757 Swim Club Launches Team-Created Mascot Bracket Challenge

The following comes to us courtesy of 757 Swim Coach Drew Crockett:

In the absence of live sporting events, people across the globe are looking for competitive entertainment. If you are someone who falls into that category then look no further. One fish, one guinea pig, one horse, three cats, twenty-eight dogs, and one kindergartener are contending in 757swim’s March Mascot Madness in Williamsburg, Virginia. Stemming from an idea from one of the senior swimmers on the club, the team decided to host a March Madness bracket in which their pets will compete to determine which among them has the most team spirit.

“The coaching staff and I had been brainstorming ways to keep our swimmers and families connected to each other during this time, which is scary and disruptive for everyone” explained Head Coach Morgan Cordle. “I’m so glad we were able to give the team a distraction and a reason to smile.”

Photos began pouring in as soon as the challenge was announced, and are posted on the team’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The competition started with a simple photo of a single dog wearing the team T-Shirt and quickly heated up to videos of skateboarding dogs and a fully decked out horse. With the submission deadline now passed, the team will begin voting in single elimination rounds to find our top mascot. Friends and Family are encouraged to participate in voting as well as those from outside of the team. We believe everyone could use a fun, interactive and happy distraction during this time. 

757swim plans to continue offering creative opportunities for the team to stay connected, until we are able to offer practices again. “We will work together every day to keep things as positive as possible for the team,” said Coach Morgan. “The Mascot Challenge has been a bright spot for sure, but I can’t wait to be with the swimmers again at the pool.” 

You can see all the mascots and their bracket matchups on the club’s Facebook page here.

The photos are also available on the team Instagram here.

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