queen of Heaven . Who even knew there was one in Christianity ? I certainly would have liked to have had one in my Sunday School colouring book.

I don’t think anyone really knows… Read more »

Reply to  Corn Pop
2 years ago

Huh, corn pop?

Corn Pop
Reply to  Jen
2 years ago

It is about English history. Birmingham has, as shown b y this one example, had waves of rage in the past. They are hoping Megan sits nicely with a placard instead of starting a new xWar of the Roses.

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