2020 NCAA Division II Women’s Championships – Day 1 Prelims Live Recap

2020 NCAA Division II Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships

Day One

Women’s 200 Yard Individual Medley – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 1:55.63  3/9/2016    Patri Castro Ortega, Queens (NC)
  • Meet Record: 1:55.63  3/9/2016    Patri Castro Ortega, Queens (NC)
  • Pool Record: 1:58.90  2/21/2019   Emma Brinton, Duquesne

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Lexie Baker, Queens 2:00.13
  2. Hannah Foster, Queens 2:01.11
  3. Tori Sopp, Drury 2:01.42
  4. Rebecca Cross, Drury 2:01.67
  5. Tina Reuter, UCSD 2:01.70
  6. Krystal Caylor, UIndy 2:01.94
  7. Olga Tovstogan, Fresno Pacific 2:02.53
  8. Ester Rizzetto, West Florida 2:02.56
  9. Sara Aringsmann, Wingate 2:02.82
  10. (tie) Ann-sofie Nissen, Wingate 2:02.92 / Cecilie Jensen, Carson-Newman 2:02.92
  11. Anna Miram, Wingate 2:03.07
  12. Katja Pavicevic, UCSD 2:03.10
  13. Maike Hoener, Wingate 2:03.12
  14. Aleksandra Maslova, Nova S’eastern 2:03.15
  15. Ewa Osiniak, Lynn 2:03.43

Lynn freshman Samantha Beck got things started with a heat 1 win in the women’s 200 IM of 2:05.66. The next heat produced a tie between Ann-Sofie Nissen of Wingate and Cecilie Jensen of Carson-Newman, both of whom stopped the clock at 2:02.92. Jensen was out first on the fly and back, leading by half a second at the 100 with 57.84. Nissen outsplit her by a full second (35.0 vs 36.0) on the breaststroke but Jensen came home half a second faster, 29.0 to 29.5, and they touched together. Wingate’s Maike Hoener was third in the heat with 2:03.12. Sara Aringsmann of Wingate led heat 3 from start to finish and came to the wall in a winning 2:92.82.

In the first circle-seeded, it was a battle among Tori Sopp of Drury, Tina Reuter of UC San Diego, and Fresno Pacific’s Olga Tovstogan. Reuter pulled way ahead at the halfway mark, thanks largely to a 30.2 backstroke split, but Tovstogan came roaring to the front over the next 50 yards, splitting 33.8 on the breast. Sopp was over a second behind the leaders on the breast-to-free turn but she came home in 28.0 to get the heat with with 2:01.42.

Hannah Foster of Queens won the following heat over Drury’s Rebecca Cross. Foster from the 100, having split 29.9 on the backstroke to take the lead. Cross closed the gap significantly on the breaststroke but couldn’t quite catch Foster, who closed in 28.2 to win the heat with 2:01.11. Cross went 2:01.67 and West Florida’s Ester Rizzetto took third with 2:02.56.

In the final heat, Indy’s Marizel Van Jaarsveld was disqualified for pushing off on her back after the first turn and swimming on her back until about mid-pool. At that point, she switched to butterfly, but was disqualified for swimming the wrong stroke on the second 25.

Van Jaarsveld was the top seed coming into the meet.

Correction: the original version of this article misstated the reason for Van Jaarsveld’s disqualification.

Meanwhile, Lexie Baker of Queens dropped .93 from her seed time to win the heat from lane 3 in 2:00.13. Krystal Caylor of Indy finished second with 2:01.94.

Women’s 50 Yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 22.20  3/9/2017    Bailee Nunn, Drury
  • Meet Record: 22.20  3/9/2017    Bailee Nunn, Drury
  • Pool Record: 22.51  2/16/2017   Sydney Fisher, George Mason

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Polina Lapshina, Queens 22.44
  2. Bailee Nunn, Drury 22.50
  3. Danielle Melilli, Queens 22.90
  4. Yasmin Preusse, Drury 22.98
  5. Elizaveta Bazarova, Tampa 23.04
  6. Brittney Miles, UCSD 23.10
  7. Grace Murphy, UCSD 23.18
  8. (tie) Leticia Vaselli, UIndy 23.19 / Ann Carozza, West Chester 23.19/ Arianna Kooijinga, FPU 23.19
  9. Alexis Hargadon, UCSD 23.20
  10. Mary Northcutt, Carson-Newman 23.21
  11. Ester Rizzetto, West Florida 23.25
  12. Courtney Stewart, Queens 23.29
  13. (tie) Milica Sostarec, MKU 23.30 / Allie Klinger, Cal State East Bay 23.30

Findlay’s Christina McFarland won heat 1 with 24.01. the next heat went to Lindenwood’s Kamila Kunka in 23.69, a .20 drop from her seed time. Breena Delegge (UMary) and Ciara Franke (UCSD) followed in 23.75 and 23.77, respectively, dropping .10 and .08. Johanna Buys of UIndy won heat 3 in 23.39, lowering her entry time by .11. Concordia Irvine’s Katelyn Thomas (23.60, -.05) and Wayne State’s Julia Brunner (23.67) followed. The final heat before the circle seeds went to Delta State’s Lucia Martelli (23.47) ahead of St. Cloud State’s Chelsea Gehrke (23.50) and UIndy’s Maria Rezhilo (23.60).

UC San Diego’s Brittney Miles won heat 5 in 23.10, adding .26 from her entry time of 22.84. She was followed closely UIndy’s Laticia Vaselli (23.19) and Carson-Newman’s Mary Northcutt (23.21, -.13).

Drury’s Bailee Nunn broke the pool record in the next heat, winning with 22.50. Although it was .30 short of her personal best (the Division II record of 23.20), her time was a season best by .22. Nunn was already up by close to half a body length at the 25 turn; she finished.48 ahead of teammate Yasmin Preusse who touched second with 22.98. Third place went to Cal State East Bay’s Allie Klinger (23.30).

A minute later, Polina Lapshina of Queens lowered the brand-new pool record set in the previous heat to 22.44. Teammate Danielle Melilli finished second with 22.90, while Tampa’s Elizaveta Bazarova (23.04) and UCSD’s Grace Murphy (23.18) touched nearly together just after the two Royals.

Swim-off for 8th Place

Kooijinga got off to a quick start but Carozza’s turn and second 50 were decisive. She got the win in 23.21, edging Kooijinga by .01. Vaselli touched third in 23.33

Women’s 200 Yard Medley Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 1:38.49  2/14/2018   Queens (NC) (DaCruz, Dobson, Massaro, Prayson)
  • Meet Record: 1:38.58  3/13/2019   Queens (NC) (R Massaro, M Prayson, G DaCruz, K Dobson)
  • Pool Record: 1:39.49  2/19/2020   George Washington University (A Ho, S Petersen, M Burton, R Smolcic)

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Queens 1:39.59
  2. Nova S’eastern 1:40.53
  3. UCSD 1:40.72
  4. Wingate 1:41.77
  5. Lindenwood 1:41.79
  6. Tampa 1:41.80
  7. Carson-Newman 1:41.91
  8. Indy 1:41.97
  9. Bellarmine 1:42.04
  10. Drury 1:42.10
  11. West Florida 1:42.28
  12. Delta State 1:42.52
  13. Cloud St. 1:42.64
  14. Findlay 1:42.73
  15. Wayne State 1:43.10
  16. Sioux Falls 1:44.15

Wingate won the first heat of medley relays with 1:41.77. Anna Miram (25.80), Anne-Sofie Nissen (28.43), Maike Hoener (24.64), and Sara Aringsmann (22.90) contributed to the win. Carson-Newman (Cecilie Jensen, Kailee Morgan, Manon Compagner, Mary Northcutt) was just behind, coming in second with 1:41.91. Bellarmine (Maya Sorensen, Sophia Noren, Rachel Walker, Grace Roegner) edged Drury (Laura Pareja, Bailee Nunn, Katarzyna Rogowska, Mackenzie Wieberg) 1:42.04 to 1:42.10 for third in the heat.

Nova S’eastern took heat 2 with Cassandra Wright (25.36), Caily Friel (28.06), Aleksandra Maslova (24.30), and Jenna Johns (22.81) combining for 1:40.53. 5. Lindenwood (Stephanie Marks, Beata Maruszczyk, Aleksandra Tomala, Lexie Winnett) came to the wall .01 ahead of Tampa (Courtney Sherwood, Elizaveta Bazarova, Molly O’Hara, Hana Van Loock) for second place, 1:41.79 to 1:41.80. West Chester was DQd for an early takeoff in this heat.

Queens dominated the final heat, going 1:39.59 ahead of UCSD and UIndy. The Royals used Rachel Massaro (25.06), Mikaela Fullerton (27.53), Georgia DaCruz (24.51), and Alexandria Baker (22.49). UC San Diego featured Jordan Phillips, Grace Murphy, Miranda Renner, and Alexis Hargadon. UIndy’s relay consisted of Edda Skoric, Maria Rezhilo, Darian Murray, and Leticia Vaselli.

Women’s 3 Meter Diving – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 555.70  3/14/2015   Elizabeth Rawlings, Wayne State
  • Meet Record: 555.70  3/14/2015   Elizabeth Rawlings, Wayne State
  • Pool Record: 351.80 2/22/2014 Michaela Butler, Massachusetts

Finals Qualifiers:





Women’s 1000 Yard Freestyle – Slower Heats

  • NCAA DII Record: 9:45.86  3/13/2019   Georgia Wright, West Chester
  • Meet Record: 9:45.86  3/13/2019   Georgia Wright, West Chester

Top 8 from morning heats:

  1. Kaitlyn Agger, Wingate 10:00.05
  2. Melina Goebel, Grand Valley State, 10:02.35
  3. Leticia Rodrigues, Lindenwood 10:02.45
  4. Jana Hellenschmidt, Lindenwood 10:05.71
  5. Jessie Tobin, Tampa 10:06.93
  6. Francesca Bains, Queens, 10:08.51
  7. Taylor Beagle, Augustana 10:08.56
  8. Hannah Frey, 10:08.89






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2 years ago

Marizel Van Jaarsveld is a junior not a freshman. And this was not her first NCAA race. She competed with Oklahoma Baptist last season.

2 years ago

No Bailey Nunn in the 200 IM? Article title?

Reply to  SwimMom
2 years ago

Nice change of the article caption after this post!

2 years ago

Bailee Nunn in the 50 not 200 IM like photo caption says

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