Alberto Razzetti Shatters Own Italian Record with 1:57.13 200 IM


Alberto Razzetti continues to improve steadily and significantly in the LCM 200 IM, breaking his own Italian Record in the men’s 200 IM at tonight’s finals of the Italian Olympic Trials. Razzetti was a dominant force in the event, swimming a 1:57.13 to touch as the only swimmer in the field under 2:00. Here are the top 3 finishes from the A final:

  1. Alberto Razzetti – 1:57.13
  2. Lorenzo Glessi – 2:00.81
  3. Matteo Pelizzari – 2:01.38

Razzatti snapped his own Italian Record in the event, taking nearly a full second off the 1:58.09 that he swam to set the record back in August of 2020. The swim also broke the Italian Championship Record, which was held by Razzetti at 1:59.25 from 2019. The swim makes Razzetti the #4 performer in the world this year as things stand today (April 3rd).

Here are Razzetti’s splits from tonight:

  • Fly – 25.24
  • Back – 30.60 (55.84)
  • Breast – 33.13 (1:28.97)
  • Free – 28.16 (1:57.13)

For context, it took a 1:59.77 to qualify for semifinals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and it took a 1:58.85 to make finals. 1:57.13 would have been 4th in 2016, and it would have been 7th at the 2019 World Championships.

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5 months ago

Breaks the record but still doesn’t get under the Olympic QT…

Reply to  swimfan210_
5 months ago

Yes, the Olympic qualification time is 1.58.09

Reply to  swimfan210_
5 months ago

I think there is a mistake somewhere.
In pretty much every source I find the italian QT for the OG is 1.58.09, imho 1.56.99 was the QT in december when Italian federation wants to grant olympic pass only to monster performance (1.56.9 was the fifth at gwanju 2019).

Reply to  Emanuele
5 months ago

You’re right. The standard for qualifying for the Olympics at this meet is 1:58.09. 1:56.99 was for the December meet.

Reply to  swimfan210_
5 months ago

Qualifying time is 1:58.0 – he did qualify indeed!

Mr Piano
5 months ago

If he can get his backstroke down a second, he’ll be a medal contender

Reply to  Mr Piano
5 months ago

If he gets to go at all.

Reply to  Samesame
5 months ago

Thats whats fudged about these qualifying times. If youd be in the mix of top 16, hell even top 32, you should be able to go. Its good for competition and for the sport. Now people on the rise who might be set to peak this summer dont even get a chance? Amidst a pandemic we are having outrageous standards?? Doesn’t seem right