2018 Men’s NCAA Championships: 1650 Free Heats Live Recap


The first four of five 1650 free heats are being contested right now. Seeing as these are timed finals, anybody from these first four heats can score in the top 16.

The current standings will be updated as each heat finishes. As the team battle rages on, and no Indiana entrants in the mile, keep an eye on Texas and Cal’s milers as they vie for crucial points.

CURRENT RANKINGS (through heat 4)

  1. PJ Ransford, Michigan 14:38.23
  2. True Sweetser, Stanford 14:40.48
  3. Ben Lawless, Florida 14:42.88
  4. Sean Grieshop, Cal 14:42.97
  5. Blake Manganiello, Florida 14:44.72
  6. Jacob Wielinski, Mizzou 14:44.75
  7. Logan Houck, Harvard 14:45.41
  8. Liam Egan, Stanford 14:46.59
  9. Brooks Fail, Arizona 14:46.77
  10. Brendan Casey, Virginia 14:47.63
  11. Victor Goicoechea, Wisconsin 14:48.36
  12. Kei Hyogo, Yale 14:48.93
  13. Brandonn Almeida, South Carolina 14:50.22
  14. Johannes Calloni, Stanford 14:51.59
  15. Isaac Jones, Kentucky 14:51.69
  16. Sam Magnan, Virginia 14:52.59
  17. Brennan Novak, Harvard 14:54.74
  18. Jack McIntyre, NC State 14:56.41
  19. Tomas Peribonio, South Carolina 14:56.63
  20. Andrew Brady, Florida 14:57.06
  21. Rafael Davila, South Carolina 14:58.33
  22. Cody Bekemeyer, South Carolina 14:58.37
  23. Eric Knowles, NC State 15:00.24
  24. Logan Hotchkiss, UCSB 15:01.62
  25. Brad Gonzales, UNLV 15:01.94
  26. Chris Wieser, Arizona 15:02.39
  27. Aidan Burns, Georgia 15:03.05
  28. Lane Stone, Virginia Tech 15:03.94
  29. Walker Higgins, Georgia 15:04.86
  30. Chris Yeager, Texas 15:05.42
  31. Josh Dannhauser, Auburn 15:07.88
  32. Johnthomas Larson, Texas 15:11.54

With the early heats done, the top 8 so far are guaranteed to score, even if the top heat beats all eight of them. This was important for Cal, as freshman Sean Grieshop is sitting fourth, and he will finish no lower than 12th (aka, he’ll score at least five points). Nick Norman will race in lane 7 in the final heat later on this evening for Cal, as Texas had no scorers and Indiana had no entrants here.

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3 years ago

anyone knows the results of the first heat?

Reply to  Tom
3 years ago

never mind…

3 years ago

Texas kid seeded 19th about to swim

Reply to  osd
3 years ago

Poor kid. Does he realize every SwimSwam follower is more concerned about his swim than anyone else’s at this meet?

Right Dude Here
Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
3 years ago

A Fellow Pig knows all.

3 years ago

Doesn’t look like Texas will get any crucial points in this event.

Pau Hana
3 years ago

What’s wrong with current seeding?

Years of Plain Suck
3 years ago

Thanks for the commentary “LiveStream Andy!”

3 years ago

Texas should recruit Katie….Her best time would beat two Texas entries in 1650!!!

3 years ago

Why not have the 1,650 prelims on the first day and the finals on the last day? The only race is the 800 relay – is there that much overlap?

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