25 Strokes and a Record: Breeja Breaks American, NCAA, U.S. Open Record in the 100 Breaststroke

  11 Braden Keith | February 22nd, 2013 | College, News

Breeja Larson is like clockwork in this 100 yard breaststroke. She’s so big, so strong, and goes so far underwater. That’s where her consistency comes from. We’ve certainly never seen a yards breaststroke season like she’s having this year. We’ve maybe never seen a college season like she’s having this year. For the second meet this season, Breeja Larson broke the American, U.S. Open, Texas A&M, and NCAA Records in the 100 breaststroke with a 57.43 in the final at the 2013 SEC Championships on Friday.

Larson was pushed the whole way by Tennessee’s Molly Hannis, who was an identical time in prelims as Breeja. Hannis actually led at the turn – something not many can do on Larson. But Breeja was unbelievably good on her third 25, taking a predictable and perfect 25 strokes on this 100, just like she’s done all year, for the record.

Her old time of 57.53 was done in November at the Phill Hansel Invitational. The last swimmer not named Breeja to hold this record was Tara Kirk in 57.77. The comparative splits  between her two swims this year are below.

Breeja SEC’s 27.37 30.06 57.43
Breeja Hansel 27.29 30.25 57.53

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Congrats to Miss Larson. I predict since the beginning of the NCAA season a sub 57 for her. I hope it will happen next month.

cynthia curran

Females do not respond to shaving the way a male does.

That’s true since most women shaved their legs anyway and they have less body hair on average. Some people do better typered and some don’t. Breaststroke is kind of funny, sometimes the typers help and sometimes not since its a timing stroke.

The hair isn’t why shaving is effective. It a part of it, but not the real reason shaving works. It has to do more with removing excess epithelial skin. Since a big part of training is about having your arms/legs/body in the best position in the water, and on taper it’s muscle memory at that point, having slightly better proprioceptive sensation helps your hand “find the faster water.” If it had to do with just hair, then you would never see girls dropping 15 seconds in a 500 on taper. And guys that are naturally less hairy would have smaller tapers, but I’m sure we’ve all seen guys that are not naturally harry that still drop huge time. And the… Read more »

She indicated in her post-race interview that she was not shaved, and not fully rested for the meet. Sub-57 is definitely possible.

Females do not respond to shaving the way a male does.


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