2024 German Swimming Championships Represent Last-Chance Olympic Qualification Opportunity


The 2024 German Swimming Championships are nearly upon us with action kicking off tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th. The 4-day competition represents a last-chance opportunity for German swimmers to qualify for this summer’s Olympic Games, while slots for June’s European Championships and July’s European Junior Championships are also on the line.

According to the German Swimming Federation’s selection policy for Paris 2024, the following prioritization process for individual events will be in play:

  • Priority #1 – Athletes who achieve a top 4 placement and the Olympic Qualification Time at the 2023 World Championships
  • Priority #2 – Athletes who achieve a top 4 placement and the Olympic Qualification Time at the 2024 World Championships
  • Priority #3 – Athletes who achieve an Olympic Qualification Time during the national qualification period (April 1-28)

Based on this criteria, the following swimmers have met the OQT in the respective events, with those in bold having already firmly qualified for Paris 2024 based on the 2023 or 2024 World Championships results.

Women Route Men
24.70 50m freestyle 21.96
53.61 100m freestyle 48.34
Josha Salchow 47.85
1:57.26 200m freestyle 1:46.26
Lukas Märtens
Rafael Miroslaw 1:45.84
Isabel Gose
Leonie Märtens 4:07.69
400m freestyle 3:46.78
Lukas Märtens
Oliver Klemet 3:42.81
Isabel Gose
800m freestyle 7:51.65
Sven Schwarz
Oliver Klemet 7:46.03
Florian Wellbrock 7:48.17
Isabel Gose
Leonie Märtens 16:02.99
1500m freestyle 15:00.99
Florian Wellbrock
Sven Schwarz 14:47.89
1:06.79 100m breaststroke 59.49
Melvin Imoudu 59.07
Lucas Matzerath 59.30
2:23.91 200m breaststroke 2:09.68
59.99 100m backstroke 53.74
Ole Braunschweig 53.48
2:10.30 200m backstroke 1:57.50
Lukas Märtens 1:56.18
Angelina Köhler
100m butterfly 51.67
2:08.43 200m butterfly 1:55.78
2:11.47 200m medley 1:57.94
4:38.53 400m medley 4:12.50
Cedric Büssing 4:12.33


Key Entries

  • Angelina Koehler – 100m/200m fly
  • Isabel Gose – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Leonie Martens – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Nele Schulze – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Nina Holt – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Lukas Martens – 100m/200m/400m free, 200m back
  • Florian Wellbrock – 400m/800m/1500m free
  • Oliver Klemet – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
  • Lucas Matzerath – 50m/100m breast
  • Josha Salchow – 50m/100m/200m free, 100m fly
  • Luca Armbruster – 100m free, 50m/100m fly
  • Ole Braunschweig – 50m/100m back, 50m back
  • Ramon Klenz – 50m free, 50m/100m/200m fly, 200m IM

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28 days ago

Eagerly awaiting Martens’s 200 after this showing.

28 days ago


Last edited 28 days ago by Martin
28 days ago

Lukas Martens just swam a fuckin 3:40,33… that WR is going down in Paris or at the Aussie trials

28 days ago


Reply to  Rob
28 days ago

After going out in 52.3 at the 100 and 1.48.5 at the 200!! He must be capable of 1.44low right now, contender in both events. His 100 (48.8 last week) & 400 (3.40.3) combination is very similar to Thorpe.

Last edited 28 days ago by Dee
28 days ago

Oh my god, Martens just dropped a 3:40.33

28 days ago

End tmzhang for me angelina. Anyone know if this is streamed somewhere

Reply to  Lotus
28 days ago
Reply to  Martin
28 days ago

Those are just live results. Is there a livestream?

Reply to  Andre
28 days ago
28 days ago

Matzerath is out (illness in the past)

Last edited 28 days ago by Martin
28 days ago

I’m looking forward to these Championships. German swimming looks to be on the up after years in the doldrums.

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