2022-23 Academic All-America Teams Announced for Men’s, Women’s Swimming and Diving

by Riley Overend 11

April 02nd, 2023 College, News

The College Sports Communicators (formerly CoSIDA) released their list of 2022-23 Academic All-Americans for men’s and women’s swimming and diving.

At the Division I level, Indiana fifth year Andrew Capobianco and Virginia senior Lexi Cuomo earned Team Member of the Year honors for their accomplishments in the classroom. Capobianco, an Olympic diver, capped off his collegiate career with his third 3-meter NCAA title last month. He also maintained a 3.58 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) as an exercise science major. Cuomo ended her career on a high note last month by scoring 15 individual points and contributing to two title-winning relays as the Cavaliers cruised to their third national championship in a row. Back in Charlottesville, she boasted a GPA of 3.98 as a civil engineering major.

Five women and three men earned repeat selections to the Division I Academic All-America team. Until this year, swimming and diving had been a part of the at-large All-America team. Kaitlyn Dobler (USC), Kara Holt (Tennessee), Maggie MacNeil (LSU), Felicia Pasadyn (Harvard), and Delaney Schnell (Arizona) appeared on the list again for the women while Jake Foster (Texas), Derek Maas (Alabama), and Leon MacAlister (Stanford) earned repeat selections on the men’s side. The Division I women’s first team just barely edged the men in terms of average GPA, 3.88 vs. 3.87.

For Division II, Florida Southern College senior Matteo Zampese and Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate student Paige Mikesell were named Team Members of the Years. Johns Hopkins junior Kellen Roddy and Emory senior Taylor Leone received Team Member of the Year honors for Division III while Keiser senior Alberto Garcia Marcos and University of Cumberlands junior Hanne te Velthuis highlighted the NAIA honors.

The full list of Academic All-Americans, including video features for each Team Member of the Year hosted by ESPN reporter Holly Rowe, can be seen below.

Division I


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Caitlin Brooks University of Kentucky Gr. 4.00/4.00 Communication (UG) / Instructional Systems Design (G)
Lexi Cuomo University of Virginia Sr. 3.98 Chemical Engineering
Kaitlyn Dobler (2) University of Southern California Jr. 3.65 Astronautical Engineering
Kate Douglass University of Virginia Sr. 3.56 Statistics
Anne Fowler Indiana University Jr. 3.99 Health Care Management & Policy
Izzy Gati University of Kentucky Gr. 4.00/4.00 Biomed. Physiology & Kines. (UG) / Sport, Fitness & Rec. Mgmt. (G)
Kara Holt (3) University of Tennessee Sr. 4.00 Neuroscience
Mona McSharry University of Tennessee Jr. 3.61 Kinesiology
Ella Nelson University of Virginia Sr. 3.83 Kinesiology
Noelle Peplowski Indiana University Sr. 3.88 Sports Marketing & Management
Lauren Poole University of Kentucky Gr. 4.00/4.00 Sociology
Allie Raab Stanford University Sr. 3.87 Mathematics
Delaney Schnell (1) University of Arizona Gr. 3.81/4.00 Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Carolina Sculti University of Southern California Gr. 3.98/3.69 Science, Tech. & Society (UG) / Entrepreneurship & Innovation (G)
Morgan Tankersley Stanford University Sr. 3.80 Human Biology
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Kalia Antoniou The University of Alabama Gr. 4.00/4.00 Hospitality Management
Maggie MacNeil (5) Louisiana State University Gr. 3.73/4.00 Psychology & Sociology
Felicia Pasadyn (1) The Ohio State University Gr. 4.00/3.94 Bioethics
Taylor Ruck Stanford University Sr. 3.79 Human Biology
Gretchen Walsh University of Virginia So. 3.82 Undeclared
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Maha Amer University of Florida Gr. 3.93/3.86 Econ. & Public Health (UG) / Int’l Bus. & Medical Sciences
Janie Boyle University of Texas Sr. 3.90 Biochemistry
Anna Bradescu Georgia Tech Jr. 4.00 Mathematics
Mackenzie Bravence University of Kansas Sr. 4.00 Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences & Disorders
Jenna Douglass Rutgers University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Chemical Engineering
Brooklyn Douthwright University of Tennessee So. 3.91 Biomedical Engineering
Josephine Fuller University of Tennessee So. 3.94 Psychology
Amy Fulmer The Ohio State University Sr. 3.95 Biology
Ching Hwee Gan Indiana University So. 4.00 Nutrition Science
Anna Havens Rice University of Kentucky Jr. 4.00 Chemistry
Emma Sticklen University of Texas Jr. 3.73 Exercise Science

(1) – 1st team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2021-22
(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At- Large in 2021-22

(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2021-22
(5) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2020-21


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Andrew Capobianco Indiana University Sr. 3.58 Exercise Science BSK, SPH
Coby Carrozza University of Texas Jr. 3.93 Advertising
Anze Fers Erzen Texas A&M University Sr. 4.00 Psychology
Preston Forst Stanford University Jr. 3.75 Management Science & Engineering
Carson Foster University of Texas Jr. 3.89 Communication & Leadership
Jake Foster (1) University of Texas Sr. 3.99 Biology
Leon MacAlister (3) Stanford University Sr. 3.85 Economics
Ron Polonsky Stanford University So. 4.00 Undeclared
Conner Pruitt Auburn University Sr. 4.00 Exercise Science
Björn Seeliger University of California, Berkeley Jr. 3.76 Economics
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Cam Auerbach University of Alabama Sr. 4.00 Marketing major
Christian Bart Oakland University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Public Administration
Luke Brice University of Tennessee Gr. 3.93/3.90 History & Geography (UG) / Geography (G)
Alexander Colson Arizona State University Sr. 3.82 Electrical Engineering
Noah Duperre University of Texas Jr. 3.96 Psychology
Derek Maas (1,4) University of Alabama Sr. 4.00 Business Administration (MBA)
Léon Marchand Arizona State University So. 3.53 Computer Science
Josh Matheny Indiana University So. 3.77 Economics
Luke Maurer Stanford University Jr. 3.65 Economics
Luke McDivitt University of Utah Gr. 3.94/3.93 Mechanical Engineering
Alfonso Mestre University of Florida Sr. 3.59 Finance
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Andrew Abruzzo University of Georgia Gr. 3.55/3.58 Business Analytics
William Christenson University of Minnesota Jr. 3.90 Biomedical Engineering
Ty Coen University of Arizona Gr. 3.94/4.00 Public Health
Anton Down-Jenkins University of North Carolina Sr. 3.73 Media & Journalism
Will Goldman University of St. Thomas Sr. 4.00 Exercise Science
Griffin Hadley University of Tennessee So. 3.83 Journalism & Electronic Media
Dylan Hawk University of California, Berkeley Jr. 3.64 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Marcus Holmquist Harvard University Jr. 3.80 Economics
Ian Horstkamp-Vinekar NJIT Jr. 4.00 Chemical Engineering
Conrad Molinaro West Virginia University Sr. 4.00 Accounting
Drew Nixdorf University of Wisconsin Sr. 4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Schultz U.S. Naval Academy Sr. 3.85 Mechanical Engineering
Jared Simpson Harvard University Sr. 3.90 Applied Mathematics
Clark Wakeland University of Michigan Gr. 3.90/3.90 Aerospace Engineering

(1) – 1st team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(4) – 1st team Academic All-America® in 2020-21


Division II


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Lily Borgenheimer (2) Colorado Mesa University Sr. 3.69 Liberal Arts
Yael Danieli University of West Florida Gr. 3.98 Business (UG) / MBA (G)
Brooke Dorr University of West Florida Jr. 4.00 Exercise Science
Rachel Johnson (4) Indiana University of Pennsylvania Gr. 4.00/4.00 Hospitality Mgmt. (UG) / Human Resources & Employee Relations
Stefanie Markwardt University of West Florida Sr. 4.00 Exercise Science
Kaitlyn McCoy University of Indianapolis Sr. 3.99 English Education
Luna Mertins Lynn University Sr. 3.83 Psychology
Paige Mikesell (4) (9) Indiana University of Pennsylvania Gr. 4.00/4.00 Health & Physical Education
Mikaela Senkus Wayne State University Jr. 3.95 Civil Engineering
Lauren White (2) Colorado Mesa University Sr. 3.85 Business Administration / Marketing
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Logan Anderson Colorado Mesa University Sr. 3.69 Exercise Science / Biology
Johanna Buys University of Indianapolis Gr. 3.65/3.89 Biology (UG) / MBA (G)
Ann Carozza (2) West Chester University Sr. 3.60 Education
Zara Konstapel University of Missouri-St. Louis Sr. 3.94 English
Victoria Murillo University of Mary Gr. 3.65/4.00 Medical Lab Science (UG) / MBA (G)
Daniela Reyes University of West Florida Gr. 3.76 Arts Administration
Meghan Slowey (3) Colorado School of Mines Sr. 3.70 Mechanical Engineering
Mikaela Starr University of Indianapolis Sr. 3.84 Psychology
Leticia Vaselli University of Indianapolis Sr. 3.71 Communication
Montana White Azusa Pacific University So. 4.00 Mathematics
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Lisa Boernigen Lenoir-Rhyne University Sr. 3.78 International Business
Emily Bolt Davenport University Sr. 4.00 Social Work
Claire Conover Drury University So. 3.86 Biology
Brooklyn Dressel Cal State East Bay So. 4.00 Computer Science
Jordan Fox Wayne State University Sr. 3.77 Accounting
Mary Huminski Bentley University Sr. 3.76 Management
Rachel Peden Carson-Newman University Sr. 3.94 Psychology
Anna Reschko St. Cloud State University So. 3.97 Finance
Kamryn Robarge Augustana University Gr. 3.97/3.97 Mathematics
Jorie Selig Colorado School of Mines Jr. 3.53 Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Spaans University of Sioux Falls Sr. 3.98 Psychology & Sociology / Spanish & Social Sciences
Kaitlyn Stumpf Fairmont State University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Education (UG) / Education (G)
Juliana Villa Southwest Minnesota State University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Marketing (UG) / MBA (G)
Anna Vogt Clarion Sr. 3.91 Marketing

(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2021-22
(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2021-22
(4) – 1st team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2020-21
(9) – 3rd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2019-20


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Daniel Aizenberg Florida Tech Sr. 3.69 Business Administration / Global Management / Finance
Lane Austin (5,8) Colorado Mesa University Gr. 3.68 Business Administration / Marketing (UG) / MBA (G)
Charles Burroughs Colorado School of Mines Sr. 3.77 Mechanical Engineering
Cade Hammond (1) University of Indianapolis Sr. 3.73 Criminal Justice
Kyle Micallef Florida Southern College Jr. 3.95 Accounting
Ludwig Mueller Florida Southern College Jr. 4.00 Computer Science
Andrew Rodriguez Drury University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Integrated Leadership (G)
Ben Sampson (3) Colorado Mesa University Jr. 3.88 Sport Management
Tim Stollings University of Findlay Sr. 3.96 Business Administration
Matteo Zampese (1) Florida Southern College Jr. 4.00 Graphic Design
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Jacob Berkheimer William Jewell College Jr. 4.00 Civil Engineering
Cedric Buessing University of Indianapolis So. 3.81 Business Administration & Management
Robert Catron Florida Tech Gr. 4.00 Electrical Engineering
Luka Cvetko (2) Wayne State University Sr. 3.95 Computer Science
Mahmoud Elgayar (2,5,8) Colorado Mesa University Sr. 3.54 Mechanical Engineering
Asger Hartvig Carson-Newman University Sr. 4.00 Math
Ethan Hathcock Wingate University Sr. 3.87 Biology / History
Trevor Jones Wayne State University So. 4.00 Finance
Diego Mas University of Indianapolis Sr. 3.54 Finance
Micah McRea Lenoir-Rhyne University Sr. 3.89 Politics & Law / Sociology
Stewart Nowinski Wayne State University Sr. 3.68 Dietetics
Jon Osa University of Missouri-St. Louis Sr. 3.77 Finance
Jacob Troescher Colorado Mesa University So. 3.83 Computer Science
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Patrick Agnew Bloomsburg University Gr. 3.58/3.60 Sports Management (G)
Logan Brockway West Chester University Sr. 3.58 Finance
Dalton Fink West Chester University So. 3.98 Pre-Business Management
Nathan Fubio Fairmont State University Gr. 4.00/4.00 Business Administration / MBA
Adam Hornak University of Findlay Jr. 3.97 Data Analytics
Dominik Karacic Drury University Sr. 3.75 Economics
Seth Krause Colorado School of Mines Jr. 3.82 Computer Science
Stephen McCallum Gannon University Jr. 4.00 Finance
Sean Rorke Pace University Jr. 3.87 Digital Cinema & Filmmaking

(1) – 1st team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(5) – 2nd team Academic All-America® in 2020-21
(8) – 2nd team Academic All-America® in 2019-20

Division III


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Kira Bowling Kenyon College Sr. 3.91 Studio Art
Claire Brennan (3) Tufts University Sr. 3.78 Political Science / English
Sloane Donovan Emory University Jr. 3.99 Biology
Carly Hoff Whitworth University Sr. 4.00 Elementary Education
Katelin Isakoff Tufts University Sr. 3.98 Biology / Community Health
Filippa Kolokotsa University of Chicago Sr. 3.91 Economics / Psychology
Taylor Leone Emory University Gr. 3.92/3.91 Global Health
Caroline Maki Emory University Sr. 3.92 Environmental Sciences
Laura Rosado (2) (5) MIT Gr. 4.00/4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Alex Turvey Pomona-Pitzer Jr. 4.00 Biology
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Kristen Alicea-Jorgensen Johns Hopkins University Gr. 3.62/3.83 Molecular & Cellular Biology (UG) / Public Health (G)
Vaughn Ammon Connecticut College Sr. 3.92 American Studies & Government
Violet Anderson Lake Forest College Sr. 3.98 Chemistry
Isabella Brosvik New York University Sr. 3.86 Media, Culture & Communications
Edenna Chen (2) (5) MIT Sr. 3.52 Electrical Engineering / Computer Science
Tara Culibrk Denison University Sr. 3.60 Psychology
Sarah Dougherty FDU-Florham Sr. 4.00 Biology
Jessica Flynn New York University Sr. 3.67 Media, Culture, & Communications
Sophia Girgenti Johns Hopkins University Gr. 3.79/4.00 Neuroscience (UG) / Neuroscience (G)
Kerstyn Johnson Denison University So. 3.85 Health, Exercise, & Sport Studies / Theatre
Augusta Lewis Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Sr. 3.79 Environment, Economics & Politics
Abby Marraccino Ithaca College Gr. 4.00/4.00 Speech Language Pathology
Kate Overbey Johns Hopkins University Sr. 3.79 Neuroscience
Savannah Sargent Denison University Sr. 3.66 Health, Exercise, & Sport Studies
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Kate Augustyn MIT So. 3.76 Biological Engineering
Audrey Becker Centre College Sr. 3.99 Mathematics / Spanish
Sophie Lever University of Rochester Sr. 3.88 Studio Art
Sydney McCallie Kenyon College Jr. 3.81 Biology / Studio Art
Maria Pritchett Case Western Reserve University Sr. 4.00 Chemical Engineering
Annie Voss St. Catherine University Sr. 3.95 Nursing
Karen Zhao University of Chicago So. 3.81 Business Economics / Psychology

(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At- Large in 2021-22
(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2021-22
(5) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At-Large in 2020-21


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Drew Albrecht (2) Kenyon College Sr. 3.98 Molecular Biology
Jack Grabinski Saint John’s University (Minn.) Sr. 4.00 Biology & Environmental Studies
Roderick Huang MIT So. 4.00 Mathematics / Computer Science
Arthur Kiselnikov University of Chicago Sr. 3.73 Business Economics
Jake Meyer Emory University Jr. 3.88 Business Administration
Tobe Obochi (3) MIT Jr. 3.84 Computer Science & Engineering
Forrest Peterson Calvin University Jr. 4.00 Engineering
Spencer Pruett Kenyon College Sr. 3.94 Physics
Kellen Roddy Johns Hopkins University Jr. 3.98 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Jesse Ssengonzi University of Chicago Jr. 3.72 Computer Science & Economics
Kyle Staubi (3) Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sr. 4.00 Biomedical Engineering
Brandon Stride Johns Hopkins University Sr. 3.97 Computer Science / Mathematics
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Lucas Bumgarner Emory University Sr. 3.84 Business Administration
Ben Catton Hope College Jr. 3.95 Business / Economics
Ethan Chuang Case Western Reserve University Jr. 4.00 Finance & Economics
Anthony Fitzgerald Wheaton College (Illinois) Jr. 3.95 Political Science
Ryan Gibbons Emory University Jr. 3.92 Quantitative Sciences
Adam Janicki (3) MIT Sr. 3.92 Computer Science & Engineering
Alex McCormick Washington University in St. Louis Jr. 4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Harrison Neal Drew University Sr. 4.00 Business / Computer Science
Kyle Wu Johns Hopkins University Sr. 3.84 Computer Science
Larry Yu Pomona-Pitzer Jr. 3.98 Physics
Name School Yr. GPA Major
Frank Applebaum Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Jr. 3.72 Philosophy, Politics & Economics / Psychology
Nathan Berry Bates College Sr. 3.83 Psychology
Garrett Clasen University of Chicago Jr. 3.67 Economics
Noah Hargrove Kenyon College Jr. 3.96 Economics & Math
Jacob Heeres Calvin University Sr. 3.85 Mechanical Engineering
James Kyle Carnegie Mellon University Gr. 3.92/4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Lowder Illinois Wesleyan University Jr. 4.00 Physics
Jaden Luo MIT Jr. 3.84 Chemistry / Biology / Physics

(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® in 2021-22
(3) – 3rd team Academic All-America® in 2021-22



Name School Yr. GPA Major
Leyre Antonanzas St. Ambrose University So. 3.91 Psychology
Maria Basto University of the Cumberlands Sr. 3.76 Business Administration
Rachel Connell Milligan University Sr. 3.99 Electrical Engineering
Anna Cook College of Idaho Sr. 3.83 Biology
Kayana Cook University of the Cumberlands Sr. 3.74 Exercise & Sport Science
Camryn Hudson Keiser University Sr. 3.64 Health and Human Performance
Emma Lehmkuhl University of the Cumberlands Sr. 4.00 Elementary Education / Middle School Education
Annamaria Lowary Midland University Sr. 3.93 Education
Liz Mahan Milligan University So. 3.77 Nursing
Erica Samuel Indiana Wesleyan University Jr. 3.71 Psychology / Pre-Occupational Therapy
Sydney Schmidt Sterling College Sr. 4.00 Mathematics Education
Megan Schroeder Olivet Nazarene University Sr. 3.97 Civil Engineering
Hanne te Velthuis (2) University of the Cumberlands Sr. 3.79 Exercise & Sport Science
Kaylee Williams Milligan University Jr. 3.56 Exercise Science

(2) – 2nd team Academic All-America® At- Large in 2021-22


Name School Yr. GPA Major
Malte Ahrens Lindsey Wilson College So. 3.91 Media Studies
Andre Bazzana Milligan University So. 3.88 Graphic Design
Mason Beall Olivet Nazarene University Jr. 3.83 Biochemistry / Sociology
Ian Clifford College of Idaho Sr. 3.99 Environmental Studies
James de Goede Lindsey Wilson College Sr. 3.56 Business Administration
Creed Farthing University of the Cumberlands So. 4.00 Information Technology Sciences
Alberto Garcia Marcos Keiser University Sr. 3.93 Business Administration
Mikhi Hassim St. Ambrose University So. 3.81 Exercise Science
Nicholas Klenner Olivet Nazarene University Jr. 3.82 Engineering
Petter Kolaas St. Ambrose University Sr. 3.99 History / Political Science
Will Thilwind Lindsey Wilson College Sr. 3.87 Psychology
Charles Wolfram University of the Cumberlands Sr. 3.51 Political Science

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1 year ago

Tbh, Jake foster with a 3.99 in a stem field at a top Public school in the country on a pre-med track is most impressive.

Polonsky with a 4.0 a close second given the rigor of Stanford (he’s a sophomore so hasn’t taken as many hard classes as upperclassman though)

1 year ago

So how is this determined? It would appear to be some sort of subjective process given Maggie MacNeil has a higher GPS than some of the first team selections and obviously a much better swimming resume.

Reply to  IMO
1 year ago

Athletes are nominated by their schools to the All-District Team. Then the CSC members vote for the Academic All-America team factoring in both academic and athletic accomplishments. So yes, it is subjective.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yep
1 year ago

Most relevant Swimswam article about NCAA swimming all year. If you swim in college you are a student first and foremost. I picked out some crazy and impressive degrees….wow

Allie Raab Stanford UniversitySr.3.87 Mathematics
Kaitlyn Dobler (2)University of Southern CaliforniaJr.3.65Astronautical Engineering
Leon MacAlister (3)Stanford UniversitySr.3.85Economics
Björn SeeligerUniversity of California, BerkeleyJr.3.76Economics
Jenna DouglassRutgers UniversityGr.4.00/4.00Chemical Engineering
Brooklyn DouthwrightUniversity of TennesseeSo.3.91Biomedical Engineering
Jackson SchultzU.S. Naval AcademySr.3.85Mechanical Engineering
Jared SimpsonHarvard UniversitySr.3.90Applied Mathematics
Clark WakelandUniversity of MichiganGr.3.90/3.90Aerospace Engineering
Filippa KolokotsaUniversity of ChicagoSr.3.91Economics / Psychology
Laura Rosado (2) (5)MITGr.4.00/4.00Mechanical Engineering
Roderick HuangMITSo.4.00Mathematics / Computer Science
Arthur KiselnikovUniversity of ChicagoSr.3.73Business Economics
Tobe Obochi (3)MITJr.3.84Computer Science & Engineering
Kellen RoddyJohns Hopkins UniversityJr.3.98Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Jesse SsengonziUniversity of ChicagoJr.3.72Computer Science & Economics
Brandon StrideJohns Hopkins UniversitySr.3.97Computer Science / Mathematics

1 year ago

Pretty sure Cuomo is chemical engineering, which is even more impressive(sorry to the Civil Engineers).

HOO love
Reply to  NoMorePancakes
1 year ago

She is

Reply to  HOO love
1 year ago


1 year ago

How did Capobianco get team member of the year with a 3.58??? Also have to consider that he’s in his 6th year of his UNDERGRAD degree (took olympic redshirt year and covid year). I acknowledge that being a student athlete is difficult and maintaining a high gpa while competing at a high level is very impressive, but was there not a better candidate for male team member of the year?

Cal fan
1 year ago

Girl is JACKED. Cred to Virginia!

1 year ago

Capobianco is simply superb in this interview – honest, informative, and cognizant of the real limits and high goals which elite athletes, esp. divers, have to address. Bravo!

1 year ago

3.98 GPA in civil engineering as one of the fastest swimmers in the country is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen

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