2018 NCAA Division III Women’s Championships – Day 4 Prelims Live Recap

2018 NCAA Division III Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships

Day 4

Women’s 100 Yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 48.98 3/20/2010 Kendra Stern, Amherst


  1. Fiona Muir, JR Emory 50.23
  2. Emma Waddell, SR Williams 50.25
  3. Meg Taylor, JR Emory 50.28
  4. Kiki Petersen, SO Johns Hopkins 50.30
  5. Abby VanHarn, SR Calvin 50.55
  6. Ming-fen Ong, SR Emory 50.63
  7. Becca Erwin, SO BSC 50.68
  8. Julia Wawer, SR Emory 50.82
  9. Lindsay Hagmann, SR Trinity(TX) 50.83
  10. Hannah Orbach-Mandel, JR Kenyon 50.85
  11. Maddie Kauahi, JR Pomona-Pitzer 51.07
  12. Caroline Olson, SO Emory 51.11
  13. Haley Brown, SR Berry 51.14
  14. Emmie Mirus, FR Kenyon 51.16
  15. Grace Sanchez, JR Cal Lutheran 51.34
  16. Mollie Seidner, SO Wash U. 51.37

Gustavus senior Kate Reilly dropped 6/10 to win heat 1 in 51.85 over MIT sophomore Priscilla Wu (52.45) and Bates freshman Caroline Apathy (52.61). Illinois Wesleyan junior Lisa Cheng (51.55) won a tight battle in heat 2, out-touching Denison freshman Maddie Hopkins (51.72) and Wesleyan sophomore Caroline Murphy (51.97).

Heat 3 was very tight; Berry senior Haley Brown dropped nearly half a second to get the touch by .02, 51.14 to 51.16, over Kenyon freshman Emmie Mirus, who dropped 7/10, herself. Cal Lutheran junior Grace Sanchez was third in the heat with 51.34.

Defending champion Fiona Muir of Emory opened the circle-seeded heats with a dominant 50.23 over Denison sophomore Gabbie Nutter (51.37) and Gustavus junior Maggie Webster (51.41).

2017 runner-up Emma Waddell of Williams took the penultimate heat with 50.25, setting up a good battle with Muir for the title tonight. Second in the heat was Johns Hopkins sophomore Kiki Petersen, who dropped 7/10 to qualify with 50.30. Trinity (TX) senior Lindsay Hagmann, bronze medalist in last year’s final, was third with 50.83.

Emory junior Meg Taylor took a half second off her entry time to win the last heat with 50.28 over Calvin senior Abby VanHarn (50.55), who tied with Hagmann for third in 2017, and Emory senior Ming Ong (50.63).

There was a swim-off for 16th place, as both Nutter of Denison and Mollie Seidner of Wash U. went 51.37 in prelims. After turning together at the 25, the 50, and again the 75, Seidner pulled ahead to win the swim-off, 50.92 to 51.07.

Women’s 200 Yard Backstroke – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 1:55.83 3/18/2017 Olivia Jackson, Williams


  1. Crile Hart, FR Kenyon 1:57.06
  2. Cindy Cheng, SR Emory 1:58.52
  3. Nicole Zanolli, SR Wash U. 1:59.76
  4. Delaney Ambrosen, JR Kenyon 2:00.67
  5. Sydney Catron, FR NYU 2:01.08
  6. Jacquelyn Kurkjian, SO Denison 2:01.21
  7. Stephanie Moriarty, SR Amherst 2:01.24
  8. Marshall Lowery, SO Bowdoin 2:01.34
  9. Bridgitte Kwong, JR Amherst 2:02.05
  10. Jessica Chau, FR Carnegie Mellon 2:02.11
  11. Micah Otazu, SO Kenyon 2:02.23
  12. Athanasia Beasley, SR Emory 2:02.24
  13. Caitlin Foley, JR Kenyon 2:02.37
  14. Erica Hsu, SO Denison 2:02.42
  15. Suhan Mestha, JR CWRU 2:03.06
  16. Gillian Gagnard, FR Chicago 2:03.16

Emory senior Athanasia Beasley dropped 2.2 to win heat 1 in 2:02.24, while behind her MIT freshman Hannah Mahaffey touched out Carnegie Mellon senior Emma Shi, 2:05.73 to 2:05.77. Kenyon sophomore Micah Otazu took 1 second off her entry time and edged Denison sophomore Erica Hsu, 2:02.23 to 2:02.42, to win heat 2. Emory freshman Rachel Song was third in 2:03.18.

Wash U. senior Nicole Zanolli, 8th in last year’s final, dropped 2.7 to top Kenyon junior Delaney Ambrosen for the heat 3 win, 1:59.76 to 2:00.67. Ambrosen finished fifth a year ago. Denison sophomore Jacquelyn Kurkjian took third in 2:01.21.

Kenyon freshman Crile Hart won the penultimate heat in 1:57.06, all alone with about a third of a pool length of clear water behind her. Case Western junior Suhan Mestha edged Chicago freshman Gillian Gagnard, 2:03.06 to 2:03.16, for second.

Top-seeded Cindy Cheng of Emory, last year’s bronze medalist, won the final heat in 1:58.52. NYU freshman Sydney Catron (2:01.08) and Amherst senior Stephanie Moriarty (2:01.24) battled it out for second in the heat.

Women’s 200 Yard Breaststroke – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 2:12.20 2/20/2016 Sam Senczyszyn, UW Eau Claire
  • Meet Record: 2:12.30 3/19/2016 Emily Hyde, Amherst


  1. KT Kustritz, SO Denison 2:13.29
  2. Caroline White, SO Williams 2:13.34
  3. Julia Wilson, SR Kenyon 2:15.35
  4. Gwyneth Lamastra, SR Johns Hopkins 2:16.10
  5. Kimberly Hochstedler, SR Carnegie Mellon 2:17.51
  6. Ashley Daniels, JR Emory 2:17.77
  7. Emily Hageboeck, SO W&L 2:18.05
  8. Nina Fitzgerald, FR Amherst 2:18.09
  9. Jessica Chen, SR MIT 2:18.15
  10. Margaret Wolfson, FR Chicago 2:18.22
  11. Meg Campbell, SR Emory 2:18.44
  12. Anna Kimura, SR Tufts 2:18.52
  13. Gwyneth Ledrick, FR John Carroll 2:19.42
  14. Claire Murray, FR Kenyon 2:19.96
  15. Sara Wujciak, SR Johns Hopkins 2:20.04
  16. Hannah Lally, JR Emory 2:20.35

Emory senior Meg Campbell, 15th in this event a year ago, won heat 1 with 2:18.44 over Johns Hopkins senior Sara Wujciak (2:20.04). Defending champion Mary Erb of Connecticut College took the following heat in 2:20.60, but it wasn’t enough to earn a second swim this year. (As a freshman in 2017 she went 2:16.55 in prelims and 2:14.61 in the final.)

2017 runner-up, Williams sophomore Caroline White (2:13.34), improved her seed time by 3.1 seconds to win the first circle-seeded heat by several body lengths. Kiki Hochstedler of Carnegie Mellon was second with 2:17.51, with Chicago freshman Margaret Wolfson touching third in 2:18.22.

KT Kustritz, the Denison sophomore who set the NCAA record in the 100 breast last night, cruised to a 2:13.29 win of heat 4. She finished 3 body lengths ahead of Gwyneth Lamastra of Johns Hopkins (2:16.10) and nearly 5 ahead of Amherst freshman Nina Fitzgerald (2:18.09).

Last year’s third-place finisher Julia Wilson of Kenyon wrapped up the heats with an easy victory in 2:15.35. She stopped the clock with a body length over Emory junior Ashley Daniels, 6th in 2017, and Washington & Lee sophomore Emily Hageboeck, 8th a year ago.

Women’s 3 Meter Diving – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 517.10 3/20/2010 Hayley Emerick, Trinity


  1. Maura Sticco-Ivins, SR Wellesley 501.00
  2. Nickie Griesemer, SR Ithaca 499.30
  3. Blake Zhou, SO MIT 498.80
  4. Kayley Alioto, SR UW-LaCrosse 476.80
  5. Sarah Hayhurst, SR Centre 473.20
  6. Lindsey Ruderman, FR Amherst 469.70
  7. Allison Fitzgerald, SO Denison 461.45
  8. Lindsey Suddaby, SR Ithaca 453.45
  9. Deborah Wen, FR MIT 450.95
  10. Sierra Skaza, JR Springfield 441.50
  11. Dolly Payne, JR MIT 439.55
  12. Samantha Reichman, SO SUNY Geneseo 439.25
  13. Sarah Bradley, SR Calvin 438.40
  14. Anna Belson, SR Ithaca 435.60
  15. Carmen White, SO NYU 432.45
  16. Meghann Kilgallon, SR SUNY Brockport 432.10

Defending champion Maura Sticco-Ivins of Wellesley led the morning round of diving on the 3-meter board, racking up 501.00 points. Qualifying just behind, with 499.30 and 498.80 respectively, were Nickie Griesemer of Ithaca and MIT’s Blake Zhou. Griesemer was runner-up last year while Zhou placed fifth. Kayley Alioto of UW-LaCrosse (476.80) and Sarah Hayhurst of Centre College (473.20) were also A-finalists last year.

Women’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA Record: 3:19.56 3/18/2017 , Emory (Muir, Sanchez-Aizcorbe, Olson, Bergh)


  1. Kenyon 3:22.66
  2. Emory 3:22.73
  3. Johns Hopkins 3:23.81
  4. Wash U. 3:25.20
  5. Williams 3:25.33
  6. Denison 3:26.18
  7. Calvin 3:26.37
  8. Bates 3:26.88
  9. Wesleyan 3:27.25
  10. CMS 3:27.47
  11. MIT 3:27.52
  12. Pomona-Pitzer 3:27.75
  13. Amherst 3:27.81
  14. Thomas 3:28.09
  15. Wheaton (MA) 3:28.24
  16. W&L 3:28.28

The Kenyon quartet of Hannah Orbach-Mandel (51.28), Abby Wilson (50.66), Princess Ferguson-Nguyen (50.73), and Crile Hart (49.99) posted the top time of the morning in the 400 free relay heats with 3:22.66. Emory (Fiona Muir, Ming Ong, Lucena Daro, and Meg Taylor) went 3:22.73 for second, while Johns Hopkins (Alison Shapiro, Kiki Petersen, Lena Bless, and Courtney Cowan) took third in 3:23.81.

Women’s 1650 Yard Freestyle – Slower Heats

  • NCAA Record: 16:21.44 3/21/2015 Sarah Thompson, Williams

Top 8 times from morning session:

  1. Kendall Vanderhoof, SO Kenyon 17:11.94
  2. Rebecca Upton, SR Emory 17:09.77
  3. Natalie Zaravella, SO Denison 17:08.51
  4. Jaime Robinson, SO NYU 17:05.27
  5. Gail Anderson, SO Kenyon 17:16.20
  6. Emma McElrath, FR Johns Hopkins 17:12.42
  7. Claire Murray, FR Kenyon 17:06.38
  8. Grace Wakabayashi, JR NYU 17:08.52

Denison sophomore Natalie Zaravella won the first morning heat of women’s 1650 free with 16:58.91, taking nearly 10 seconds off her seed time. NYU sophomore Jamie Robinson (17:06.01) and Kenyon freshman Claire Murray (17:08.12) finished second and third.

In the next heat, Kenyon sophomore Kendall Vanderhoof had an amazing finish to touch out Emory senior Rebecca Upton, 16:57.28 to 16:57.80. The two had swum evenly throughout and sprinted home to the finish. Vanderhoff improved her entry time by 14.6, while Upton went 12 faster than hers. Third in the heat was Kenyon’s Gail Anderson; she took 8.3 off her seed time to go 17:07.91.

The third and final heat of the morning belonged to Kenyon senior Kanchi Desai. She improved her seed time by 1 minute and 14 seconds and won by a good half a pool length with 17:11.55. Desai came within .20 of making the top-16 with her impressive swim.



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