4 Negative Thoughts To Avoid For the First Day of Practice

When going into the new season, what is the first thing you think of? What is your coach going to think of? It’s hard to approach the new season with optimism when you know how your off-season training (or lack thereof) went or thinking about how it will look like. Here are some common negative thoughts that you should combat to start off the new season the right way.

1. How long it’s been since you’ve swum.

Even if the last time you swam was conference all the way back in February or even last November, just know you are not the only one. Everyone’s commitments are all different. Some people after the swim season are just that busy they don’t have time to hop in the water.

2. How hard the first day will be.

Unless your coach is a militant overlord, the first day will not be hard. Your coach understands that some swimmers haven’t touched the water in a while. Most first days of swim practice are technique-oriented and designed to start the process of slowly building back your endurance.

3. Your feel (or lack thereof) for the water.

Yes, after some time of not swimming you will lose your feel for the water. But, you will get it back! It will take some time for your body to adjust to swimming everyday and getting back into the groove of things.

4. Making predictions on the season.

“This season is going to go terrible”, is what you might be thinking when hopping in the first day. Hold the phone! It’s only day one. You cannot predict how bad the season is even if your first day doesn’t go as planned. How you perform in the water on day one is going to be way different on the last day of the championship season. Things will get better as time moves on. Give it a few weeks before setting your season goals.

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Actually this season I haven’t lost my feel coming back. I would edit that to endurance change. Even after 3 weeks out, 50s from a push are still as fast as it ever has been in practice. Anything after that and I fall apart. But 100s still feel strong and powerful, but I can’t do them on a tight interval.


im anxious because I’m not swimming high school but all my friends are and my club starts later then high school so all my friends will have been in the water 2 weeks before i have.


Jay, you should swim high school with your friends. Work hard. Be part of a team effort to perform well. Together Each Achieves More! Be part of something bigger than yourself. Represent your school. Do your best. Be a member of a TEAM!

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