Andy Pym Returns To Pacific Northwest Swimming As Head Coach For Wave

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August 30th, 2017 Club, News

Andy Pym has been named Head Coach for Wave Aquatics, returning home to the Pacific Northwest after a few years coaching in The Woodlands, Texas. Before the Woodlands, Andy was Head Coach/Senior Coach with the Bellevue Club Swim Team for 13 years and has 27 years of coaching experience, working with athletes of all ages and abilities.

He has a long history of helping athletes qualify and participate at the Junior National, National and Olympic Trial level, and has consistently helped athletes achieve their dream of swimming in college.

Some of Coach Andy’s philosophy include:
• Being a teach first, train second program. He feels swimmers are limited by their technique, and if the incorrect skills are not fixed the bad mechanics will be reinforced with the redundancies that come with swimming.
• Athletes must receive the appropriate developmental progression based on their age, ability and desire.
• IM/Middle distance based training program. IM, because it makes you a complete swimmer, and middle distance, because it allows you to have the endurance/aerobic development to swim distance events, and the speed/power to swim sprints.
• Dryland is a huge component in all phases of a training progression. The better the athlete, the better the swimmer.
• Every swimmer is important!
• The deck environment is a positive and supportive for both the coaches and the swimmers
• The swimmers are encouraged to dream big, set lofty goals, and understand that it takes commitment and effort to reach those goals. It is a partnership between coaches and swimmers where we will work together, and hold each other accountable.

Andy replaces Tyson Wellock who was head coach at Wave for 9 years.

Press Release courtesy of Wave Aquatics.

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