Arkansas LSC Follows Suit, Bans 12 & Under Tech

by Shawn Klosterman 85

April 25th, 2017 Club, News

The Arkansas Swimming LSC has chosen to follow the lead of Southern California Swimming, putting restrictions on technical suits for swimmers age 12 and under.  The ruling by the ASI House of Delegates will allow for only a few exceptions, with the wording of the rule proposed to be the following:

“ASI will not allow technical suits to be worn by any athletes age 12 and younger in ASI sanctioned meets.  The only exception being during the finals of a prelim/finals meet, or if the meet is Sectional level or higher.”

The rationale for the proposal was presented as a concern over cost, citing that the rule, if passed, “relieves the burden on families who feel obligated to spend money on high dollar suits to be competitive.”

A poll in January showed that 56.2% of SwimSwam readers would support an age-based tech suit ban, with comments on the article reflecting several opinions from readers supporting both sides of the argument. In Arkansas the motion passed, but not unanimously as there were three in attendance who voted against the decision once discussion was finished.

In the meeting, when the question arose about which suits would be banned, the list made by Southern California was shared and it was agreed that this list would be used at this time.  Discussion on the topic centered mostly around the fear of any unforeseen repercussions the decision might carry.  This included the possibilities of parent push-back, the fear of over-stepping into “micro-management” of family decisions regarding purchases, and the fear that teams in other LSC’s might avoid attending Arkansas meets due to the ban.  There was also concern that it might be difficult for officials to police a swimsuit ban, but the Officials’ Chair for the LSC reassured the group that this should not be a concern as it would be easy to spot younger swimmers in banned suits.

The ban will be effective at all meets hosted in the Arkansas LSC beginning on September 1, 2017.





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You can go to any age group meet in the country and watch kids in training suits outswim those in tech suits. The logic behind this is understandable, but seems over-reaching. Swimming does not need to be a nanny state sport.


People who are for this are lower-lower middle class, more money will always get you better gear why not teach the lesson sooner? Ridiculous rule that punishes those who are better off and makes the kids expect them to always be equal


Exactly, the ban sounds like class/envy warfare.

Magic Number

Actually, there is no logic behind this at all, as 12 is an arbitrary number. Do families somehow no longer have a financial burden once their athlete is 13? We’ve never felt any pressure to buy tech suits. My swimmers qualified for Zones wearing practice jammers. But if this is suppose to help families relieve themselves of the financial burdens associated with the sport, then how about other burdens that are also associated? How about rules that limit how much clubs can charge for membership? How about reducing meet entry fees? Will the LSC reduce their athlete registration fees too? Or how about practice times that may conflict with families holding down multiple jobs or who work shifts? One of… Read more »


Ridiculous! The incessant need to make life “fair” for everyone is getting old. Everyone knows that for most 12 and unders a tech suit gives them little more than a bit of confidence. It’s okay to tell your child, “Honey, we can’t afford a $500 race suit. This hip suit is good and tight, and you’ve been working so hard you don’t need it.” If parents want to throw money at their little kid’s sport, let em! Dang it. It’s America!


Correct! This is a personal choice. Actually, you don’t have to spend 500.00 on a tech suit. You can easily find one for less than that.


Doesn’t being allowed to use them during finals and sectional and up meets completely go against the reasoning of the law in the first place?

The Screaming Viking!

Not really. Arkansas doesn’t currently have a facility to host meets that are sectional level and up. And if they did those meets would be designated as “Senior” where the majority of athletes they would compete against would be age 13+ and would be wearing tech.

All ASI Teams or NONE!

What happens when the swimmers swim at a BZRK or a SPA meet? Both are ASI Teams, but fall under Missouri Valley Rules for sanctioning and officiating. How do you enforce under a different governing body’s sanction? I think you will have parents rightfully challenging.

The Screaming Viking!

I would imagine it will be up to the host teams. I doubt Missouri Valley will block those teams from banning the suits if that is what they wish to do at the meets they host. And if the host teams don’t ban (or MVS blocks them from excluding those suits from their meets,) then ASI wouldn’t be able to enforce it– all swimmers would be allowed to wear them even if they are ASI registered athletes. Any swimmer is certainly welcome to go to any meet outside of Arkansas LSC and wear whatever they want.


My understanding is that the rule applies to ASI sanctioned meets. While BZRK and SPA are ASI teams, their meets are actually sanctioned by Missouri Valley, thus the ASI rule wouldn’t apply.


SPA is not under Missouri Valley. It is Under Arkansas. MSA is under Missouri Valley

The Screaming Viking!

SPA and BZRK are affiliated with Arkansas by member registrations but are still required to sanction meets through Missouri Valley. MVS sets the rules for their meets and collects their fees.


What is the point of this?? I understand that it’s waaay closer to go to AR meets but why not just join 100%?

The Screaming Viking!

When they petitioned and left MVS both teams thought they had gone 100%. Realized immediately after that they had only moved “by affiliation” and that it takes a separate vote to change the border of the LSC. So by border they are still Missouri Valley, and borders are what determines who sanctions your meets. Missouri Valley has since denied requests to change the LSC borders.


Is this bc SPA and MSA are in the same county??

The Screaming Viking!

Nope. Separate counties.


I attended a short course sectionals meet at the University of Arkansas pool. UALR also has a 50 meter pool that could host a short course sectional meet.

The Screaming Viking!

I did too about 15 years ago. None of the LCM pools in Arkansas have a separate warm up pool, and during short course the expectation now is that we run a split prelim at the Region VIII Sectional. That requires two short course pools plus a warm up pool… No facility in Arkansas currently can host the meet in either format unless coaches were to come together and vote that we are willing to set swimming in the mid-west back a decade.

Little Rock

Actually the biggest issue with UA-Little Rock’s pool is that it is almost no seating. The pool is great for swimming, but the facility is not set up to be able to host large scale meets

Little Rock

Love the down voting. Obviously done by individuals who have never been to the facility!


Have been to the facility many times, still down voting


What I find funny is that by downvoting I suppose you believe that the venue IS set up to host big meets…Little Rock just made a statement of fact that the facility cannot seat many people.


Or you can read his comment correctly where he said the “biggest issue” is seating. That is not the biggest issue, hence the downvote. You can’t host sectionals without a warm up warm down pool.


I used to work at that facility. Downvote


Soon people will be wearing training suits that are too good.

Swim Pop

The latest is how many different Jolyn suits can your special snowflake own/wear to practice.


Maybe the LSC bureaucrats should legislate against that as well.


ideally they need at least 14 suits to rotate properly and avoid too much wear and tear

Swim Pop

Ha, from my daughter, that is already being practiced by some.

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