Sprint News 4/30/12: Another 40-Year Old on the Verge; Gary Hall Jr. to Hall of Fame

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Dara Torres, Steve West, and Janet Evans may be soon joined by another Olympic Trials qualifier 40-and-over: Erica Braun out of Raleigh, North Carolina. This past weekend at Masters’ Nationals, she had a bit of a marathon weekend that included a National Age Group Record in the 100 IM of 57.95, and a 50-yard free time of 23.54. She also dropped over half-a-second from her 100 free with a 50.59. The Georgia Bulldog swimmer is just .03 seconds away from making an Olympic Trials cut in the long course 50 free, and one would imagine that this meet was simply her a few weeks into a taper that is aimed for the Charlotte Grand Prix. Watch those results to see if she can sneak a 26.39 to make the cut. If she’s dropping half-a-second off of her 100 yard free, one would imagine she’s got .03 in her 50…

…Though the official USOC Hall-of-Fame class of 2012 results won’t be announced until May 13th, Gary Hall Jr. is among one of the inductees in this year’s class. In his run at three Olympic Games, Hall won a total of 10 Olympic medals, which makes him one of only 9 Americans (and 8 swimmers from any country) in Olympic history to do so. In the process, he maintained an edge and personality of flare that made him one of the most popular personalities in the history of Olympic sports. We asked Gary about receiving the honor, and what it meant to him at the end of such a successful career.

“I’d like to start by thanking all of the many people that I swam with, and against. The outpouring of support through the voting process has been as moving as the induction itself.

“Much like the experience of winning Olympic medals, I find this honor to be humbling. I have a sincere reverence for the Olympic Games, and sport in general. To be recognized for having contributed to the Olympic movement, in some small way, is something that I am very proud of. “
It wasn’t easy. It was worth it.”
And that is a motto of success, a motto to live by…
…As one group from the Loughborough ITC returns from Cyprus, another headed out this week for a warm-weather camp in Florida. This group includes World Champion Liam Tancock, Lizzie Simmonds, and Joanne Jackson. This trip comes simultaneously with the news that  The Loughborough club is one of Britain’s most successful with 7 out of the 29 individual swimmers on the British Olympic squad so far. Also today, they learned the time table for a major new appointment at the club. It was announced in December that the Director of Swimming at the club, Ian Armiger, was leaving to become the Technical Director of Cayman Islands swimming. Today, the club announced that the position was officially open for applications,w ith a new appointment to come immediately after the Olympics…

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4 years 5 months ago

Save Hall Jr.!
The swimming got more sad without him…
I still remember his Rocky Balboa costume…haha

Swim Ma
4 years 4 months ago

When my swimmer was an age grouper we had the opportunity to meet Gary Hall Jr on Deck at a National Meet.Impressive.He went out of his way to speak with the young age groupers who were helping out on deck and behind the scenes.He was kind and generous when it came to answering questions from the kids and he signed many autographs…Amanda Beard was also there and was very generous with her time and attention to the age groupers, and the volunteers.Gary Hall Jr and Amanda Beard showed true leadership and class.
In sharp contrast another high profile swimmer scowled at anyone who looked at him and pitched a hissy fit when one of the kids spoke with him.Congratulations to GARY HALL JR…
he more than deserves this honor.

4 years 4 months ago

who was this other high profile swimmer?
I’m intrigued

Mike Schmidt
4 years 4 months ago

Yeah! Do tell! 😉

swim ma
4 years 4 months ago

Ain’t Saying.Just watch swimmers at meets and it is obvious…heard this swimmer charges for an autograph now.

4 years 4 months ago

So I have to share a very funny story. I received a call last Friday from the USOC, informing me that I would receive a call at 10 am on Monday letting me know if I’ve made the Hall of Fame cut. It’s a conference call with a few folks and they inform me that I made the Hall of Fame and then provided details about the induction ceremony in July. Of course I was ecstatic!

Exactly 6 hours and 7 minutes after receiving the call, my phone rings. It’s the USOC. They say, “We forgot to tell you… Don’t tell anyone!”

Ha! The funny thing is that I only told one person (my wife) in between those USOC calls. She told her parents and my parents (I didn’t even tell my parents!). My parents told everyone they know, posted the announcement to facebook and I had conducted several interviews with reporters by the time I got the second call informing me that this was a secret and that there is a big announcement at the USOC Media Summit on May 13th.

Typical. There goes Gary Hall Jr. grandstanding again! My apologies to the USOC for unwittingly letting the cat out of the bag. I guarantee that I told less people than any of the other inductees.

Anyway, thanks to all for the support!

4 years 4 months ago

My favorite Gary Hall, Jr. moment was when a reporter asked him what his “race strategy” was for the LC 50. After looking at her for a moment, he said “Well, I thought I’d try to get to the wall first.”

Eric Braun
4 years 4 months ago

Erika Braun qualified this morning in the 50 Free with a 26.32 at UNC Chapel Hill. It was awesome!


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