Adidas Swim – “The Next 4” Ambassador Program

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February 01st, 2017 Industry, News

This is for the creators… Adidas Swim is looking for THE NEXT 4 men and women who are ready to lead!

Are you passionate about swimming? Do you have the dedication it takes to succeed? Do you have what it takes to reach your goals?

Submit your application today!* Click here.

Perks you will receive as one of THE NEXT 4 Ambassadors…

  • Exclusive Adidas outfitting to wear throughout the year in and out of the pool.
  • Opportunity to test new product and provide valuable feedback and insight.
  • Be the first to receive the newest product on the market.
  • For every purchase made on the Adidas Swim website (launching in March) using the Ambassadors Coupon code, the ambassador will receive 10% of the total sale credited to their account available to use on additional Adidas product.

If you are interested in becoming one of THE NEXT 4 Ambassadors, please fill out the form provided in the link above/below and submit your information. Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2017.


To qualify as an ambassador, you must  be a current, active swimmer. All ages are welcome to apply. USA applicants only. * All NCAA DIVISION I, II, III, NAIA and High School athletes are not eligible for the Adidas Ambassador Program due to existing rules and regulations regarding eligibility within the legislation of the governing bodies of the Sport Organizations overseeing competition. Applications will be accepted Feb 1, 2017 – March 1, 2017. Winners will be announced by March 15, 2017 via Adidas Swim Instagram (@adidas_swim) For more information please contact [email protected].

Swimming announcement is courtesy of adidas swim, a SwimSwam partner. 

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Hey my son he’s 13 (7th grade) is interesting in applying would this give up his high school and NCAA eligibility?

Joel Lin

That is an excellent question. I’m rather shocked this answer isn’t clear in the solicit lines. It is possible Adidas is not going to go out with a position on this, which would not be for best.

On the other hand, US junior or national team members and some other elite club athletes are comped apparel. That hasn’t created any NCAA noise so far as I am aware.

The Screaming Viking!

I thought it was spelled out pretty clearly if you read the entire post.

bobo gigi

😆 😆


Being given apparel is a bit different than getting a 10% cut of any sales you contribute to. Also, at least in my day, Speedo was pretty generous giving free apparel, bags, and suits to anyone on a sponsored club who made it the NSCA Juniors and above. It’s not just for national teamers.

Swimmer – I wouldn’t recommend it, but usually you can contact a compliance department of an NCAA school and they’ll give you feedback.

Adidas guy

Yes, in the fine print it states that swimmers taking part in NCAA/ NAIA swimming are not eligible for this program. If you swimmer is looking to forego this option as an athlete. If selected you would need to make that decision before taking the spot.


Right? Its been a great decision so far for some Adidas swimmers to forego a college education, turn pro, and then miss the Olympics.

bobo gigi

Mr Andrew?
It’s been a while we didn’t talk about him on swimswam….
Imagine if Michael Andrew swam in NCAA at NC State! It would explode all swimswam records in terms of comments.


What a great visualization! SwimSwam, Michael Andrew, NC State. It ! It ! It ! Comments would go nuclear! 🙂


Nice work Don bashing a very humble, kind, considerate kid on the internet. Way to support American swimmers. Narrow minded and childish. You must be an Olympian yourself to talk so brash. Now back to the real post—looking for the Next Generation Athlete to join other amazing adidas swimmers.


Bashing? Or maybe reality. Taking chump change from a supplement company over a Stanford education is hardly a wise choice. Not understanding that there are several swimmers equally as talented and hungry as you is crazy. He may or may not become an Olympian. Passing on an education when you might make money as a pro is a gamble no one should ever be advised upon in this sport. If you want to buy into his “sure thing” hype go ahead.


Wait four years MA will make the team in the 100 breast and I believe he can make it in the 200 IM and butterfly is kind of open.


He can still go to college , no? In effect he’d probably choose somewhere like Liberty who btw have the worst ‘whiteboy gospel’singers in history. Virginia what hath ye becometh?

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