Andrii Govorov Ties 5th-Best 50 Fly in History

Few swimmers in history have specialized as much in a 50 meter stroke race as has 26-year old Ukrainian Andrii Govorov in the 50 fly. His 21 international medals at the junior and senior level have all been in 50 meter distances, and 15 of those have come in the 50 fly. That includes all 3 of his World Championship medals (1 bronze LC, 1 silver and 1 bronze SC); all of his European titles (1 LC, 3 SC), and his only World University Games title.

On Saturday, in the first day of the last stop of the 2018 Mare Nostrum series, Govorov re-submitted that charge with a 22.69 in the quarter-finals of the 50 fly shootout. There, he swam a 22.69, which tied his own 2016 time as the 2nd-best swim ever done in a textile suit. Brazil’s Nicholas Santos, who was 22.61 last year, holds the honor as fastest.

Govorov’s time is also tied as the 8th-best performance in all eras (with his own swim and a Milorad Cavic 22.69 from 2009), and he’s the 4th-best performer of all eras.

The World Record and 4 best times in history belong to Spaniard Rafael Munoz, who swam 22.4 four times in two weeks in 2009. He never went sub-23 outside of 2009.

Govorov will have two more chances to swim the 50 fly on Sunday in Moncao. The next noteworthy target is Cavic’s 22.67 as #3 all-time, followed by Santos at 22.61 and then Munoz at 22.43.

All-Time Top 5 Performers, mens’ 50 fly

  1. Rafael Munoz, Spain – 22.43 (2009)
  2. Nicholas Santos, Brazil – 22.61 (2017)
  3. Milorad Cavic, Serbia – 22.67 (2009)
  4. Andrii Govorov, Ukraine – 22.69 (2016/2018)
  5. Henrique Martins, Brazil – 22.70 (2017)

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Is there a live stream?


Shame all the 50s are not in the Olympics. They messed up putting them all in while they had the chance. A shame and unfair to the specialists in the fly/back/breast 50s. Maybe for 2024 they will correct their massive mistake.

bobo gigi

Michael Andrew agrees with you.


I disagree, people already look down on successful swimmers because of how many medals are avaible, mixed relays and 50s just prove their point

bobo gigi

I must mention that I disagree with Bob and Michael Andrew. I’m against the add of the 50s of stroke at olympic games. I can’t still believe they added the useless mixed relay. 🙄


Swimming has too many medals. I love the sport and I love watching all the events, but they can’t keep adding more and more. I like the mixed relay though.


Bobo Gigi the legend replied to me


If they had to add something more than the 800/1500 I would be in favor of a 4×50 medley or free instead of the mixed

Philip Johnson

Hmmm, Govorov is not getting criticized for being just a 50 fly specialist like Andrew, wonder why.

bobo gigi

Andrew is only 19. And many here had huge expectations after his age group career. Don’t tell me that you’re happy to see him specialize in the 50s! I would have a hard time believing you. 🙂


I’m happy that they did article, because every World Championships Govorov shows up and contends for a medal, and all the US people are like, “Who is this Russian doper coming out of no where?”


I must mention that I completely disagree with Bobo. If you are a freestyler you have 50,100,200,400,1500 and OW. Time to make it fair and add the remaining 50s.

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