Afghanistan Swimming Believes “The time Is Right To Empower Women”

The Afghanistan swimming federation  has put into place a plan to launch the first ever national women’s swimming team.

Afghanistan has never had a female athlete compete in swimming at the Olympic Games, World Championships, or any high profile international competition.

President of the Afghanistan Swimming Federation (ANSF), Sayed Ihsanuddin Taheri, has put together the plan in hopes of seeing higher participating in the sport among women.

The ANSF indicated that they’re striving towards development of their swim program. Getting the program running has faced challenges such as lack of appropriate facilities, lack of proper financials to run it, and the Afghani culture.

The ANSF looks to address the lack of participation of females in the sport of swimming in Afghanistan and, “believes the time is right to empower women…and have them as equal partners in making further cultural and modernizing strides of the country.”

According to the ANSF upon releasing information about their plans to initiate the program, many females got in touch with the federation in order to inquire about possibly pursuing training in the sport.

The ANSF believes that, “given the incremental advances of the country and steps towards modernization Afghanistan has made, we at ANSF sternly believe in the timing of this proposal to establish an all-women’s team.”

According to the ANSF there have been past attempts to begin a women’s team, however due to lack of finances and support, nothing came to fruition.

This time around the ANSF is seeking support and funding in order to establish training camps and build their women’s program through Dreamfuel. To see more information including the perks of donating, click here.

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5 years ago

PHOOEY. Afghanistan had freedoms & opportunities in the 60s & 70s for men & women who were not Mujhadeen . Maybe not swim teams but there were universities , modern dress & an air of progress.

There is just corruption & a begging bowl , now with new siren words.

Swim mom
5 years ago

Too bad the team won’t be allowed in the USA. Make America look stupid again….

Steve Nolan
5 years ago

This is fantastic.

If they need a (mediocre, American) coach, I’m in.

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