6 Chinese Swimmers Have Failed Doping Tests Since Fall Of 2015

  17 Loretta Race | March 24th, 2016 | Anti-Doping, Asia, International, News

After yesterday’s controversial accusations by The Times concerning alleged systematic doping within the Russian swimming organization, news is coming out today about positive drug tests by Chinese swimmers.

The China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) says that there have been 6 recent positive tests for banned substances by Chinese swimmers. Three positive tests were for clenbuterol dating back to late August/early September, while there were 3 positive tests in January of this year.

The athletes involved in the 2015 failed tests will soon be issued punishments by the Chinese Swimming Federation and the results will then be made known publicly, although no specific timenframe has yet been revealed.

For the additional 3 from this year, the situations remain under investigation and will be publicised within 20 days of punishments having been issued, as in accordance with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations. Zhao Jian, Deputy Director of CHINADA says that WADA has been kept informed about all of the positive tests

In Thursday’s The Times, claims are made that these Chinese results were ‘concealed and covered-up’, an accusation which CHINADA denies. Whisleblowers within the article also accuse swimming coach Zhou Ming of working with swimmers in Tianjin, even though Ming was banned for life in 1998 for his involvement in a prior doping scheme.

“People in Chinese swimming really want WADA to ask for the truth to be told,” a whistleblower told The Times. “Our pools are awash with rumours of bad things. There’s a lot of fear.”

Sun Yang, 2012 Olympic gold medalist and multiple World Champion served a 3-month ban after having failed a doping test back in 2014. The management of his punishment came under fire at the time, as no mention of his suspension was made prior to or during that year’s Asian Games and CHINADA has yet to explain why it didn’t immediately announce Sun Yang’s suspension.

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Karl Hallesy
The truth that China is cheating and it is fairly systemic throughout their whole swim team. Us is not cheating other than maybe an occasional athlete who cheats on their own but it is not within the system 2 cheats. Look at the number of Chinese athletes who have been caught doing steroids and then look at the fact that the u.s. is not anywhere near that top of the charts in any category regarding cheating. The US athletes don’t feel it’s worth it to keep and losing Integrity of the sport and plus I know they will be caught. The Chinese athletes who have cheated and now we’re competing such as a guy who won the 200 deserve to… Read more »
China cheats

China cheats

Interesting article on the rarity with which Chinese swimmers get tested, even when training in Australia and out from behind the murky curtain of how they are handled in China.


That link goes to a firewall. My bad. I stumbled on the article (not firewalled) when I googled “china olympic swim team”. It was about the 7th-8th article down the list.


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